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New for 2012
Young String Orchestra

(Grade 2 to 2.5 — Red Cover)
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  • Playable by second and third year ensembles
  • Occasionally extending to third position
  • Keys carefully considered for appropriate difficulty
  • Addition of separate second violin and viola parts
         (also a viola T.C. included)
  • An increase in independence of parts over beginning levels
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    Angels in the Bleak Midwinter
    Larry Clark

    Angels in the Bleak Midwinter
    As the title implies, this unique piece combines the beauty of Gustav Holst’s “In the Bleak Midwinter” with the popular “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Lush and stunningly gorgeous, Angels in the Bleak Midwinter manages to be simple and elegant at the same time. This work can be performed alone or with a choral setting and concert band setting. What a great opportunity to include the whole music program!
    listen  YAS106.mp3 score image  692KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS106 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:37 YAS106F Full Score $6.50
    Key F Major YAS106P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Black River Ballad
    Doris Gazda

    Black River Ballad
    Black River Ballad is a slow, Western-themed waltz; a marvelous new piece from Doris Gazda, exemplifying everything directors love about her music. This beautiful, lyrical tune seems effortless, while retaining an important educational aspect: Doris Gazda’s specialty. As Black River Ballad expands, Doris adds some intriguing harmonic twists. We know you are going to like it!
    listen  YAS102.mp3 score image  705KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS102 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:41 YAS102F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS102P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Dance of Salome
    Joseph Compello

    Dance of Salome
    As the title of this piece implies, Dance of Salome is a seductive-sounding piece with a Middle Eastern feel. Composer Joseph Compello has crafted a serious musical work for intermediate string players, with infectious melodic figures and incessant rhythms. This work will do a wonderful job of highlighting the strengths of your budding ensemble. Perfect for contest or festival performance.
    listen  YAS101.mp3 score image  740KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS101 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:19 YAS101F Full Score $6.50
    Key B minor YAS101P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Japanese Hoedown
    Keiko Yamada

    Japanese Hoedown
    Keiko Yamada combines elements of her Japanese heritage and folk music with the music of the American hoedown, and the result is a party! The main tune is pentatonic, but the background parts are pure hoedown. Japanese Hoedown sounds cool and different, but familiar at the same time. There is even an open section for improvisation that can be played using a D pentatonic scale, and an example solo is provided as well.
    listen  YAS112.mp3 score image  732KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS112 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:25 YAS112F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS112P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Light the Candles!
    Deborah Baker Monday

    Light the Candles
    In true Hanukah style, the modal harmonies, chromatic figures, and syncopated rhythms of Light the Candles! are a stunning change of pace for the holiday season, written by one of the most respected string educators/composers in the business. This work provides you with an opportunity to spice up your holiday program with the music of Hanukah.
    listen  YAS105.mp3 score image  746KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS105 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:10 YAS105F Full Score $6.50
    Key D minor YAS105P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Red Planet
    Joseph Compello

    The Red Planet
    Joseph Compello depicts the planet Mars with The Red Planet, a heavy, brooding piece in 5/4. This piece provides cross-curricular opportunities to work with the school’s science department. Best of all, it will allow your group to show off the maturity of their playing.
    listen  YAS103.mp3 score image  730KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS103 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:44 YAS103F Full Score $6.50
    Key B minor YAS103P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Red River Valley
    American Folk Song, arranged by Virginia Croft

    Red River Valley
    You will hear the clicking of horse hooves and the sounds of the old west in this setting of a standard American folk song. Virginia Croft draws from her experience as a longtime music educator to write pleasing arrangements of popular folk songs like this one. She has a knack for bringing out the true beauty of the song in an authentic way. All sections of the orchestra get a chance to shine in Red River Valley.
    listen  YAS113.mp3 score image  718KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS113 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:18 YAS113F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major, G Major YAS113P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Southland in Springtime
    Alan Lee Silva

    Southland in Springtime
    As always, Alan Lee Silva gives us another impressive composition for intermediate students that seems to float on air. His compositional style is ideally suited for the idiom, with wonderfully crafted melodic lines guaranteed to make your group sound effortlessly musical. What a great way to show off the musicianship of your orchestra in a contest or festival performance!
    listen  YAS110.mp3 score image  784KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS110 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:49 YAS110F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS110P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Star Lake
    Matt Turner

    Star Lake
    Star Lake conjures up images of a serene lake in the central north, early in the morning. Its heartfelt melodies and Americana-style harmonies evoke the music of Copland and Bernstein. What better way to improve the musicianship of your ensemble than to have them play this warm and inviting piece? An effective way for your group to learn phrase-shaping while expressing themselves musically.
    listen  YAS109.mp3 score image  689KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS109 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS109F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS109P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Swingin' Santa
    Benjamin Hanby, arranged by Carl Strommen

    Swingin' Santa
    Get your orchestra swinging this year with a fun Christmas piece based on the ever-popular “Up On The Housetop.” Drawing from his jazz background, Carl Strommen delivers an arrangement that is unique and authentic to the idiom, but within the technical capabilities of the intermediate student. Oh what fun it will be to ride this sleigh – Ho, ho ho!
    listen  YAS104.mp3 score image  710KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS104 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:27 YAS104F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS104P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Voyage
    George Sweet

    The Voyage
    The Voyage’s musical journey begins with a lush and contemporary-sounding opening, and then moves on to a more lilting main theme. You will especially like the swift changes between 4/4 and 3/4 time throughout the piece, as well as its long lines and exhuberant harmonies. Take this voyage with your orchestra. It is well worth the trip.
    listen  YAS111.mp3 score image  883KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS111 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:35 YAS111F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS111P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Winter Milky Way
    Yukiko Nishimura

    Winter Milky Way
    The words “lush” and “beautiful” best describe this wonderful new ballad from Yukiko Nishimura. Its whimsical lines and jazz-influenced harmonies are just right for intermediate string players: idiomatic and impressive. A true delight for players and audience alike.
    listen  YAS108.mp3 score image  767KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS108 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:59 YAS108F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS108P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Zydeco Zephyr
    Matt Turner

    Zydeco Zephyr
    Matt Turner's impressive list of award-winning compositions will just keep growing as he adds pieces like this to his repertoire! Zydeco Zephyr starts out with some boogie-woogie and then moves to a fiddling style in the second half. Not only can you hear the train within the music, but this work also includes an opportunity for a soloist to improvise. An example solo is provided, but this is a great way to get your kids to express themselves musically.
    listen  YAS107.mp3 score image  854KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS107 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:40 YAS107F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS107P Parts $3.00 contact us
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