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Young String Orchestra
(Grade 2 to 2.5 — Red Cover)
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  • Playable by second and third year ensembles
  • Occasionally extending to third position
  • Keys carefully considered for appropriate difficulty
  • Addition of separate second violin and viola parts
         (also a viola T.C. included)
  • An increase in independence of parts over beginning levels


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    Air on the G-String
    Johann Sebastian Bach, Arranged by Doris Gazda
    Air on the G-String The famous Bach air is exquisitely arranged for string orchestra by master pedagogue and composer/arranger Doris Gazda. The teaching opportunities with this expert arrangement are limitless.
    listen  yas84.mp3 score image  589KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS84 Set $45.00
    Duration 5:12 YAS84F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS84P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Airships
    George Sweet
    The Airships The Airships floats like the aircraft the piece is named for, and mirrors the refreshing quality George Sweet brings to the world of string orchestra music. Sweeping and enjoyable, The Airships allows your group to demonstrate their musical sensitivity and expression.
    listen  yas93.mp3 score image  791KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS93 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:19 YAS93F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS93P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Ancient Flower
    Yukiko Nishimura

    Ancient Flower
    While its melodies are distinctly Eastern, Ancient Flower’s harmonies are, for the most part, in a Western style. A long, sensitive, and mysterious melody line will take you to another world. Its inner melodies are fun to play, and you can hear them dance around the main melody as the piece develops.
    listen  YAS120.mp3 score image  816KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS120 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:40 YAS120F Full Score $6.50
    Key E Dorian YAS120P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Angels in the Bleak Midwinter
    Larry Clark
    Angels in the Bleak Midwinter As the title implies, this unique piece combines the beauty of Gustav Holst’s “In the Bleak Midwinter” with the popular “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Lush and stunningly gorgeous, Angels in the Bleak Midwinter manages to be simple and elegant at the same time. This work can be performed alone or with a choral setting and concert band setting. What a great opportunity to include the whole music program!
    listen  YAS106.mp3 score image  692KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS106 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:37 YAS106F Full Score $6.50
    Key F Major YAS106P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Best of Brahms
    Hungarian Dance No. 5, Lullaby and Symphony No. 1 (final movement)
    Johannes Brahms, Arranged by Joseph Compello
    The Best of Brahms Joseph Compello has captured many of Brahms' famous themes and created a playable introduction to his music. What better way to get our students interested in this famous composer? Turn the experience into a learning and listening session.
    listen  yas54.mp3 score image  1.05MB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS54 Set $45.00
    Duration 5:20 YAS54F Full Score $6.50
    Key G / D / C Major YAS54P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Black River Ballad
    Doris Gazda
    Black River Ballad Black River Ballad is a slow, Western-themed waltz; a marvelous new piece from Doris Gazda, exemplifying everything directors love about her music. This beautiful, lyrical tune seems effortless, while retaining an important educational aspect: Doris Gazda’s specialty. As Black River Ballad expands, Doris adds some intriguing harmonic twists. We know you are going to like it!
    listen  YAS102.mp3 score image  705KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS102 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:41 YAS102F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS102P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Blue Ridge Run
    Alan Lee Silva
    Blue Ridge Run From the opening tremolos in the high strings and the punctuated bass notes in the low strings, Blue Ridge Run builds slowly, then sets off on a spirited ride through the American countryside. This rollicking new piece from Alan Lee Silva contains great rhythmic interest and wonderfully flowing melodic figures, completed by lush, open Americana harmonies.
    listen  yas85.mp3 score image  641KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS85 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:11 YAS85F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS85P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Blue Skies and Bright Stars
    Matt Turner

    Blue Skies and Bright Stars
    Cast in a familiar pop ballad format, this feel-good piece will have your students and audiences wanting more. Matt Turner likes to emphasize popular style and improvisation in his pieces and his educational philosophy dictates that his pieces always give opportunities for improvisational solos. A charming piece for any concert setting as a break from classical music in the program.
    listen  YAS117.mp3 score image  839KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS117 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS117F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS117P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Larry Clark

    A capriccio is a freely composed instrumental piece. It probably will remind you of the word capricious, which means “given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.” The piece is tuneful and light, but with a nice shift to the relative minor before returning to the light-hearted theme for a dramatic conclusion.
    listen  YAS118.mp3 score image  682KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS118 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:10 YAS118F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS118P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Celtic Carols
    Deborah Baker Monday

    Celtic Carols
    From the very first measure of this arrangement you will be hooked on the spirit of Celtic music. The term Celtic has come to refer to folk music handed down from Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Deborah Baker Monday’s unique setting contains several carols for the holiday season that will thrill your audiences. Includes the tunes “Springtime is Returning” and “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home.”
    listen  YAS121.mp3 score image  850KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS121 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:59 YAS121F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major, E minor YAS121P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Chant, Chorale and Dance
    Bill Calhoun
    Chant, Chorale and Dance Bill Calhoun brings us a solid piece for young string groups that has a modal/ Baroque feel to it. The piece takes the material through three different styles with a mysterious chant, followed by a beautiful chorale and then a more lively dance section. Expect more great new pieces from this composer!
    listen  yas60.mp3 score image  1.18MB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS60 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:06 YAS60F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS60P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Chicken Foot Transplant
    Matt Turner

    Chicken Foot Transplant
    Put on your dancing shoes! This high energy piece and its infectious groove made famous by Bo Diddley offers a smorgasbord of blues, country fiddling, and funk. A sample solo is provided to help teach string players some basic improvisation. Composer Matt Turner is committed to providing string groups with alternative style pieces that are both educational and a blast to play.
    listen  YAS116.mp3 score image  967KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS116 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:44 YAS116F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Dorian YAS116P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Southern Mountain Dance Song, arr. Virginia Croft
    Cindy Cindy is an old American folk song expertly arranged by Virginia Croft for young string groups. Toe-tapping and knee-slapping, Cindy is just the thing to shake up your next concert!
    listen  yas71.mp3 score image  618KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS71 Set $45.00
    Duration 1:39 YAS71F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS71P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Circle Dance
    Bill Calhoun
    Circle Dance Circle Dance is sure to become a favorite with your students. With its memorable fiddle tune character and recurring rhythmic and melodic themes, Circle Dance is a piece designed for the student musician. All sections of the orchestra get to become the melodic focus within this work. Complete with foot stomps and rhythmic vitality, Circle Dance is a wonderful change of pace for your concert program.
    listen  yas87.mp3 score image  616KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS87 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:03 YAS87F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS87P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Code
    Alan Lee Silva
    The Code The Code could be the theme for the next show in the Law and Order franchise! Full of mystery, restlessness and lyrical overtones, this work will make your group sound simply awe-inspiring.
    listen  yas96.mp3 score image  658KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS96 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:35 YAS96F Full Score $6.50
    Key F# minor YAS96P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Comet Race
    Doris Gazda

    Comet Race
    Comet Race paints a sonic picture of a comet and its tail racing across the sky on a dark night. Master string educator and composer Doris Gazda’s Comet Race will challenge your young students and delight your audience. This piece is a real gem and a welcome addition to the repertoire.
    listen  YAS123.mp3 score image  782KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS123 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:49 YAS123F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS123P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Coming of Age
    Sean O'Loughlin
    Coming of Age Coming of Age is an exciting work for the young string orchestra. This piece features creative accents on traditionally weaker beats that simulate a multi-metered Latin feel. Elegant and classical in nature, Coming of Age will provide some excellent teaching opportunities. With a cinematic flavor, this work hearkens back to the style of music found in the golden age of movies.
    listen  yas77.mp3 score image  1025KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS77 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:48 YAS77F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS77P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Corsairs
    George Sweet
    The Corsairs The Corsairs depicts the many adventures of a band of pirates on the high seas. Students will musically relive the legend and lore in this strident new piece, playfully portraying the swashbuckling of days gone by.
    listen  yas83.mp3 score image  743KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS83 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:37 YAS83F Full Score $6.50
    Key A minor YAS83P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Dance of Salome
    Joseph Compello
    Dance of Salome As the title of this piece implies, Dance of Salome is a seductive-sounding piece with a Middle Eastern feel. Composer Joseph Compello has crafted a serious musical work for intermediate string players, with infectious melodic figures and incessant rhythms. This work will do a wonderful job of highlighting the strengths of your budding ensemble. Perfect for contest or festival performance.
    listen  YAS101.mp3 score image  740KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS101 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:19 YAS101F Full Score $6.50
    Key B minor YAS101P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Dance of the Harlequins
    Larry Clark
    Dance of the Harlequins Dance of the Harlequins is a lively work that uses the harmonic progression of the famous Pachelbel Canon as its foundation. Larry Clark uses this line as a jumping-off point to create an ingenuous work that shows the many moods of the Harlequin clown, from joyous to melodramatic.
    listen  yas99.mp3 score image  667KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS99 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:25 YAS99F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS99P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Duncan's Tale
    George Sweet
    Duncan's Tale Bassist and string educator/composer George Sweet is a new addition to the Carl Fischer Music team. His music is fresh and unique, and Duncan’s Tale is an enjoyable work with infectious rhythms and interesting melodies. It contains some nice harmonic twists that will really engage your students in the piece. We are proud to have the music of Mr. Sweet in the Carl Fischer Music catalog!
    listen  yas75.mp3 score image  833KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS75 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:53 YAS75F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS75P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Early One Morning
    English Folk Song, Arranged by Virginia Croft
    Early One Morning Using the popular English folk song, arranger Virginia Croft brings a new setting of Early One Morning, which lends itself beautifully to the performance by a young string orchestra. The melody is initially introduced by the first violins and then passed along seamlessly to the other orchestral voices, all with a smooth, legato style.
    listen  yas81.mp3 score image  586KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS81 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:48 YAS81F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major / G Major YAS81P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Eastside Boogaloo
    Matt Turner
    Eastside Boogaloo The boogaloo is a dance style, popular in the 1960s, combining Latin and rock styles. Matt Turner has taken the boogaloo as an opportunity to teach string students a new style alternative to the normal classical music fare, and he has indicated an open section for improvised solos. Players will love this change of pace, and the audience is sure to enjoy it too!
    listen  yas67.mp3 score image  745KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS67 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:55 YAS67F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS67P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Fiddle Somethin'
    Larry Clark
    Fiddle Somethin' With this piece, have fun and teach your students to play in a truly American style. All of the spirit and flavor of the mountain music style are present in this delightful original from composer Larry Clark. It even includes an open section where you can highlight your best players, by way of improvised solos or the provided written solo.
    listen  yas65.mp3 score image  1.07MB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS65 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:20 YAS65F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Mixolydian YAS65P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Irish Folk Song, arranged by Virginia Croft
    Fiddle-me-oo-re-i-re-a Fiddle-me-oo-re-i-re-a is a purely gleeful fiddling piece in the Celtic style, and Virginia Croft’s arrangement makes it downright infectious. We guarantee no complaints from your students when you say “Okay, from the top”!
    listen  yas90.mp3 score image  784KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS90 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:04 YAS90F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS90P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Larry Clark
    Gallant This is an original piece by Larry Clark in a classical style, evoking the majestic stateliness of kings and queens. Gallant has all of the trademark Larry Clark touches: singable melodies, rhythmic verve, playability, and musical interest for all of the instruments in the orchestra. A welcome addition to the school string orchestra repertoire.
    listen  yas69.mp3 score image  640KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS69 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:40 YAS69F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major, E minor YAS69P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Highland Celebration
    Alan Lee Silva
    Highland Celebration This is a sweeping new original composition in a subto Scottish style from popular composer Alan Lee Silva. Just another one of the pieces that always seem to flow effortlessly from his talented pen. This is an excellent piece for any contest or festival.
    listen  yas57.mp3 score image  855KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS57 Set $45.00
    Duration 1:58 YAS57F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS57P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Japanese Hoedown
    Keiko Yamada
    Japanese Hoedown Keiko Yamada combines elements of her Japanese heritage and folk music with the music of the American hoedown, and the result is a party! The main tune is pentatonic, but the background parts are pure hoedown. Japanese Hoedown sounds cool and different, but familiar at the same time. There is even an open section for improvisation that can be played using a D pentatonic scale, and an example solo is provided as well.
    listen  YAS112.mp3 score image  732KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS112 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:25 YAS112F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS112P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
    Anthony J. Showalter, arranged by Carl Strommen

    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
    This hymn tune has been used in movies and television, most notably in the soundtrack of the film True Grit. Carl Strommen brings us a lush and reverent treatment of the Anthony Showalter hymn that will encourage the musical growth of your ensemble. Stunningly beautiful!
    listen  YAS124.mp3 score image  975KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS124 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS124F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS124P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Light the Candles!
    Deborah Baker Monday
    Light the Candles In true Hanukah style, the modal harmonies, chromatic figures, and syncopated rhythms of Light the Candles! are a stunning change of pace for the holiday season, written by one of the most respected string educators/composers in the business. This work provides you with an opportunity to spice up your holiday program with the music of Hanukah.
    listen  YAS105.mp3 score image  746KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS105 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:10 YAS105F Full Score $6.50
    Key D minor YAS105P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Meditation and Ritual
    Bill Calhoun
    Meditation and Ritual This original composition from Bill Calhoun has a dark and rich texture in the tradition of medieval music. Meditation and Ritual has a seriousness to it that students will gravitate toward, and is an excellent choice for contest or festival performance.
    listen  yas68.mp3 score image  624KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS68 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:48 YAS68F Full Score $6.50
    Key A minor, C Major YAS68P Parts $3.00 contact us
    James Hook, Arranged by Carl Strommen
    Menudt A menuet is a social dance for two of French origin, adapted from the Italian "minuetto," meaning, small, pretty and delicate - just like this charming piece, transcribed for string orchestra by Carl Strommen. This pleasant little tune, expanded for performance, is perfect for showcasing your group in contest and festival settings.
    listen  yas82.mp3 score image  601KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS82 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS82F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS82P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Moonlight over Madrid
    Alan Lee Silva

    Moonlight over Madrid
    Written with a Spanish folk song flavor in ¾ time, Moonlight Over Madrid is a lush, romantic piece that is played in an expressive, legato style. This is a definite creative departure for composer Alan Silva, but what remains intact is his fresh, melodic and flowing writing style.
    listen  YAS122.mp3 score image  834KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS122 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS122F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS122P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Die Musici (Music Alone Shall Live)
    Traditional German Carol, Arranged by Virginia Croft
    Die Musici Virginia Croft has taken a popular German canon and transformed it into a stunning new piece for young string groups. It begins with the canon as is, and then adds two other composed themes that complement the original tune. With its largely contrapuntal composition, this piece is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their independence.
    listen  yas59.mp3 score image  731KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS59 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS59F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS59P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Mystic Fawn
    Keiko Yamada

    Mystic Fawn
    This piece’s title conjures up images of a beautiful young fawn, illuminated by early morning sunlight in a fog-filled meadow. Composer Keiko Yamada has a gift for writing heartfelt music with blossoming harmonic perspective. This piece is a different approach from her Japanese musical roots, but the piece still has all of the beauty that her pieces have become known for. A gorgeous addition to the repertoire and an excellent piece to teach musicality and phrasing.
    listen  YAS125.mp3 score image  801KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS125 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS125F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS125P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Night Ride
    Deborah Baker Monday
    Night Ride Deborah Baker Monday’s first piece in the Carl Fischer catalog exemplifies her serious, intriguing and deep style that orchestra directors have grown to love.
    listen  yas94.mp3 score image  585KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS94 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:17 YAS94F Full Score $6.50
    Key A minor YAS94P Parts $3.00 contact us
    On an Eastern Shore
    Alan Lee Silva
    On an Eastern Shore Right from the grandiose introduction, On An Eastern Shore paints the picture of a small fishing town on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. A jig melody accompanied by drone fifths creates an interesting blend of American and Irish music. This piece contains all of the elements that have made Alan Silva’s music some of the most performed today.
    listen  yas76.mp3 score image  765KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS76 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:08 YAS76F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS76P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Pacem Noel
    Larry Clark
    Pacem Noel Larry Clark takes two of the most well-known songs for the holidays and cleverly combines them into a seamless new musical experience. The famous Dona Nobis Pacem tune is merged with The First Noel into an exquisite arrangement with the title suggesting that we all have "Peace for Christmas." Your students will feel the spirit of the season while playing this heartwarming work for the holidays, ideal for a holiday concert.

    Also now available - string orchestra accompaniment to the SATB choral, compatible with the concert band!

    listen  yas86.mp3 score image  579KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS86 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:24 YAS86F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major / G Major YAS86P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Mike Forbes This one is pure fun! Fast, furious, tuneful and dance-inducing! A great, lighthearted way to bring variety to a concert program.
    listen  yas63.mp3 score image  762KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS63 Set $45.00
    Duration 1:44 YAS63F Full Score $6.50
    Key A / D / G / A Major YAS63P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Prairie Waltz
    Matt Turner
    Prairie Waltz Prairie Waltz is a relaxed, medium tempo piece with a tenderly Americana feel, right out of the old west. Lilting and beautiful, moving lines within all parts keep this piece light and carefree.
    listen  yas97.mp3 score image  616KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS97 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:31 YAS97F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS97P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Prelude and Gavotte
    Arcangelo Corelli, arranged by Doris Gazda
    Prelude and Gavotte The Prelude and Gavotte are taken from one of Corelli’s concertos for string orchestra, and Doris Gazda has arranged them marvelously for a younger group. A simple song, the Prelude encourages your students to play beautifully and sensitively within its smooth, legato tone. On the other hand, the Gavotte is lively and impish, giving your students a workout in contrasting styles. Not only is it impressive in contest and festival, but Prelude and Gavotte is a great way to introduce your group to the Baroque style.
    listen  yas91.mp3 score image  613KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS91 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:24 YAS91F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major, G Major YAS91P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Prelude to "An Old Tale"
    Yukiko Nishimura
    Prelude to an Old Tale Yukiko Nishimura’s special talent for lush scoring shines in Prelude to "An Old Tale", a musically challenging work that will push your students to play their best.
    listen  yas100.mp3 score image  650KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS100 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:57 YAS100F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS100P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Red Gully
    George Sweet

    The Red Gully
    The Red Gully is inspired by a large gully in one of the many woodland areas of Blackstock, South Carolina. Composer George Sweet explores one of his favorite places in this lovely new piece, containing whimsical melodies and a fresh harmonic perspective.
    listen  YAS119.mp3 score image  855KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS119 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:37 YAS119F Full Score $6.50
    Key A Mixolydian YAS119P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Red Planet
    Joseph Compello
    The Red Planet Joseph Compello depicts the planet Mars with The Red Planet, a heavy, brooding piece in 5/4. This piece provides cross-curricular opportunities to work with the school’s science department. Best of all, it will allow your group to show off the maturity of their playing.
    listen  YAS103.mp3 score image  730KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS103 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:44 YAS103F Full Score $6.50
    Key B minor YAS103P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Red River Valley
    American Folk Song, arranged by Virginia Croft
    Red River Valley You will hear the clicking of horse hooves and the sounds of the old west in this setting of a standard American folk song. Virginia Croft draws from her experience as a longtime music educator to write pleasing arrangements of popular folk songs like this one. She has a knack for bringing out the true beauty of the song in an authentic way. All sections of the orchestra get a chance to shine in Red River Valley.
    listen  YAS113.mp3 score image  718KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS113 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:18 YAS113F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major, G Major YAS113P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Bill Calhoun
    Reminiscence Reminiscence is the perfect vehicle for younger students to refine their ensemble playing skills. Inspired by a visit to the composer’s hometown, Reminiscence challenges your students’ abilities to listen and perform with expression.
    listen  yas92.mp3 score image  679KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS92 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:54 YAS92F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS92P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Keiko Yamada
    Rickshaw Rickshaw is the musical depiction of a day in the life of scrappy rickshaw operators, gracefully going about their jobs, resting when weary, and then rushing to get their customers there on time. This work truly makes you feel as if you’re within the hustle and bustle of a large Japanese city!
    listen  yas98.mp3 score image  688KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS98 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:48 YAS98F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS98P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Sakura, Sakura
    Keiko Yamada
    Sakura, Sakura Sakura, Sakura, also known as the Cherry Blossom Song, is probably the most famous Japanese folk song outside of Japan. Its hauntingly beautiful melody will enchant your orchestra, and this piece is written to emulate the truly Japanese characteristics of the song. Your students will sound just like the traditional bamboo flutes (shakuhachi) as they play lightly and breathily, and will find it easy to pour all of their emotions and passion into performing this lovely piece.
    listen  yas89.mp3 score image  595KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS89 Set $45.00
    Duration 4:36 YAS89F Full Score $6.50
    Key A minor YAS89P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Sarabande with Variations
    George Frideric Handel, arranged by Bill Calhoun

    Sarabande with Variations
    Sarabande with Variations by George Frideric Handel is from his Keyboard Suite in D minor, HWV 437. Originally for harpsichord, this arrangement was transposed to the key of E minor and adapted for string orchestra. Arranger Bill Calhoun has beautifully realized this archetypal piece for young string groups. It will serve well to teach students about this important composer and style. Simply lovely!
    listen  YAS115.mp3 score image  754KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS115 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:41 YAS115F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS115P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Carl Strommen
    Shivaree Shivaree is an energetic bluegrass/fiddlestyle piece from the pen of Carl Strommen. Rhythmically interesting, your students will be singing the tunes all day long! This piece is fun, festive and presents a different style of music to your students.
    listen  yas73.mp3 score image  918KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS73 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:30 YAS73F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS73P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Slider (March)
    Mike Forbes
    The Slider Here is an orignal march for strings that helps to refine the skill of sliding between notes on the same string. It tackles a challenging technique, but one that will be fun to work on with this tuneful march in standard form.
    listen  yas62.mp3 score image  848KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS62 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:25 YAS62F Full Score $6.50
    Key D / G Major YAS62P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Yukiko Nishimura
    Snowflake From our breakout new composer Yukiko Nishimura, we have the floating, delicate new work, Snowflake, featuring long melody lines and plenty of sustaining harmonies. While the first violin part leads with the main melody, other sections also have an inner melody, to keep things interesting for everyone. Each line should be played espressivo at all times. Iwill allow your students to truly "sing from the heart" with their instruments.
    listen  yas78.mp3 score image  629KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS78 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:40 YAS78F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS78P Parts $3.00 contact us
    James Hook, arr. Carl Strommen
    Sonatina Sonatina is based on a simple piano piece by James Hook, a composer from the Classical period. Carl Strommen has set and expanded this delightful piano piece to showcase the full resources of the string orchestra. It also contains a nice B section that shifts to a minor key for added interest.
    listen  yas74.mp3 score image  640KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS74 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:53 YAS74F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major, D minor YAS74P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Sonatina No. 6 in C Major
    from Six Viennese Sonatinas, K. Anh. 229a
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arranged by Bill Calhoun
    Sonatina No. 6 in C Major This is Mozart at his best! Now arranged for strings by new composer/arranger Bill Calhoun, this piece contains all of the trademark Mozart touches and is a wonderful addition to the string orchrestra reportoire.
    listen  yas56.mp3 score image  769KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS56 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:40 YAS56F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS56P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Sonoran Sunset
    Doris Gazda
    Sonoran Sunset This is a gorgeous musical depiction of a sunset in the Arizona desert. It has a light Latin feel with added hand percussion instruments that will contribute to the overall flavor of the piece.
    listen  yas55.mp3 score image  756KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS55 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:17 YAS55F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS55P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Southland in Springtime
    Alan Lee Silva
    Southland in Springtime As always, Alan Lee Silva gives us another impressive composition for intermediate students that seems to float on air. His compositional style is ideally suited for the idiom, with wonderfully crafted melodic lines guaranteed to make your group sound effortlessly musical. What a great way to show off the musicianship of your orchestra in a contest or festival performance!
    listen  YAS110.mp3 score image  784KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS110 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:49 YAS110F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS110P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Spy vs. Spy
    Matt Turner
    Spy vs. Spy For a change-up in your concert program, we have Spy vs. Spy, a dashing piece reminiscent of spy theme music from the 1960s and 1970s. A solo section gives students an opportunity to improvise, plus conga and bongo parts to add spice to the music. Your students will want to throw every ounce of energy into this one.
    listen  yas80.mp3 score image  825KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS80 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:14 YAS80F Full Score $6.50
    Key B minor / B Blues YAS80P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Star Lake
    Matt Turner
    Star Lake Star Lake conjures up images of a serene lake in the central north, early in the morning. Its heartfelt melodies and Americana-style harmonies evoke the music of Copland and Bernstein. What better way to improve the musicianship of your ensemble than to have them play this warm and inviting piece? An effective way for your group to learn phrase-shaping while expressing themselves musically.
    listen  YAS109.mp3 score image  689KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS109 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS109F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS109P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Japanese Folk Song, arr. Keiko Yamada
    Sunayama A hauntingly beautiful japanese folk song is the basis for this mysterious, lush setting by popular composer Keiko Yamada. Sunayama gives you the opportunity to feature your four best players with string quartet writing that really adds color to this inspiring piece. The musicality of Sunayama will inspire your students to achieve a higher level of musical excellence.
    listen  yas72.mp3 score image  644KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS72 Set $45.00
    Duration 4:39 YAS72F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minore, G Major YAS72P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Carl Strommen
    Sundance Opening with a gospel style tune, Sundance launches into a barn dance hoedown; truly a blast for your students to play. The feel-good enthusiasm of this piece will help your students win over contest and festival judges every time!
    listen  yas95.mp3 score image  667KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS95 Set $45.00
    Duration 4:16 YAS95F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS95P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Swingin' Santa
    Benjamin Hanby, arranged by Carl Strommen
    Swingin' Santa Get your orchestra swinging this year with a fun Christmas piece based on the ever-popular “Up On The Housetop.” Drawing from his jazz background, Carl Strommen delivers an arrangement that is unique and authentic to the idiom, but within the technical capabilities of the intermediate student. Oh what fun it will be to ride this sleigh – Ho, ho ho!
    listen  YAS104.mp3 score image  710KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS104 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:27 YAS104F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS104P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Tales of the Kojiki
    Keiko Yamada
    Tales of the Kojiki This piece is based upon the Kojiki text for the Shinto religion. One of the many tales in this book is the story of creation, which is what this particular piece tries to depict. This original composition is based on the minor pentatonic scale, made most familiar to the West with the popular Japanese folk song Sakura. This is a more dramatic side of composer Keiko Yamada.
    listen  yas64.mp3 score image  1.1MB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS64 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:29 YAS64F Full Score $6.50
    Key E Aeolian YAS64P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Tango Espressivo
    Matt Turner
    Tango Espressivo Matt Turner prides himself on providing teachers with differing and diverse pieces to teach varied styles to young string players. Here is an original tango style piece that goes so far as to contain opportunities to improvise! This piece will be both educational and fun to play.
    listen  yas58.mp3 score image  931KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS58 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:14 YAS58F Full Score $6.50
    Key G minor YAS58P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Tango Mariana
    Joseph Compello

    Tango Mariana
    Tango Mariana is written in the standard tango style, the rhythmic essence of which is the accent on the upbeat of four. This work features bold melodies and soaring counterlines, as well as creative interplay between the different sections of the orchestra. It’s a perfect piece to change up the pace at any concert.
    listen  YAS114.mp3 score image  814KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS114 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:19 YAS114F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS114P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Doris Gazda
    Tumbleweeds Tumbleweeds, subtitled “A Prairie Waltz,” has the sound and flavor of the American southwest. Extremely tuneful, this piece is based on scalewise motion that depicts the sound of tumbleweeds rolling by. Doris Gazda always finds a way to write lovely music that is a joy to teach to students.
    listen  yas66.mp3 score image  639KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS66 Set $45.00
    Duration 3:06 YAS66F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS66P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Turkey in the Straw
    American Folk Song, Arranged by Larry Clark
    Turkey in the Straw Turkey in the Straw is an old time favorite and this arrangement does a bang-up job of portraying the sound of the old Bluegrass jug bands. Every section has an equally fun and important part to play, and there's a chance for the first violin to solo, too! This is a good old-fashioned hoedown for your orchestra, fun to play and entertaining for the audience as well.
    listen  yas88.mp3 score image  608KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS88 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:44 YAS88F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS88P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Variations upon the Sailor's Hornpipe
    Arranged by Virginia Croft
    Variations upon the Sailor's Hornpipe This is probably the best known of all songs associated with sailing and sailors. It has been used in countless movies, cartoons, and television. Arranger Virginia Croft gives us a set of variations on this popular song that is just delightful, with lots of variety and very enjoyable to play.
    listen  yas70.mp3 score image  896KB where to buy

    Level Young String Orchestra YAS70 Set $45.00
    Duration 2:35 YAS70F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS70P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Voyage
    George Sweet
    The Voyage The Voyage’s musical journey begins with a lush and contemporary-sounding opening, and then moves on to a more lilting main theme. You will especially like the swift changes between 4/4 and 3/4 time throughout the piece, as well as its long lines and exhuberant harmonies. Take this voyage with your orchestra. It is well worth the trip.
    listen  YAS111.mp3 score image  883KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS111 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:35 YAS111F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS111P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Winter Milky Way
    Yukiko Nishimura
    Winter Milky Way The words “lush” and “beautiful” best describe this wonderful new ballad from Yukiko Nishimura. Its whimsical lines and jazz-influenced harmonies are just right for intermediate string players: idiomatic and impressive. A true delight for players and audience alike.
    listen  YAS108.mp3 score image  767KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS108 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:59 YAS108F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS108P Parts $3.00 contact us
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