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methods & studies
I Used to Play DrumsI Used to Play Drums: An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to Play
   Book w/CD

By Liberty DeVitto and Sean J. Kennedy
Carl Fischer Music
DRM136 — $19.95
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For former drummers who miss jamming on the kit, it’s time to dust off the old sticks and revisit those good times with I Used to Play Drums: An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to Play. This book will reacquaint people with their instrument by providing them with the kind of music they want to play in a variety of styles, from rock, to jazz, and more! Starting with a review of the basics of music theory and continuing with a wealth of exercises to get players back in shape, I Used to Play Drums will get people drumming away again in no time. Plus, the enclosed CD contains audio MP3s of full-band performances for each song, with and without drumset, allowing players to learn from demo tracks and play along with the band like no time has passed at all!

BrushworksBrushworks: A New Language for Mastering the Brushes
Book / CD / DVD
By Clayton Cameron
Carl Fischer Music
DRM128 • $34.95

Carl Fischer Music has combined all elements of Clayton Cameron’s Brushworks method into one package, containing the entire contents of the Brushworks Book/CD (DRM105 and DRM105CD) and the Brushworks DVD (DVD17), winner of the 2007 Modern Drummer Magazine Poll.

Brushworks is the first publication to ever devise a system of notation for brushstrokes and brush effects within traditional percussion methods, created by THE Brushman, Clayton Cameron, who has performed, recorded and toured behind artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Christina Aguilera.

Brushworks gives players of all levels the opportunity to form not only an aural connection to the materials in the book via the CD included, but also to see every stroke and technique while bringing the concepts to life via the DVD included.

Camp Jam: Rock Solid - DrumsCamp Jam: Rock Solid - Drums with CD
By Liberty DeVitto and Sean Kennedy
Carl Fischer Music
CF00001 • $19.95

Camp Jam: Rock Solid
The official books of the popular Camp Jam Summer Rock Camps, the Camp Jam: Rock Solid series takes the aspiring rock musician from beginner level to playing in a rock ’n’ roll band in no time at all! Developed by some of the greatest rock musicians in the business, including Liberty DeVitto (former drummer for Billy Joel), Jim Peterik (guitarist/vocalist for Survivor), Peter Stroud and Tim Smith (guitarist and bassist for Sheryl Crow), the Camp Jam instructional program is packed with essential playing techniques that can be learned quickly and easily.

Perfect for all musicians at various ability levels—the lessons and exercises are not only fun to play, but are proven effective to get budding rock stars jamming right away! With Camp Jam locations now established in 16 cities across the United States, this series gives players the chance to get in on all the action, learn the Camp Jam playing secrets, and start living the dream!

Read more about Camp Jam at their website.

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The Moeller Technique Workshop: The DVD
Henrique De Almeida
Carl Fischer Music
DVD23 • $19.95

Seasoned drumming expert and director of the Percussion Institute of Colorado, Henrique De Almeida has created a DVD that provides an in-depth exploration of the Moeller technique for drumming. Named for drummer Sanford A. Moeller, this method has been popularized by Moeller student Jim Chapin since the 1930s. Drawn from Civil War-era drumming, the Moeller method combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power, and control while offering the flexibility to add accented notes at will. Almeida explores the various uses of the Moeller technique in a wide range of drumming styles, providing demonstrations and detailed explanations. Duration: 186’

Beginning Hand Drumming (DVD)
Jill Sager
Carl Fischer Music
DVD21 • $19.95

Learn to play the hand drum with our unique DVD and book set! All of the lessons are thorough and user-friendly, and it is perfect for a vast range of users such as drummers of all ages, private drum teachers, music therapists and recreation centers. This DVD teaches hand drum technique, world beat rhythms, what to play at drum circles, and more. It also includes a comprehensive 64-page book that guides you all the way from the very first time you play to playing in a group. This fantastic book even provides useful tips on drum maintenance, tuning, keeping a steady rhythm, and much more!

Polyrhythmic Potential: Creating a Polyrhythmic Vocabulary
by Chris Pennie with Joe Bergamini
Carl Fischer Music
DRM124 • $24.95

Carl Fischer is proud to present a new addition to our authentic drum transcriptions series! With both educational and note-for-note transcriptions, this unique book reveals the polyrhythmic concepts employed by Chris Pennie, one of today's hottest players and current drummer of the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. The first half of the book contains step by step analysis of various polyrhythms and their applications, while the second half contains transcriptions of select tracks from the Dillinger Escape Plan album Miss Machine, showing the ideas in action. The CD includes MP3 audio files of tracks minus drums and drums-only examples, as well as Reason and Finale files that can be sped up and slowed down on your computer as you learn them!

concert works
Grace: Concerto in Three Movements
By Martin Bresnick
Two Marimbas and Piano
Carl Fischer Music
DRM135 – Set of Parts - $34.95
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Grace is a musical meditation on Heinrich von Kleist’s brief essay The Puppet Theatre, in which two friends discuss the concept of grace as suggested by a simple puppet show, touching upon how easy it is to lose grace, and how one may find it again. This work was commissioned by and is dedicated to Robert Van Sice, percussionist, marimba player, and teacher at the Yale School of Music, the Peabody Conservatory of Music, and most recently, the Curtis Institute of Music. For advanced players.

A Message From the EmperorA Message From the Emperor for Two Speaking Percussionists
By Martin Bresnick
2 Percussion
Carl Fischer Music
DRM137F— Score — $22.95
DRM137M — Parts — $24.95
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  Score       Parts

Using text from Franz Kafka’s short parable “A Message from the Emperor,” this work describes, in the composer’s words, “a glorious being, never seen by his countless lowly subjects, who, from his death bed, dispatches an indefatigable messenger (a prophet perhaps) with a most important message - just for you. For various practical reasons however the message cannot possibly be delivered. And even if it finally arrived the one who sent it will have died long ago.” A Message from the Emperor is played and recited by two percussionists facing each other at a slight diagonal angle, with the marimba placed audience left and the vibraphone at audience right. For advanced players.

Martin BresnickCaprichos Enfaticos
By Martin Bresnick
Piano and Percussion Quartet

Carl Fischer Music
DRM132F - Score - $84.75      DRM132M - Set of Parts - $150.00  
See sample pages (PDF)

A Meet The Composer commission led to Bresnick's 8-movement evocation for pianist Lisa Moore and the So Percussion. From the San Francisco Chronicle: "Martin Bresnick's fierce instrumental cycle for piano and percussion ensemble takes its inspiration from Goya's etchings of the ravages of war - not only in its movement titles and subject matter but also in its dexterous combination of folk strains and dark, almost expressionist howls of outrage." For more information, watch the composer discussing the creative process on YouTube, or watch a presentation of the work here. For advanced performers.

Martin BresnickPine Eyes
By Martin Bresnick
Clarinet in Bb (Bass Clarinet), Piano, Two Percussion
Carl Fischer Music
Score and Parts – CY3178 - $126.25
Full Score – CY3178F - $25.25

  Score & Parts       Score

Bresnick explores the darker side of the story of fairytale character Pinocchio with this daring multimedia work, now available on custom print.

Jason EckhardtSweet Creature
By Jason Eckardt
Bodhran or other large Frame Drum

Carl Fischer Music
DRM131 - Score - $16.25  
See sample pages (PDF)

For master percussionist Michael Linpsey, Eckardt has composed a rarity - a solo exhibition for Bodhran (or other large frame drum) of instriciate rhythm and dynamics. Lipsey has included the piece on his Capstone recording, So Long, Thanks... (MP3 sample available). For advanced performer. Dur.: c.4'

Jason EckhardtTransience
By Jason Eckhardt
Carl Fischer Music
Marimba Part – DRM129 - $20.25

Eckhardt describes his marimba work, Transience, as such: “The work's structure is bound not by referential motifs or programmatic formal designs, but by extended metastatic processes that motivate local and global changes in pitch, rhythm, dynamic, register, and melodic contour. The resulting developmental progressions are either linear, unfolding in a continuous fashion, or fragmented, featuring the rapid succession of disparate materials. In part, the drama of Transience depends on the listener's retrospective assessment of the diverse musical landscapes traversed. Yet the emotive power of Transience is also closely tied to the intense physical demands made upon the performer.” Transience was commissioned by and is dedicated to Makoto Nakura, who gave the work's first performance at Suntory Hall, Tokyo on November 4, 1999.

Idle FanciesIdle Fancies: Six Preludes for Solo Marimba with Small Percussion Set
By Paul Lansky
Solo Marimba and Small Percussion Set
Carl Fischer Music
DRM134 - $14.95
See a page (JPG)

In six movements, Paul Lansky’s Idle Fancies were commissioned by a consortium of percussionists and friends. Each movement can be played separately, but the composer suggests playing them in the order listed if all are to be performed: "Laughing Matter," "Soliloquy," "Repetitive Stress," "Tipped Scales," "Split Rails," and "Hop." Total dur.: 23’40"

Paul LanskyPatterns (in Wood and Metal)
By Paul Lansky
Mallet Quartet

Carl Fischer Music Custom Print
DRM139 - Performance Set - $132.99   
See sample pages (PDF)

Four percussionists, each using 3 metals and 3 woods, combine in a delicious offering, Patterns. See the premiere performance by members of the TTU Percussion Studio (Tennessee Tech) on YouTube, which received the composer's blessing. Shimmering! For advanced performers.

Threads for Percussion Quartet
Paul Lansky
Carl Fischer Music
DRM125 • Score and Parts: $69.95
DRM125F • Score: $24.95

  Score & Parts       Score

Written in 2005 for the groundbreaking, modern percussion ensemble "So Percussion", Threads is a cantata for percussion quartet, broken up into ten short movements. The title comes from the three stylistic “threads” that wind throughout the piece: “Arias and Preludes,” “Choruses,”and “Recitatives.” Threads is an excellent showcase of the vast range of sounds and textures that can be performed by a percussion ensemble. For advanced players. Duration: 30’

Travel Diary
Paul Lansky
Two Percussion
Carl Fischer Music
DRM130F – Score - $19.95
DRM130M – Parts - $29.95

  Score       Set of Parts

Previously available on custom print, Carl Fischer is proud to publish Paul Lansky’s Travel Diary for two percussion instruments. Commissioned by the critically acclaimed Meehan/Perkins Duo, Travel Diary is a groundbreaking survey of the sonic possibilities ofpercussion. Travel Diary not only showcases players' chops, but also proves to be a riveting performance piece. Watch the third movement here.

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