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For Immediate Release March 2010
Carl Fischer Music Releases Error Detection:
Exercises for the Instrumental Conductor
New York, NYCarl Fischer Music proudly announces Error Detection: Exercises for the Instrumental Conductor, a new text by Dr. Robert Spradling, for the conducting student! This new text is designed to improve the critical listening skills of the conducting student through real music excerpts that contain planted errors in the parts for the conducting student to find. Available in teacher (JB92 • $184.95) and student (JB93 • $34.95) editions, both contain 54 excerpts from standard band literature from grades 2 to grade 6, so students gain knowledge of real music they can also use later. The teacher's edition contains over 350 pages of materials with analysis sheets and answer keys to help the conducting teacher to easily evaluate the student's progress. The teacher's edition also comes with a CD-ROM containing all of the instrumental parts for all of the musical excerpts as PDF files, so the teacher can just print the amount of parts needed for each example, and the examples are arranged to sound satisfying with as little as five players.

Error Detection: Exercises for the Instrumental Conductor has already been tested for over 3 years at major university programs like the University of Minnesota and Illinois State University. Rodney Winther, Director of Wind Studies at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, raves: “In over forty years of teaching, I have yet to see such enthusiasm as that demonstrated by my graduate conducting students after experiencing firsthand the benefits of [this book]… The benefits of correcting the errors found in the actual literature excerpts were obvious to all who participated in the classes regardless of the skill level or area of expertise. Dr. Spradling’s books are surely destined to become an integral part of all conducting classes and I urge all of my colleagues to examine it at their earliest opportunity. You’ll be glad you did!”

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