A Multisensory Approach to Reading Music

By Denise R. Eaton, Jan Juneau, and Sally Schott

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• With valuable teaching tools which can unlock the mystery
     surrounding music reading
• Systematic, intuitive, user-friendly approach
• The learning strategies which accompany the melodies incorporate
     ALL senses through multisensory learning
• Ideas give direction in developing the necessary musical skills and
     confidence to sight-sing accurately while also using good vocal technique

InSIGHT SINGING supplies valuable teaching tools which can unlock the mystery which often surrounds music reading. The approach is systematic, intuitive and thus, user-friendly. The “learning strategies” which accompany the melodies incorporate ALL senses through multisensory learning. These ideas give direction to the learner and the teacher in developing the necessary musical skills and confidence to sight-sing in a manner which includes musical accuracy while always encouraging good vocal technique. Using this type of consistent, thoughtful organization of concepts, students can learn to be secure in their abilities as music readers, as well as becoming “insightful singers.”

— Lynne Gackle, Ph.D.
Professor of Ensembles
Associate Director of Choral Activities
Baylor University - Waco, Texas

Successful choral programs are the result of sound teaching. Sound teaching is rooted in skill development. Skill development depends upon structured, logical, and sequential materials. InSIGHT SINGING is designed with the materials needed to produce skilled and confident sightreaders. Utilizing a systematic approach, this book is an excellent teaching tool for training the whole musician, developing the ability to read rhythm and intervals while encouraging expressiveness and appropriate singing technique. From the choral methods classroom to the public school choir room, InSIGHT SINGING is an invaluable resource for both the student musician and the experienced teacher.

— Allen Hightower, D.M.A
Director of Choral Activities
Conductor of Nordic Choir
Luther College - Decorah, Iowa

The ComposersAbout the Authors

The authors have a total of more than 100 years of teaching experience, ranging from elementary to college level. Each of these outstanding music educators is a frequent presenter at state and regional conferences and school district staff development sessions.

Denise Eaton, Choral Editor for Carl Fischer Music Publications and BriLee Music Company, has created successful and widely used publications for the teaching of sight reading.

Jan Juneau has served as a contributing author/editor for the state adopted textbooks Essential Elements for Choir and Experiencing Choral Music.

Sally Schott has coordinated the writing team for the state adopted textbooks Sing! and Something to Sing About, produced DVDs featuring Sandra Snow, Paul Salamunovich and Weston Noble, and collaborated on sight reading books for mixed, treble, and tenor bass choirs

Insight: perception, knowledge, skill
Based on a multi-sensory approach to music reading, this book is designed to empower you, the singer, to develop and refine your reading skills while becoming a better musician and choral singer.

As you become an insightful music reader, you will:

  • Incorporate what you see, hear and feel to improve reading accuracy.
  • Increase your ability to recognize and perform rhythmic and tonal patterns.
  • Identify and isolate musical challenges, then drill and perfect.
  • Sight-sing melodies with accurate pitch and rhythm.
  • Sight-sing musically and expressively.
  • Refine your choral technique as you progress as a sight- singer.
Insightful singers create insightful choirs!!!!

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