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CF launches into the instructional video market with a bang...

Dave Weckl

An unusual double CD set that contains a "best-of" audio CD devoted to Dave Weckl's own choice of ten selections from the recordings of the Dave Weckl Band and a DVD that features excerpts from his ground-breaking instruct ional video set A Natural Evolution. Titles contained on the audio CD inc lude: Wet Skin, Alegria, High Life, The Zone, Wake Up, and more. The DVD has excerpts from all three of the A Natural Evolution videos, How to Dev elop Technique, How to Practice and How to Develop Your Own Sound. Altoge ther this set makes a great introduction to the work of one of the most no table of contemporary drummers.

The Zone CD/DVD - SCD90372 . . . .$19.98


With the expanding interest in multicultural musical instruments and genre s the release of this comprehensive and concise introduction to the Doumbe k drum couldn't be more timely. Middle Eastern music is achieving new pop ularity in the west and this fine instructional video will give novice pla yers access to everything they need to know in order to use the instrument for playing traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and the infinite variation s that are possible. Material covered includes: proper "Dun," "Ta," "Ka" and "Slap" tones, traditional Baladi, Maksoum and 3+3+2 rhythms and much more. (ISBN 0-8258-4526-2)

Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek Drum - VHS7 . . . .$24.95

Firth/Feldstein - Percussion Series/Snare DrumFirth Feldstien - Percussion Series/Accesory PercussionFIRTH/FELDSTEIN PERCUSSION SERIES

A historic collaboration that combines the talents of two of the most well respected names in the Percussion field, The Firth Feldstein Percussion Series is a comprehensive musical method for group and/or individual instru ction. Each individual book is designed to cover the basic material percu ssion players need to know and can be used in combination with the other b ooks for group instruction and combined percussion ensemble performance. All of the 18 lessons in every book contains warm-up exercises, etudes and performance solos. Each group of three lessons is followed by two of 12 performance pieces that reinforce the material from the previous lessons. The flexibility of the approach in this series allows for an unparalleled musical learning experience in any teaching situation.

Firth/Feldstein - Percussion Series/Snare Drum - MU6 . . . .$7.95
Firth/Feldstein-Percussion Series/Keyboard Percussion - MU7$7.95
Firth/Feldstein-Percussion Series/Timpani - MU8$7.95
Firth/Feldstein - Percussion Series/Accesory Percussion - MU9...$7.95

Dave Weckl

A NATURAL EVOLUTION, a series of 3 videos from top selling video artist Dave Weckl, is his latest release following a 12-year hiatus in video production.

These exciting videos include performances by the Dave Weckl Band and a special acoustic group specifically created for this video series. The musicians featured include Buzz Feiten, Brandon Fields, Tom Kennedy, Jay Oliver, Erine Watts, and Steve Wingart.

How To Develop Technique (VHS001) $39.95 US Dollars

In this video, Dave explains and demonstrates his natural approach to the drums. All of the topics discussed are explained and demonstrated on the drum pad and then on the drum set. Lastly, they are brought to life with exciting live recordings of the Dave Weckl Band and a special acoustic group put together for this video. The video will allow you to see and hear Dave explain and demonstrate his new concepts of stick grip, which leads to the contrast of his older tight "into the kit" approach as compared to his new lowing, powerful "out of the kit" approach. He covers wrist technique, finger technique, and the rebound approach for both hands and feet. Stick choice and proper set up for flowing stress free playing are also covered. This video includes a cameo appearance by Freddie Gruber who explains some of the basics of technique, which are the cornerstones of Dave's playing.Carl Fischer Dealers

How To Practice (VHS002) $39.95 US Dollars

Describes and demonstrates how to practice to develop the most out of your playing. All of the topics discussed are explained and demonstrated on the drum pad and then on the drum set. Lastly, they are brought to life with exciting live recordings of the Dave Weckl Band and acoustic group. The video will allow you to see and hear Dave explain and demonstrate warm-ups, hands and feet development, independence practice and Swiss triplet playing. The section on time and motion studies will open your eyes and ears to a new way of building time into all of your playing. After covering ear protection, Dave describes and demonstrates the difference between survival practice, which helps you become a great supportive drummer, and Advancement of the Art practice, which help you stretch the limits of the instrument.Carl Fischer Dealers

How To Develop Your Own Sound (VHS003) $39.95 US Dollars

Explains and demonstrates all aspects of developing your own sound. Beginning with how to get a great acoustic sound, Dave walks you through all aspects of tuning your kit. He then adds the mics, explaining the various types and their function and guides you in proper selection and placement. Next he shows the mixing console and covers frequencies, equalization, phase cancellation and noise gates. All of the explanations are clearly demonstrated with visual graphs and audio reinforcement. This is the most complete sound reinforcement instruction ever developed for percussionists. Great performances by the Dave Weckl Band appear throughout the video.Carl Fischer Dealers

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