Affiliated Publishers

All publications are available in the United States. Available worldwide unless otherwise notated:
C = Canada and US only, M = Mexico and US only, * = Sales Only, + = Rental Only

Carl Fischer Music Distributed Publishers

Balquhidder Music * Publishing *
Batterie Music *
BriLee Music
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Carl Fischer
Campanile Music Press
Capo Tasto Music *
Colgrass Music
D. L. G. Media *
Eastman School of Music
Les Editions M.A.C.S. *
   (except Canada)
Miramuse *
New York City Guitar School *
PIC Productions *
Players Circle *
Propercussa Brasil *
Ries & Erler CM
Ron Harris Music *

Theodore Presser Company Distributed Publishers

Andrew Scott Music +
   (Selected publications only)
Abingdon Press *
Alphonse Leduc – Robert King *CM
Balquhidder Music +
Bärenreiter-Verlag *CM
Bizet +C
Boccaccini & Spada CM
Editori Bornemann (Alphonse Leduc *CM
Breitkopf & Härtel *CM
Camden Music CM
Carus-Verlag *
   (United States only)
Casa Musicale Sonzogno *CM+M
Choir Project *
Cohan (E.B. Marks Music) +
   (Selected publications only)
Columbia Music Company
Composers Library Editions
Coronet Press
Costallat *CM
   (Selected publications only)(Alphonse Leduc)
Donemus *CM
   New World (except British or Dutch Controlled Countries)
E.B. Marks Music +
E. Henry David Music Publishers
Editio Musica Budapest (EMB) *C
  &nbsp(New Liszt Edition Only)
Éditions Combré CM
Éditions Françaises de Musique (Gérard Billaudot) *CM+M
Éditions Henry Lemoine *CM
Éditions Jobert *CM
Editions Mario Bois +CM
Editions New Rochelle *
Editions Orphée
Edizioni Bèrben CM
Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Theodore Presser Company
Emerson Edition *CM
Falls House Press
Famiro Records (CoachMe™) *CM
Gérard Billaudot *CM+M
Editeur Hamelle (Alphonse Leduc) *CM
Handwerks Music
Hayway/Berdick +
Heugel (Alphonse Leduc) *CM
Hildegard Publishing Company
Hunt Editions *CM
Irwin Bazelon Publications
Israel Music Institute CM
The John Church Company
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Theodore Presser Company
LeadChoice, Ltd.
Leshnoff Publishing Company
Mercury Music Corporation
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Theodore Presser Company
Merion Music, Inc.
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Theodore Presser Company
Oliver Ditson Company
   A wholly-owned subsidiary of Theodore Presser Company
Ongaku-No-Tomo-Sha C
Pan Educational Music *CM
Papagena Press
Piedmont (E.B. Marks Music) +
   (Selected publications only)
Porter Productions *
RAI Trade
   (United States only)
Robert King (Alphonse Leduc) *CM
Sempre Music *
SoundAndVision *
Sound the Trumpets *CM
Sowerby Foundation
Spartan Press *C
Stokowski Library +