Lon Beery

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
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    BL280 Arrow and The Song BL280 2-Part, accompanied, with op. C Instrument
    BL634 Arrow and The Song, The BL634 2:48 3-pt mixed (optional barritone), optional C instrument, accompanied
    BL398 Autumn BL398 Unis., opt. 2-Part
    BL477 Bells, The BL477 SSA, accompanied
    BL356 Bells, The BL356 3-Part Mixed, Opt. Baritone, accompanied
    BL254 Buffalo Gals (With Buffalo Boy) BL254 SATB Limited Range
    BL599 Bull Frog, The BL599 2-part any combo, accompanied
    BL952 Cangoma BL952 :2:00 SSA
    BL918 Cangoma BL918 :2:00 Men’s Chorus
    BL831 Cangoma BL831 1:59 Three-part Chorus
    BL779 Da Pacem Domine(arr.) BL779 1:40 Tenor 1, Bass, Keyboard (opt), Tenor 2
    BL871 Down By the Riverside BL871 2:40 TTB voices, Piano
    BL676 Down By The Riverside BL676 Three-part Chorus
    BL409 Gospel Train, The BL409 TTB
    BL194 Gratias Agimus Tibi BL194 3-part mixed with optional Baritone part, accompanied
    BL360 I’m Gonna Lift My Voice and Sing! BL360 3 part mixed, opt. baritone
    BL561 I’M Gonna Pick My Banjo BL561 TTB
    BL511 I’s The B’Y BL511 TTB
    BL274 I–Ve Got My Ticket! BL274 3 part mixed, opt. baritone
    BL386 Lift Them Up! BL386 3-part mixed, opt. baritone, accompanied
    BL408 Like A Tree(arr.) BL408 SSA, accompanied
    BL488 Now Is The Time BL488 SSA
    BL489 Now Is The Time BL489 TTB
    BL302 Pick A Bale Of Cotton BL302 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone
    BL355 Peter Piper BL355 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone, accompanied
    BL487 Rorando Coeli (You Heavens Above)(arr.) BL487 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone, Double Choir, accompanied
    BL478 Spirituals Medley BL478 TTB
    BL434 ‘Til The Walls Come Down BL434 TTB, accompanied
    BL467 ‘Til The Walls Come Down BL467 3-Part Mixed, opt. Baritone, accompanied
    BL340 Who Has Seen The Wind? BL340 SSA, accompanied, with optionall C Instrument
    BL432 Prettier Far Than These BL432 Unis., opt. 2-Part, accompanied
    BL549 Peter Piper BL549 2-part, accompanied
    BL554 Just Before Christmas BL554
    BL600 My Land BL600 TTB, accompanied
    BL639 Great Men Of Long Ago(arr.) BL639 1:58 3-pt mixed (optional baritone), accompanied
    BL671 Old Paint(arr.) BL671 TB, accompanied, with optional Tenor 1
    BL694 The Fiddle
    Incorporating “Over The Hills and Far Away”
    BL694 1:45 Two-part Chorus
    BL741 Passing By BL741 Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass, Keyboard
    CM9251 Two Brazilian Folk Songs
    (‘Peixe vivo’ and ‘Pirulito’)
    CM9251 Three-part Chorus
    BL905 Gratias Agimus Tibi BL905 :1:52 SSA
    BL970 Sanctus
    from German Mass in F (arr.)
    BL970 :3:27 Men’s Chorus