Lon Beery

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
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    BLB012 All Together, Sing!
    Warm-up Partner Songs for Choirs With or Without Changing Voices(arr.)
    BLB012 :00:00
    BL280 Arrow and The Song BL280 2-Part, accompanied, with op. C Instrument
    BL634 Arrow and The Song, The BL634 2:48 3-pt mixed (optional barritone), optional C instrument, accompanied
    BL398 Autumn BL398 Unis., opt. 2-Part
    BL477 Bells, The BL477 SSA, accompanied
    BL356 Bells, The BL356 3-Part Mixed, Opt. Baritone, accompanied
    BL254 Buffalo Gals (With Buffalo Boy) BL254 SATB Limited Range
    BL599 Bull Frog, The BL599 2-part any combo, accompanied
    BL831 Cangoma BL831 1:59 Three-part Chorus
    BL918 Cangoma BL918 :2:00 Men’s Chorus
    BL779 Da Pacem Domine(arr.) BL779 1:40 Tenor 1, Bass, Keyboard (opt), Tenor 2
    BL676 Down By The Riverside BL676 Three-part Chorus
    BL871 Down By the Riverside BL871 2:40 TTB voices, Piano
    BL694 The Fiddle
    Incorporating “Over The Hills and Far Away”
    BL694 1:45 Two-part Chorus
    BL409 Gospel Train, The BL409 TTB
    BL194 Gratias Agimus Tibi BL194 3-part mixed with optional Baritone part, accompanied
    BL905 Gratias Agimus Tibi BL905 :1:52 SSA
    BL639 Great Men Of Long Ago(arr.) BL639 1:58 3-pt mixed (optional baritone), accompanied
    BL360 I’m Gonna Lift My Voice and Sing! BL360 3 part mixed, opt. baritone
    BL561 I’M Gonna Pick My Banjo BL561 TTB
    BL511 I’s The B’Y BL511 TTB
    BL274 I–Ve Got My Ticket! BL274 3 part mixed, opt. baritone
    BL554 Just Before Christmas BL554
    BL386 Lift Them Up! BL386 3-part mixed, opt. baritone, accompanied
    BL408 Like A Tree(arr.) BL408 SSA, accompanied
    BL600 My Land BL600 TTB, accompanied
    BL488 Now Is The Time BL488 SSA
    BL489 Now Is The Time BL489 TTB
    BL671 Old Paint(arr.) BL671 TB, accompanied, with optional Tenor 1
    BL741 Passing By BL741 Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass, Keyboard
    BL549 Peter Piper BL549 2-part, accompanied
    BL355 Peter Piper BL355 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone, accompanied
    BL302 Pick A Bale Of Cotton BL302 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone
    BL432 Prettier Far Than These BL432 Unis., opt. 2-Part, accompanied
    BL487 Rorando Coeli (You Heavens Above)(arr.) BL487 3-part Mixed, opt. Baritone, Double Choir, accompanied
    BL478 Spirituals Medley BL478 TTB
    BL434 ‘Til The Walls Come Down BL434 TTB, accompanied
    BL467 ‘Til The Walls Come Down BL467 3-Part Mixed, opt. Baritone, accompanied
    CM9251 Two Brazilian Folk Songs
    (‘Peixe vivo’ and ‘Pirulito’)
    CM9251 Three-part Chorus
    BL340 Who Has Seen The Wind? BL340 SSA, accompanied, with optionall C Instrument