Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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First-Plus Band
(Grade 1.5 to 2 — Gold Cover)
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•  Instrumentation uses one flute, two clarinets, two trumpets,
     one horn, and trombone/baritone together
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 1.5 to 2
•  Second clarinet stays below break and break crossing
     considered for first clarinet
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Bass line covered by multiple instruments

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Battle Quest
Mike Forbes

Battle Quest
Battle Quest has a feeling of a video game or movie soundtrack, with vibrant, powerful themes. However, it is still very playable for developing bands. Mike Forbes has penned a piece that will make your group sound much more musically mature than their experience.
listen  FPS105.mp3 score image  1.03MB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS105 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:17 FPS105F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS105P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Alan Lee Silva

From its commanding opening phrase, Bridges sets a regal tone in an Americana style as the full ensemble plays the introduction with power and energy. The work creates contrast with more staccato, dance-like articulations but the piece always returns to the strong opening material. It is signature Alan Lee Silva at his best!
listen  FPS108.mp3 score image  1.09MB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS108 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:17 FPS108F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS108P - Parts $3.00 contact us

The NEW Bennett Band BookThe NEW
Band Book

Twelve Classic Young
Band Marches
and Warm-up Exercises

By Harold Bennett,
Arranged by Larry Clark



Twelve delightful marches by famous march composer
Henry Fillmore (using the pseudonym Harold Bennett),
plus a helpful warm-up section by Larry Clark

•  Full score includes CD of complete
     performance recordings

•  Ideal for marches at contest/festival performances or for
     sight-reading purposes

•  Series includes conductor’s score and books
     for all band instruments

JB73 Full Score with CD $34.95
Parts $5.95 each, except where indicated otherwise
JB74 Flute  
JB75 Oboe (Optional Flute 2) ($6.99)
JB76 Clarinet 1 in Bb  
JB77 Clarinet 2 in Bb  
JB78 Bass Clarinet  
JB79 Alto Saxophone  
JB80 Tenor Saxophone ($6.95)
JB81 Baritone Saxophone  
JB82 Trumpet 1 in Bb ($6.95)
JB83 Trumpet 2 in Bb ($6.95)
JB84 Horn in F ($6.95)
JB85 Trombone/Baritone/Bassoon
JB86 Baritone T.C.  
JB87 Tuba  
JB88 Mallet Percussion (Bells)  
JB89 Timpani  
JB90 Percussion 1
   (Snare Drum, Bass Drum)
JB91 Percussion 2
   (Crash Cymbals, Triangle)
Chant and Ritual Dance
Joseph Compello

Chant and Ritual Dance
Using only the notes of the C-minor scale, Chant and Ritual Dance is an undemanding yet useful showpiece for a young band. This composition draws its mood from the brave opening statement that is reiterated in the Chant portion of the piece and also becomes the basis of the Ritual Dance.
listen  FPS104.mp3 score image  1.03MB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS104 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:50 FPS104F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS104P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

Dominion is a composition for the developing band that captures emotions during the time of war. The term “dominion” is often used in history to describe British rule, and in science fiction, it is used to describe certain ruling factions in space. Either way, a call to action is necessary to preserve the dominion's rule. Sean O’Loughlin taps into the student's love for forceful, cinematic-type music with this exceptional piece.
listen  FPS103.mp3 score image  980KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS103 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:24 FPS103F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS103P - Parts $3.00 contact us

Legato in Middle School?
You Bet!

Chorales and Exercises to Emphasize the Art of Legato Playing
by Larry Clark and Sean O'Loughlin

One of the biggest deficiencies in today’s middle level bands is the ability for students to produce a smooth legato with connections between notes. This series of books for all band instruments presents a logical sequence in a variety of keys to improve the students’ legato playing aspect of band performance. Written by two of the most popular composers of band music today!


  • Daily warm-ups
  • Drills
  • Tone, balance, blend, and intonation

JB54 Conductor’s Full Score $29.95 JB64 Trumpet 2 in Bb $6.95
JB55 Flute $6.95 JB65 Horn in F $5.95
JB56 Oboe $5.95 JB66 Trombone $6.95
JB57 Clarinet 1 in Bb $5.95 JB67 Baritone BC/Bassoon $5.95
JB58 Clarinet 2 in Bb $6.95 JB68 Baritone TC in Bb $5.95
JB59 Bass Clarinet in Bb $5.95 JB69 Tuba $5.95
JB60 Alto Saxophone in Eb $5.95 JB70 Mallet Percussion $5.95
JB61 Tenor Saxophone in Bb $5.95 JB71 Timpani $5.95
JB62 Baritone Saxophone in Eb $5.95 JB72 Percussion $5.95
JB63 Trumpet 1 in Bb $5.95  
Larry Clark

Epic is an intense composition for the developing band. It contains all of the thumbprints that have made Larry Clark’s music so popular for young bands: sweeping and catchy with a contagious melody that the students will want to play again and again.
listen  FPS107.mp3 score image  1.05MB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS107 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:26 FPS107F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS107P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Nordic Vision
Bill Calhoun

Nordic Vision
As the title implies, the piece depicts the sounds of the Nordic people. The piece opens with a mysterious flute or recorder solo to set the tone, followed by a more dance-like second section. Nordic Vision is lush and rich; full of mystery and wonder. A suitable choice for contest or festival.
listen  FPS102.mp3 score image  868KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS102 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:41 FPS102F - Full Score $8.00
Key: D minor, G minor FPS102P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Making Music Is Better With Two!

Progressive Duets for WindsProgressive Duets for Winds
Arranged or composed by Larry Clark
Carl Fischer Music

This collection of 52 graded duets brings together new arrangements from the classical repertoire along with established duets and new compositions that will provide hours of musical enjoyment.

Volume 2 of Progressive Duets for Winds is a continuation of the ensemble playing method introduced in Volume 1, containing graded duets from the intermediate to advanced level. These collections of duets are useful in a variety of performance situations and are a great way for students to build ensemble skills with fellow students or teachers. Works in the Progressive Duets series are arranged so that each tune can be performed by any combination of wind instruments, making this collection a valuable tool in the school classroom and perfect for recital.

Progressive Duets, Volume One   Progressive Duets, Volume Two
Flute WF61 $9.95   Flute WF104 $12.95
Clarinet WF62 $9.95   Clarinet WF105 $12.95
Alto Sax WF63 $9.95   Alto Sax WF106 $12.95
Trumpet WF64 $10.95   Trumpet WF107 $12.95
Horn in F WF65 $9.95   Horn in F WF108 $12.95
Trombone WF66 $9.95   Trombone WF109 $12.95
O Christmas in Three
Joseph Compello

O Christmas in Three
O Christmas in Three is a medley of three traditional 3/4 time carols: “O Christmas Tree,” “Away in a Manger,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” In addition to the three main tunes, this adaptation also includes an interweaving of “Silent Night” and “The First Noel” with “Away in the Manger.” Young bands will gain experience in independent part playing and balance with the interplay of these familiar tunes.
listen  FPS106.mp3 score image  1.01MB where to buy
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS106 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:49 FPS106F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS106P - Parts $3.00 contact us
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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