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On Parade
Edwin Franko Goldman, Edited by Edward Lisk
Edwin Franko Goldman’s energetic composition On Parade is both programmatic and descriptive of parades from yesteryear, complete with bugle, fife (piccolo), and drum strains. In addition, a joyful vocal refrain was included in the 1934 edition of the march with lyrics by Goldman. Edward Lisk's meticulous, modern edition brings this wonderful new march to the attention of a whole new generation of band musicians.
listen  j761.mp3 score image  1.24MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 J761 Set $75.00
Duration 2:40 J761F Full Score $15.00
Key Bb Major, F Major J761P Parts $4.00 contact us
Mysterious Village
Michael Colgrass
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Michael Colgrass continues to write music on commission specifically for school ensembles. Mysterious Village contains some easy tone clusters and modern compositional techniques in this mystical and subtle addition to the school band repertoire. This wonderful piece has already been recognized for inclusion in the Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series of texts.
listen  col9.mp3 score image  1.72MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 COL9 Set $75.00
Duration 6:11 COL9F Full Score $15.00
Key Atonal COL9P Parts $4.00 contact us
British Eighth (March)
Zo Elliott, arranged by Quincy Hillard
A quintessential British-style march, British Eighth has remained a standard in the band repertoire for many years, but is often stylistically misinterpreted. We present a new recording that we feel faithfully captures this work’s true style, and hope that band directors will be reminded of this excellent work for advancing bands.
listen  J740.mp3 score image  1.6MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4.5 J740 Set $85.00
Duration 3:30 J740F Full Score $20.00
Key Eb Major, Ab Major J740P Parts $4.00 contact us
Chorale and Alleluia
Howard Hanson
This groundbreaking 1954 work by Howard Hanson set the standard by which other pieces for school bands were measured. It remains a staple in the school band repertoire and we are happy to present it with a great new recording, reminding newer band directors of this foundational work’s existence.
listen  J517.mp3 score image  1.6MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 J517 Set $110.00
Duration 5:13 J517F Full Score $25.00
Key Various J517P Parts $4.00 contact us
Elegy for a Young American
Ronald Lo Presti
Written to honor the memory of President John F. Kennedy, this somber work has been a staple in the repertoire for many years and is on most lists as one of the top pieces in literature. It is our hope that by this re-promotion, a new generation of band directors and musicians will become familiar with this classic work.
listen  115-40083.mp3   Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 115-40083 Set $85.00
Duration 6:39 115-40083F Full Score $8.50
Key C Major 115-40083P Parts $2.00 contact us
Fantasia in G
J.S. Bach, Arranged by Richard Franko Goldman and Robert Leist
A true wind band classic is presented here with a new recording and transcription as a refresher for experienced band directors and an introduction to new band directors. It was made famous by Fredrick Fennell in his recordings with the Cleveland Winds, along with countless other fantastic performances and recordings over the years. Originally written for organ, this transcription stays very true to the original intent. One can practically hear the registration changes of the organ when playing this well-written standard in the wind band repertoire.
listen  155-00022.mp3 score image  1.6MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 155-00022 Set $75.00
Duration 6:28 155-00022C Condensed Score $15.00
Key G Major 155-00022P Parts $4.00 contact us
Pageant, Op. 59
Vincent Persichetti
Pageant is the classic composition from well-known composer Vincent Persichetti. It has long been a staple in the repertoire of high school bands everywhere. We present a new recording of this timeless piece to remind experienced band directors of this wonderful work and introduce it to those unfamiliar.
listen  J512.mp3   Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 J512 Set $90.00
Duration 6:30 J512F Full Score $20.00
Key D Major J512P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Roosters Lay Eggs in Kansas (Sousa's Favorite Encore)
Mayhew Lake, Edited by Robert E. Foster
A good friend of Sousa, Mayhew Lake wrote this fun “tongue-in-cheek” ditty as an encore for Sousa’s band. Unpretentious and simple, what you see is what you get. Short, sweet, and funny! It’s sure to leave your audience with smiles on their faces.
listen  j759.mp3 score image  917KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 J759 Set $75.00
Duration 1:03 J759F Full Score $15.00
Key C Major J759P Parts $4.00 contact us
Symphonic Overture
Charles Carter
Charles Carter is a pioneer of school band music, and this classic work of his is on the required music lists across most of the United States. With a fresh new recording this year, band directors will remember that you can’t go wrong with a classic.
listen  J591.mp3 score image  1.6MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 J591 Set $90.00
Duration 4:46 J591F Full Score $20.00
Key Bb Major, G minor J591P Parts $4.00 contact us
Triumphal Ode
Howard Hanson, arranged by James Ripley
Triumphal Ode is a recently discovered and formerly unpublished Howard Hanson band piece. Editor James Ripley came upon it during his research at the Eastman School of Music. It appears to have been written in 1918 and therefore would be considered the first wind band piece by an American composer. A historically significant and musically interesting piece from Hanson’s early career, Triumphal Ode is typical of his neo-romantic sensibilities and is a significant addition to the band repertoire.
listen  j760.mp3 score image  1.75MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 J760 Set $200.00
Duration 6:28 J760F Full Score $30.00
Key Bb Major J760P Parts $5.00 contact us
William Tell Overture
Gioacchino Rossini, Arranged by Erik W. G. Leidzen, Edited by Tommy J. Fry
One of the great, classic transcriptions of the concert band repertoire, Leidzen’s famous arrangement of the most popular and beloved of Rossini’s opera overtures has been reissued in a fine, new, modern edition edited by Tommy J. Fry. From the atmospheric opening, through the brilliant storm sequence and following pastorale (with its English horn solo), to the final quick march—this is a dazzling survey of what a talented modern band should be able to achieve.
listen  j376.mp3 score image  3.62MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 6 J376 Set $200.00
Duration 3:15 J376F Full Score $30.00
Key Ab Major - F Major J376P Parts $5.00 contact us
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed. Classics
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