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Young Band
(Grade 2 to 2.5, Red Cover)
  • Instrumentation uses one Flute, two Clarinets, two Trumpets,
         one Horn, and one Tuba
  • Difficulty ranges from Grades 2 to 2.5
  • Second Clarinet stays below break
  • Active Percussion scoring
  • Limited independence of part writing
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Advance (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Larry Clark continues to dig through all of the wonderful marches of Henry Fillmore (using the pseudonym Harold Bennett) to provide young bands everywhere excellent marches for contest/festival. These tuneful little gems are some of the best young band marches ever written and Advance is no exception. Directors have been eagerly awaiting yearly installments in the Bennett march series for over ten years.
listen  yps86.mp3 See the score  1.9MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS86 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:10 YPS86F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major / Eb Major YPS86P - Parts $3.50 contact us
The Airships
George Sweet
The Airships floats just like the aircrafts the piece is named after, inspired by composer George Sweet's childhood love of fantasy and adventure novels. Bold and strident, the dramatic ending of The Airships will inspire great confidence in your students.
listen  YPS101.mp3 See the score  774KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS101 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:20 YPS101F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Major YPS101P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Amazing Grace
Traditional, arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
This is an absolutely stunning setting of this wildly popular hymn. While incredibly musical, Sean O'Loughlin's Amazing Grace remains within the technical demands of younger musicians. The melody exudes a simple beauty that reminded the composer of the wonderment of the birth of his daughter. Your students will be swept away by the soulful ease of this favorite.
listen  YPS99.mp3 See the score  851KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS99 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:00 YPS99F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Major, Ab Major YPS99P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Angels in the Bleak Midwinter
Gustav Holst, arranged by Larry Clark
Larry Clark has a certain knack for combining beloved Christmas carols and making them sound as if they always belonged together. In this work, your students will get to play not only Holst’s haunting, lovely “In the Bleak Midwinter,” but also the joyous “Angels We Have Heard on High.” This is the perfect piece to end your holiday concert with a feeling of warmth and joy.
listen  YPS104.mp3 See the score  773KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS104 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:05 YPS104F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Major YPS104P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Barn Dance
Carl Strommen
It is suggested that there was an actual piece called "Dancing in the Barn" that gave rise to the term "barn dance." These were generally community events that included square dancing, Morris and Contra, and English country dancing. The theme in Barn Dance is in country-and-western style with a broad gospel-like introduction. Nothing but pure fun!
listen  yps80.mp3 See the score  1.59MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS80 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:07 YPS80F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Major YPS80P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Bavarian Trails March (Bayrische Wanderwege Marsch)
Joseph Compello
This new march offers a change of pace from the typical American-style marches. It should have the sound of a brass band at Oktoberfest. Get out your lederhosen and enjoy this one!
listen  yps67.mp3 See the score  3.5MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS67 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:52 YPS67F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS67P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Black Mast
Peter Terry
Black Mast Black Mast conjures images of a dramatic life on the high seas in the service of a pirate captain and crew, and is also Peter Terry’s first work in the Carl Fischer catalogue.
listen  YPS122.mp3 score image  1.08MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS122 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:09 YPS122F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Dorian YPS122P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Carol of the Bells
Peter Wilhousky, arranged by Carl Strommen

Carol of the Bells
One of the most popular Christmas carols is given the Carl Strommen treatment in this delightful new arrangement for young band. All of the sparkle of the original carol is present, along with some new twists. It is an infectious tune that your audience will be humming as they leave! A great way to celebrate the holidays.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 2:40
Key: D minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS135 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS135F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS135P - $3.50
Gene Milford
Castlebay This fresh new setting of two traditional Scottish folk songs, Will Ye No Come Back Again and Keel Row, was written in honor of its namesake, the Scottish village Castlebay. Composer Gene Milford has crafted a well-scored offering for contest/festival performance that is reminiscent of English-style band pieces. After the striking opening, the piece moves to the more fiddle-like Keel Row in a lilting 6/8. All of the sections of the ensemble get to shine and the band will sound formidable with this piece.
listen  YPS114.mp3 See the score  885KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS114 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:50 YPS114F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS114P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Celtic Dreams
Mike Forbes
Celtic Dreams Beginning with a haunting bell solo to set the mood, Celtic Dreams takes the listener on a musical journey through the British Isles. The piece is original but has all of the signature qualities of Celtic music, from drones and soaring folk-like melodies to the sounds of the Bodran in the percussion parts. A welcome addition to the young band repertoire.
listen  YPS126.mp3 score image  1.06MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS126 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:04 YPS126F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS126P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Chant, Chorale and Dance
Bill Calhoun
Chant, Chorale and Dance Chant, Chorale and Dance for young band is composed of three contrasting styles as the title implies. Along with its baroque-like modal harmonies, this work provides the young musician with ample opportunities for expressive and technical development. It is the perfect piece for concert or contest performances.
listen  YPS120.mp3 score image  1.19MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS120 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:24 YPS120F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS120P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Christmas Bells
Carl Strommen
A frosty, snowy day and a horse-drawn sleigh on its way to Grandma’s house are the visions that Christmas Bells evokes. Memorable melodies and the jingling sounds of sleigh bells function as a holiday Currier and Ives portrait set to beautiful music.
listen  yps72.mp3 See the score  1.1MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS72 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:34 YPS72F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major - F Major - Eb Major YPS72P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Christmas Classique
Arranged by Larry Clark
This wonderful new Christmas arrangement takes classical music such as the famous Beethoven Sonata Pathétique and the Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and combines them with holiday favorites such as O, Come All Ye Faithful and Come, All Ye Shepherds. By combining well-loved Christmas carols with standard classical fare, Larry Clark has created a gorgeous new holiday piece for your young band that will delight audiences.
listen  yps92.mp3 See the score  2.44MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS92 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:45 YPS92F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS92P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Christmas Rondo
Gene Milford
Christmas Rondo A joyous arrangement of three familiar Christmas favorites is also a means of introducing the rondo form to your students. “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” is the recurring rondo A-theme, presented with variation each time and featuring different sections of the band. The contrasting B- and C-themes are “Deck the Halls” and “Up on the Housetop,” providing the maximum opportunity for style and dynamic contrast. A delightful choice for your next holiday concert.
listen  YPS125.mp3 score image  1.06MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS125 - Set $60.00
Duration: 1:52 YPS125F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS125P - Parts $3.50 contact us
The Code (March)
Alan Lee Silva
The Code Like the underscore of an international spy movie, this piece promises drama from the opening bar. The evocative harmonies, plus tight moving lines and syncopated rhythms, immediately catch one's ear. Pulsating eighth-note patterns drive the piece all the way through to the spirited conclusion. Sure to have everyone on the edge of their seat.
listen  YPS132.mp3 score image  1.33MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS132 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:26 YPS132F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS132P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Dance of the Harlequins
Larry Clark
Dance of the Harlequins is a dance-like composition that uses the harmonic progression of the famous Pachelbel Canon as its basis. Depicting the painted, jerky harlequin clown, it is at times playful, and others, simply beautiful. The familiarity of the famous bass line makes this work feel comfortable and pleasurably original at the same time, and your groups will love the new spin on the Pachelbel Canon.
listen  YPS103.mp3 See the score  933KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS103 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:37 YPS103F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS103P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Doppler Effect
Sean O'Loughlin

Doppler Effect
The term Doppler Effect describes the aural phenomenon of something changing pitch relative to what direction it is traveling in relation to the listener. An example is when a siren coming towards you is higher in pitch than when it is going away from you. Sean O'Loughlin uses this fascinating concept to construct an original composition that uses instances of this effect. A broad melody acts as a connective element in the piece, with a multitude of teaching opportunities for dynamics and musicality.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:17
Key: Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS143 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS143F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS143P - $3.50
Echoes of the Cape
Alan Lee Silva
Echoes of the Cape You will hear elements of Irish and Scottish music in this magnetic new composition from composer Alan Silva. There is a bardic nature to the piece, with low brass punches, strong percussion and flowing melodic lines in a modal style, plus hints of jigs and reels throughout. Alert your contest music committee about this strong new young band piece.
listen  YPS117.mp3 See the score  905KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS117 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:13 YPS117F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F Major YPS117P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Elation Elation’s celebratory nature is contrasted by a thoughtful minor section in the middle of the work. This piece is musically challenging, but well worth it for your band. Alert your contest list committee. This has all of the makings of a standard for young bands!
listen  YPS119.mp3 score image  1.25MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS119 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:19 YPS119F - Full Score $10.00
Key:   YPS119P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Larry Clark
Envisage Envisage brings across the contemplative feeling of a journey, drawing the performer and listener toward an inevitable outcome. The piece is written in a standard overture form with a strident A section contrasted by a gorgeous B section which shifts to a major key. To finish it up, the A section returns and ends with a dramatic coda.
listen  YPS130.mp3 score image  1.53MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS130 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:20 YPS130F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor, F Major YPS130P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Flying Cloud - 1854 (Two Sea Songs)
Gene Milford

Flying Cloud - 1854
Flying Cloud is a rhapsodic concert piece based on two sea shanties, Heart of Gold and The Lily of the West. The piece has dramatic shifts in orchestration and colorful harmonies that are reminiscent of standards in the band repertoire. This is a wonderful teaching piece for young bands.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:41
Key: Eb, Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS141 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS141F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS141P - $3.50
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, arranged by Andrew Balent
Fughetta Taken from piano repertoire, arranger Andrew Balent uses his long career of experience to provide bands with an exceptional teaching piece. Fughetta acts as an introduction to the Baroque style, and also teaches young students how to play contrapuntal music, a difficult and important skill. This piece has great potential for inclusion on contest/festival required lists.
listen  YPS107.mp3 See the score  913KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS107 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:04 YPS107F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS107P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Ghost Dancing
Brant Karrick
Ghost Dancing An excellent study and introduction to contemporary compositional techniques, Ghost Dancing will stimulate the students in their exploration of modern music. Some of the dissonances are biting, adding to the excitement of the piece. The contrasting lyrical middle section gives a release from the tension before leading back to the aggressive main theme. You might consider this for performance around Halloween!
listen  YPS113.mp3 See the score  1.02MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS113 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:56 YPS113F - Full Score $10.00
Key: D Modal YPS113P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Ghost in the Machine
George Sweet

Ghost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machine has characteristics of minimalist music and utilizes many interesting sounds, colors and textures to create a mechanized sound. This piece is a great way to introduce students to the important minimalistic style and has enough musical sophistication to keep students and audiences on the edge of their seats.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:09
Key: Bb Lydian
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS145 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS145F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS145P - $3.50
Goin' Home for the Holidays
Arranged by Larry Clark

Goin Home for the Holidays
Combining two wonderful tunes into one new Christmas classic, Larry Clark takes the famous Largo from Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, From the New World and links it together with the popular holiday classic Home for the Holidays. The result is a piece where these tunes sound like they were always meant to be together. A uniquely musical way to showcase your band at their holiday concert. There is also a choral setting of this arrangement that will add to the excitement!
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:52
Key: Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS133 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS133F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS133P - $3.50
Hiland (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Hiland (March) The yearly release of a Larry Clark arrangement of a classic Harold Bennett (aka Henry Fillmore) young band march has become a tradition at Carl Fischer. These wonderfully tuneful marches are great choices for contest/festival and for teaching the standard American march form and style to your students. Larry has been a champion for getting young bands to play in this important style and has successfully brought us another lost gem by Henry Fillmore.
listen  YPS110.mp3 See the score  759KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS110 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:10 YPS110F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, Ab Major YPS110P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Housetop Variations
Bill Calhoun
Housetop Variations is a set of embellishments on the ever-popular Christmas carol. Arranger Bill Calhoun takes the tune through various clever changes, from reharmonization to mode changes, along with plenty of mood changes to keep your audience and students engaged. A welcome addition to the list of holiday fare for the young band.
listen  yps71.mp3 See the score  1.0MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS71 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:10 YPS71F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS71P - Parts $3.50 contact us
The Huguenots
Ed Kiefer
Ed Kiefer uses the strength and perseverance of the French Huguenots as the basis for this powerful concert piece for young bands. A perfect opportunity to do some cross-curricular work with your history department. Also, a fine piece to highlight the strength of your band at contest/festival.
listen  yps81.mp3 See the score  1.0MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS81 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:46 YPS81F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS81P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Jam! is one of the most fun and unique pieces your concert band will perform in their musical development. As a professional musician, a performer will often be called upon to play in many different styles. Jam! provides an opportunity to explore some of those non-classical styles. The band truly does get to jam on this piece, with some hand-clapping to add to the fun!
listen  yps93.mp3 See the score  3.81MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS93 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:05 YPS93F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor YPS93P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Japanese Pictures
Kevin Mixon
Japanese Pictures Japanese Pictures draws inspiration from both traditional and modern Japanese music. The harmonies are western as suggested by the accompanying melodies, and the percussion is styled to give the sounds of a taiko drum ensemble. Young bands will find this piece intriguing and different. Use this work as part of your multi-cultural approach to teaching music appreciation. Also a good choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  YPS112.mp3 See the score  989KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS112 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:01 YPS112F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor, Bb Major YPS112P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Kevin Mixon
Juba Based on a type of African dance, Juba is a tuneful, funky piece with tons of percussion and some great solo opportunities for your young players to improvise. Add in some hambone clapping, stomping and yelling and you have all the ingredients to change up the pace of your concert program. Bravo, Kevin Mixon!
listen  YPS129.mp3 score image  1.23MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS129 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:50 YPS129F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS129P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Jubilant Festival
Bill Calhoun
Jubilant Festival Jubilant Festival is a joyous piece that begins with a fanfare-like gesture and then leads to an uplifting melody in the woodwinds. This is followed by excellent counter-melodies in the middle voices and well-scored lyrical lines. A showcase piece for the young band that can be used at contest or festival performance, Jubilant Festival will impress the judges for sure!
listen  YPS108.mp3 See the score  1.02MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS108 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:50 YPS108F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major YPS108P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Laredo Variations
Richard H. Summers

Laredo Variations
Based on Streets of Laredo, the popular cowboy ballad from the American West, composer Richard Summers has crafted a delightful set of variations. After a bold fanfare introduction, the theme is stated in a lush chorale setting. The piece then goes through several variations that utilize the theme in unique rhythmic and harmonic ways.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:44
Key: Bb, Eb, F
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS140 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS140F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS140P - $3.50
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Anthony J. Showalter, arranged by Carl Strommen
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms This hymn tune has been used in movies and television, most notably in the soundtrack of the film True Grit. Carl Strommen brings us a lush and reverent treatment of the Anthony Showalter hymn that will encourage the musical growth of your ensemble. Stunningly beautiful!
listen  YPS124.mp3 score image  1.06MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS124 - Set $60.00
Duration: 5:49 YPS124F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, F Major YPS124P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Legend of the Lake
Alan Lee Silva
A contrast between heroic trumpet melodies and lyrical woodwind lines highlight this effective new composition from Alan Lee Silva. Bands will sound their best and love doing it with this distinctive new piece that is suitable for concert or contest.
listen  yps82.mp3 See the score  1.34MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS82 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:31 YPS82F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS82P - Parts $3.50 contact us
March in the Shadows
Ed Kiefer
If you are looking for a different type of march to play this coming year, look no further. Here is a serious, yet quirky little march from composer Ed Kiefer for young bands. Beginning very quietly and in a minor key, it reminded the composer of something lurking in the shadows, hence the title. We know your students will like it.
listen  yps89.mp3 See the score  1.32MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS89 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:52 YPS89F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor YPS89P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Memories of Spring Hill
Robert L. Lee

Memories of Spring Hill
Memories of Spring Hill is a traditional overture inspired by the tranquility and serenity found in the breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty of a southern countryside at dawn. New Carl Fischer Music composer Robert L. Lee brings us a wonderful festival-worthy piece for young bands.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:54
Key: Eb, F
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS142 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS142F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS142P - $3.50
Military Escort (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark

Military Escort
The most popular of Harold Bennett's (a.k.a Henry Fillmore) marches, Military Escort is one that even Sousa wished he had written. From the opening trumpet fanfare to the tuneful trio, this classic is one of the best! Larry Clark has arranged this, as he has many other Harold Bennett marches, to be better suited for today's bands. This is a proven winner in an arrangement that you know will work.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 2:24
Key: Bb, Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS136 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS136F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS136P - $3.50
Morning Glory (March)
Joseph Compello
Morning Glory Joseph Compello gives us Morning Glory, which is evocative of some of the greatest marches, but well with in the capabilities of young bands. It is harmonious, with creative counter lines in the low brass and standard modulation at the trio. Perfect for a contest/festival warm-up.
listen  YPS123.mp3 score image  990KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS123 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:34 YPS123F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major YPS123P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Mustangs - The Spirit of the West
Larry Clark
Mustangs - The Spirit of the West This piece was written by composer Larry Clark to depict the majesty of mustang horses that roam free in the American West. It is cast in a standard overture form with an opening section reminiscent of the music of western movie soundtracks. Followed by a lush and beautiful contrasting slow section, Mustangs – The Spirit of the West depicts the grace and power of these wonderful animals. This is a great choice for contest and festival performance for the young band.
listen  YPS109.mp3 See the score  1.01MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS109 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:15 YPS109F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS109P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Bill Calhoun
As the title implies, this piece is mysterious in nature, composed with elements of musical intensity, dynamic contrast and harmonic interest. Composer Bill Calhoun draws on his experience of over 25 years of teaching middle school band to bring us an exciting new piece that students will enjoy playing. Perfect for contest/festival if you want your young band to sound their best.
listen  yps87.mp3 See the score  2.78MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS87 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:15 YPS87F - Full Score $10.00
Key: D minor YPS87P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Natya (Dance-Drama from India)
Kevin Mixon
Broaden the horizons of your students with music inspired from India and used as the basis of this effective new concert band work. Your students get the opportunity to vocalize syllables in an authentic manner for this style of music. Kevin Mixon has gained a following for his skills in writing multicultural band music while keeping the authenticity of the music intact. Your students will truly feel the spirit of Natya, a Sanskrit word meaning “dance” and/or “drama,” as the two are inextricably linked in much of Indian tradition.
listen  YPS97.mp3 See the score  892KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS97 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:03 YPS97F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS97P - Parts $3.50 contact us
A New Day
Alan Lee Silva
This up-tempo dance-like piece features a celebratory trumpet melody, intricate woodwind passages, sparkling percussion, and call-and-response phrases between sections of the band. Composer Alan Lee Silva uses his background in television and film scoring to take both the players and listeners on a substantial and meaningful musical journey. Show off your band with this fabulous new contest/festival selection.
listen  yps74.mp3 See the score  1.1MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS74 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:25 YPS74F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS74P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Gregory B. Rudgers
Niagara Falls has held the fascination of human beings from the time the very first Native American heard the low thunder of the falls and followed the sound to the mighty cascade. Niagara captures three important elements of the history and legends surrounding the Falls, and takes the listener on a journey through time. It consists of three sections, with an ancient Iroquois melody serving as their musical foundation.
listen  yps68.mp3 See the score  1.5MB  
Level: Grade 2.5 YPS68 - Set $60.00
Duration: 5:35 YPS68F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb lydian - F Major - Eb lydian YPS68P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Of Kings and Kingdoms
Bill Calhoun
Harkening back to the days of knights, fair ladies, and kings, this original piece by newcomer Bill Calhoun uses the sounds and musical language from this era in a modern way. Of Kings and Kingdoms alternates between the majesty of kings and the dancing of serfs. Let your contest list committee know about this dynamic new piece for young bands!
listen  yps70.mp3 See the score  1.2MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS70 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:50 YPS70F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS70P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Pacem Noel
Larry Clark

This delightful new holiday arrangement is based on the popular canon Dona Nobis Pacem combined with the famous carol The First Noel. It is effective, yet simple, and it brings together two beautiful songs in a delicate and musical way. As the title implies, may we all have "Peace for Christmas."

Also now available - string orchestra accompaniment to the SATB choral, compatible with the concert band!

listen  yps85.mp3 See the score  1.1MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS85 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:20 YPS85F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS85P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Carl Strommen

A perfect choice for use as a celebratory or processional piece with younger groups, or as an easy-to-put-together piece for graduation with a high school group, this piece has the melodic flare Carl Strommen is known for.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 2:38
Key: Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS147 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS147F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS147P - $3.50
El Palo Alto
Gene Milford
A true rhapsody for band, reminiscent of the famous rhapsodies by Clare Grundman. Gene Milford takes folk songs from the state of California and develops them into a stunning new concert work for the young band. This piece plus a nice concert overture would make a great selection for festival.
listen  yps88.mp3 See the score  2.32MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS88 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:25 YPS88F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS88P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Path of Destiny
Sean O'Loughlin
Sean O'Loughlin's music is highly influenced by music for film, and this piece is meant to depict the action/battle music of the genre. Strong, powerful, and dramatic moments all permeate this piece from start to finish. It is a serious new piece for young bands.
listen  yps83.mp3 See the score  1.73MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS83 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:24 YPS83F - Full Score $10.00
Key: D minor YPS83P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Pieces of Eight
Larry Clark
Written as a commission for the Georgia District 10 Honor Band, Larry Clark has drawn on the history of the coast of Georgia where the pirate Blackbeard was thought to have stashed his treasure. He has written an intriguing concert overture for young bands with this flavor. Not only will your students love it, but there are many musical opportunities for teaching as well.
listen  yps94.mp3 See the score  3.5MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS94 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:19 YPS94F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor YPS94P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Pivot Man
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Another exceptional young band march from the pen of Henry Fillmore. This one is reminiscent of the popular Miltary Escort in style. It is the perfect combination of tuneful melodies, heralding trumpets, and fun march rhythms. An excellent choice for contest/festival performance.
listen  yps78.mp3 See the score  1.2MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS78 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:02 YPS78F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major YPS78P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Precision (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Larry Clark has been breathing new life into Harold Bennett’s delightful marches for younger groups over the past decade, and your group will absolutely love Precision. A wonderful tool for teaching younger students the March style, this work also introduces them to the “break strain.” A great way to show your band the genius of Bennett marches at the earliest point possible!
listen  YPS102.mp3 See the score  914KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS102 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:29 YPS102F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, Ab Major YPS102P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Refining the March Style (Warm-ups and Fundamentals)
Larry Clark
Based on our popular New Bennett Band book series, we have compiled march-style warm-ups in a separate publication so they may be used by all bands wishing to learn from them. These innovative warm-ups and fundamental drills are the ultimate method of teaching and reinforcing the March style.
listen  YPS105.mp3 See the score  850KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS105 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:53 YPS105F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major, Ab Major YPS105P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Reminiscence A lush and musically expressive ballad for band that pulls at your heart strings, Reminiscence is tender and emotionally charged with musical tension that resolves beautifully at the end. Bill Calhoun has become a composer you can trust to write music of a very high quality.
listen  YPS106.mp3 See the score  846KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS106 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:47 YPS106F - Full Score $10.00
Key: C minor YPS106P - Parts $3.50 contact us
George Sweet
Ripcord This piece takes off right from the start. It contains some very pleasant contemporary sounds not usually found in pieces of this difficulty level, and students will be eager to play it again and again!
listen  YPS128.mp3 score image  1.25MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS128 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:25 YPS128F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS128P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Rocky River Celebration
Laurie Lafferty

Rocky River Celebration
This whimsical concert overture on original themes contains a folk song quality and colorful orchestration. Every part of the band gets a chance to shine in this delightful piece. A perfect contrasting selection for contests and festivals.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 4:00
Key: Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS139 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS139F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS139P - $3.50
The Royal Sword
Bill Calhoun
From its opening fanfare to its aggressive final climax, The Royal Sword provides both the performer and listener with a musical portrayal of medieval times. Its regal and exciting depiction of stately kings and queens makes this piece an exciting addition to your concert or festival program.
listen  YPS96.mp3 See the score  868KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS96 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:28 YPS96F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb (Modal) YPS96P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
“Lush,” “reflective,” and “pensive” best describe this emotional piece by composer Sean O’Loughlin. Ruminations is chock-full of opportunities for the young band to play expressively and to learn to stretch and pull a phrase. Playing slow, lyrical music is the best way to improve these skills and this year, this is the piece with which to do it.
listen  yps75.mp3 See the score  1.0MB  
Level: Grade 2.5 YPS75 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:50 YPS75F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS75P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Shepherd's Hey
Traditional, arranged by Andrew Balent
Shepherd's Hey Band conductors know of this famous folk song because of the popular setting by band composing icon Percy Grainger, but it has been out of reach for young bands… until now! Andrew Balent has arranged the delightful tune in a setting that works wonderfully for young band.
listen  YPS121.mp3 score image  1.01MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS121 - Set $60.00
Duration: 1:57 YPS121F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS121P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Side by Side (March)
John L. Klohr, arranged by Laurie Lafferty
Side by Side John Klohr is best known for his famous Billboard March, but there is a lesser-known treasure that he specifically wrote for younger bands. Side by Side is a delightful march in standard form and has been expertly adapted for today's young bands by Laurie Lafferty.
listen  YPS131.mp3 score image  1.04MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS131 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:18 YPS131F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, Ab Major YPS131P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Song of India
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, arranged by Andrew Balent
This sultry classical favorite from Rimsky-Korsakov is faithfully arranged for young bands by Andrew Balent. Andy has a knack for retaining the essence of standard classical repertoire, while toning the technical difficulties down to the students' ability levels. Paying close attention to dynamic changes and ensemble balance will make this a winner in contest and festival settings.
listen  YPS98.mp3 See the score  818KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS98 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:27 YPS98F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS98P - Parts $3.50 contact us
The Spirit of an Eagle
Larry Clark
This piece is meant to depict the majestic beauty and soaring flight of the eagle. Wrought in standard overture form, the main theme is brisk and angular, while the slower lyrical melody is stately and flowing. It will show off the developing musicianship of each young band member. Larry Clark knows exactly how to make a young group sound its best.
listen  yps73.mp3 See the score  1.2MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS73 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:04 YPS73F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS73P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Spirits Awake
Bill Calhoun

Spirits Awake
This piece cooks up images of ghoulish things that go bump in the night. It is a serious piece, but one that can also be used for Halloween concerts. Bill Calhoun's compositions include rhythmic drive, interesting harmonic perspective, and provocative melodic figures.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:17
Key: Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS134 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS134F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS134P - $3.50
Carl Strommen
Hear the sounds of the mountains in this dynamic new concert work for young bands. Carl Strommen branches out in composing a work for Grade 2 level, lending the skill and expertise seen in his other well-loved works. We know you will agree that this has serious potential for festival performance, and will be instrumental in bringing home the gold!
listen  yps91.mp3 See the score  1.24MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS91 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:31 YPS91F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major / F Major YPS91P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Suo Gan
Welsh Folk Song, arranged by Larry Clark

Suo Gan
This popular Welsh folk song has been used in TV and movies over the years, but you have never heard it quite like this! Larry Clark's stunning setting contains lyrical countermelodies, a lush harmonic perspective, and just plan beautiful writing. Stretch the musicianship of your students with this wonderful arrangement.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 4:34
Key: Bb, Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS146 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS146F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS146P - $3.50
Sweet Little Manger Child
Robert MacGimsey, arranged by Larry Clark
Sweet Little Manger Child This subtle, yet tasteful arrangement for the holiday season includes the African-American styled piece Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Robert MacGimsey paired with the traditional Away in a Manger. Larry Clark continues to find creative ways to merge two popular Christmas favorites and make it seem as if they were always meant to be seamlessly combined. This is the mark of a great composer/arranger. We know you and your students will enjoy this stunning arrangement.
listen  YPS118.mp3 See the score  773KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS118 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:38 YPS118F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS118P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Swingin' Santa
Traditional, arranged by Carl Strommen
Swingin' Santa Get your young band students swinging this year with a fun Christmas piece based on the ever-popular “Up On The Housetop.” Drawing from his jazz background, Carl Strommen delivers an arrangement that is unique and authentic to the idiom, but within the technical capabilities of the intermediate student. Oh what fun it will be to ride this sleigh – Ho, ho ho!
listen  YPS111.mp3 See the score  800KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS111 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:29 YPS111F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, F Major YPS111P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Tap Out
Carl Strommen
Feature your percussion section in this tap-dance style game changer. Bring all of your percussionists to the front and let them shine with this lighthearted original piece; sure to be a welcome change of pace at your concert!
listen  YPS100.mp3 See the score  770KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS100 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:48 YPS100F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major YPS100P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Three Christmas Spirituals
Arranged by Andrew Balent
Based on three famous African-American spirituals—Children Go Where I Send Thee, Rise Up Shepherd and Follow, and Go Tell It on the Mountain—arranger Andrew Balent weaves these beloved tunes into a concert rhapsody for the holiday season.
listen  yps77.mp3 See the score  1.5MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS77 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:51 YPS77F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS77P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Through London Streets
Alan Lee Silva
From the opening ominous chimes and haunting flute melody to the rapid staccato notes and final thundering ensemble accents, this piece evokes images of mystery and suspense. Loosely based on scenes from Sherlock Holmes stories, Through London Streets follows the mythical detective as he searches misty lanes and foggy boulevards for his foe. This is a serious band work from a composer who is quickly becoming one of the most popular composers for young players.
listen  yps90.mp3 See the score  1.38MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS90 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:38 YPS90F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor YPS90P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Tubasaurus Rex
Gene Milford
A feature for the tuba section or tuba soloist, Tubasaurus Rex will put your tubists in the spotlight and make them feel like royalty. Containing the opportunity to demonstrate both light march and swing styles, everyone in the band will enjoy performing this number. You could also use Tubasaurus Rex to highlight a soloist in a repeat performance. An advanced download version of the solo part is available free as a printable PDF here.
listen  YPS95.mp3 See the score  957KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS95 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:36 YPS95F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS95P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Turning Point
Sean O'Loughlin
Turning Point In any conflict, there is always a turning point which determines the outcome. The phrase is often used to describe epic wars throughout history, and the music of Turning Point reflects the weight and drama that comes with these key historical moments. Composer Sean O'Loughlin takes the listener on a musical journey filled with dramatic twists and turns. This piece will serve as your young band's turning point in their development to becoming a solid musical ensemble.
listen  YPS116.mp3 See the score  980KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS116 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:35 YPS116F - Full Score $10.00
Key: C minor YPS116P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Peter Terry

This is an impressive concert opener that is the musical equivalent of unleashing a caged animal. The piece cooks from start to finish, with energetic, bold, and exciting material your students will love to play. This is simply outstanding!
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 2:51
Key: Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS138 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS138F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS138P - $3.50
The Voyage
George Sweet
The Voyage At first lush and mysterious, then light and uplifting, The Voyage begins. Newcomer George Sweet brings us some invigorating ideas and harmonic treatments, as well as shifting rhythmic feels from 4/4 to 3/4 time. There is some great interplay between various sections of the band that changes from light woodwind sounds to strong brass interjections. George is a composer to watch in the years to come.
listen  YPS115.mp3 See the score  842KB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS115 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:35 YPS115F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS115P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Welcome (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Welcome What could be better for contest warm-up than to play a tuneful Harold Bennett march? Larry Clark has arranged a classic for today's young bands, and it is perfect for introducing the march form and style to young players. We’re pleased to bring this standard back into the spotlight.
listen  YPS127.mp3 score image  1.06MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS127 - Set $60.00
Duration: 2:10 YPS127F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major YPS127P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Whispering Pines
Mike Forbes
Music to depict the wind whispering through the forest, this work for young bands by Mike Forbes will serve as a wonderful teaching tool for musicianship. Elegant, melodic strokes and wistful harmonic structures make this a must-have piece for your next concert.
listen  yps79.mp3 See the score  1.4MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS79 - Set $60.00
Duration: 4:14 YPS79F - Full Score $10.00
Key: D minor YPS79P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Whitewater Run
Ed Kiefer

Whitewater Run
This driving rhythmic piece is written to depict an exhilarating run down a whitewater river. Composer Ed Kiefer draws on his years of experience as a band director to provide a perfect choice for younger bands with small forces in the lower voices as those sections are mostly scored in unison. A welcome addition to the repertoire for young band festival performances.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 4:31
Key: Bb, Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS144 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS144F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS144P - $3.50
Will Drum For Food
Carl Strommen
No disrespect to percussionists, but this piece is for those headbangers in the back of the band! It is a great way to feature them and you may even want to bring them to the front, but be careful, they may just take over! This piece is tons of fun!
listen  yps69.mp3 See the score  1.76MB  
Level: Grade 2.5 YPS69 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:01 YPS69F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS69P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Wind Cycles
Bill Calhoun
Wind Cycles is a tone poem that will stimulate the listener’s imagination. The sport of cycling encompasses many forms: recreational, competitive, and even amusing. After a dramatic introduction, the music moves to portray the incessant pedaling of the riders. Let your imagination fill in the rest of the story as you continue on your journey through Wind Cycles.
listen  yps76.mp3 See the score  1.56MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS76 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:35 YPS76F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major YPS76P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Larry Clark
The mystical nature of the zodiac is explored in sound by composer Larry Clark. This is a tour-de-force for young bands from a composer that continues to provide substantial musical moments that are throughly enjoyed by younger students.
listen  yps84.mp3 See the score  1.84MB  
Level: Grade 2 YPS84 - Set $60.00
Duration: 3:30 YPS84F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor YPS84P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Zombie Tango
James Meredith

Zombie Tango
Imagine if you will, two zombies dancing a zombie tango and you get the gist of this clever piece for young players. It would make a great Halloween concert piece, or anytime zombie fever is taking over your school. This is the first piece in our catalog by composer James Meredith.
Level: Grade 2
Duration: 3:17
Key: G minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
YPS137 - $60.00
Full Score
YPS137F - $10.00
Extra Parts
YPS137P - $3.50
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