Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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2013 Band Titles by Composer / Arranger
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Balent, Andrew Shepherd's Hey Young YPS121
Balent, Andrew (arr.) The Picadore (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS140
Bennett, Harold Welcome (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS127
Berlin, Irving Alexander's Ragtime Band (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS55
Calhoun, Bill Angels Sing Concert CPS141
Calhoun, Bill Chant, Chorale and Dance Young YPS120
Calhoun, Bill Expressions Beginning BPS75
Calhoun, Bill In Time for the Holidays Primer PPS12
Calhoun, Bill Matinee Concert CPS139
Calhoun, Bill Nordic Vision FirstPlus FPS102
Clark, Larry Ascending Concert CPS138
Clark, Larry Christmas Mash-Up Primer PPS18
Clark, Larry Colossus Primer PPS17
Clark, Larry Digital Prisms Flexible XPS4
Clark, Larry Envisage Young YPS130
Clark, Larry Epic FirstPlus FPS107
Clark, Larry Recognition Beginning BPS78
Clark, Larry (arr.) Welcome (Harold Bennett) Young YPS127
Compello, Joseph Anasazi Legend Primer PPS15
Compello, Joseph Buglers Rule Primer PPS14
Compello, Joseph Chant and Ritual Dance FirstPlus FPS104
Compello, Joseph Morning Glory Young YPS123
Compello, Joseph O Christmas in Three FirstPlus FPS106
Fillmore, Henry Teddy Trombone (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB144
Fillmore, Henry The U.S. of A. Armed Forces (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB145
Forbes, Mike Battle Quest FirstPlus FPS105
Forbes, Mike Celtic Dreams Young YPS126
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) Teddy Trombone (Henry Fillmore) Fillmore CB144
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) The U.S. of A. Armed Forces (Henry Fillmore) Fillmore CB145
Karrick, Brant With Visions of Tomorrow Concert CPS145
Kiefer, Ed Circle in a Square Concert CPS143
Klohr, John L. Side by Side (arr. Laurie Lafferty) Young YPS131
Lafferty, Laurie (arr.) Side by Side (John L. Klohr) Young YPS131
Mesang, Ted Mighty Mite (arr. Sean O'Loughlin) Flexible XPS6
Milford, Gene Christmas Rondo Young YPS125
Milford, Gene Danza Latina Beginning BPS77
Mixon, Kevin Hard Drive Beginning BPS74
Mixon, Kevin Juba Young YPS129
Mixon, Kevin Rolling Tough Primer PPS16
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) Symphonic SPS55
O'Loughlin, Sean Achilles' Wrath Flexible XPS5
O'Loughlin, Sean Dominion FirstPlus FPS103
O'Loughlin, Sean Elation Young YPS119
O'Loughlin, Sean Hidden World Beginning BPS76
O'Loughlin, Sean Joy to the Season Symphonic SPS56
O'Loughlin, Sean Omicron Primer PPS13
O'Loughlin, Sean Soaring Concert CPS137
O'Loughlin, Sean The Ides of March Concert CPS142
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Mighty Mite (Ted Mesang) Flexible XPS6
Showalter, Anthony J. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (arr. Carl Strommen) Young YPS124
Silva, Alan Lee Bridges FirstPlus FPS108
Silva, Alan Lee The Code Young YPS132
Sousa, John Philip The Picadore (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS140
Strommen, Carl Innisfree Concert CPS146
Strommen, Carl Setting Sail Symphonic SPS54
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Anthony J. Showalter) Young YPS124
Sweet, George Residuum Concert CPS144
Sweet, George Ripcord Young YPS128
Terry, Peter Black Mast Young YPS122
Terry, Peter Trolls! Beginning BPS73
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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