MICHAEL COLGRASS Biography Works List


Chameleon (1999) 5'
Alto Saxophone

Tales of Power (l980) 24'
A musical drama on the writings of Carlos Castaneda
Piano solo

Te Tuma Te Papa (l994) 12'
Solo percussionist

Wild Riot of the Shaman's Dreams (l992) 8'
Solo flute

Wolf (l976) 17'
A musical portrait of the life of a North American Indian
Solo cello


Mystery Flowers of Spring (1978) 4'
Soprano with piano
Text by the composer

New People (l969) 18'
Mezzo-soprano, viola and piano
Settings of the composer's poems about modern urban life

Night of the Raccoon (l979) 14'
Soprano, harp, alto flute, 1 perc, piano (dbl. cel + elec pf)


Chameleon, for alto saxophone (2001) 4'

Flashbacks (1979) 35'
A Musical Play for Five Brass
2 tpt, hn, tbn, tba

A Flute in the Kingdom of Drums and Bells (l994) 35'
Flute (dbl.pic and a.fl) and percussion quartet

Folklines: A Counterpoint of Musics for String Quartet (1988) 22'

Hammer & Bow (l997) 10'
Violin and marimba

Memento (l982) 16'
2 pianos
Published: PL132 (suitable for two soloists playing with orchestral version)

Memento Trio (1999) 10'
Flute, piano, violoncello

Rhapsody (l962) 8'
Clarinet, violin, piano
Available for Sale: CY1157

Strangers: Irreconcilable Variations for Clarinet, Viola and Piano (l986) 24'


As Quiet As (1966) 14'

Ghosts of Pangea (2000) 22'

Letter From Mozart (l976) 16'
A "Letter from Mozart" to the composer offers inspiration for a modern treatment
   of an 18th century melody

The Schubert Birds (l989) 18'


Arias (1992) 26'
Solo clarinet: 2(pic,alt)1(ob)1(Enghn)1(bs)1(bsn)1(cbn)/4331/pf.cel/hp/timp, 3perc/65432

Auras (l972) 15'
Solo harp: 2(pic,alt)2(Enghn)2(bs)2/222(bs)/cel/3perc/str

Chaconne (l984)
A theme and 23 variations exploring the viola in a variety of concertante settings and
   traversing 300 years of musical styles
Solo viola; 3(pic)O,3(bs)2+cbn/4331/pf,cel/hp/timp,4perc/str

Concertmasters (l974) 22'
Three violins portrayed like actors in a play, going through a series of dialogues and
   confrontations, sometimes romantic, often atonal, based on a baroque theme
3 solo violins; 2(pic)22(bs)2(cbn)/4331/cel-hpsch/2hp/timp,4perc/str 3 vln/pno reduction

Crossworlds (2002) 33:30
A musical drama for flute, piano and orchestra

Déjà vu (l977) 18'
4 solo perc; 3(pic,alt)0,3(Ebcl,bscl)2+cbn/4331/cel/2hp/str
Winner of the 1978 Pulitzer Prize

Delta (l979) 20'
Solo vln,cl,perc; 1+alt.1+Enghn.bscl.1+cbn/22/54332

Memento (l982) 16'
Two solo pianos; 2(pic)+altfl.Enghn.3(Ebcl,bscl)2+cbn4330/ cel/hp/ timp,4perc/str

Snow Walker (l990) 20'
Solo organ, 2(pic), 22(Ebcl,bscl), 1+cbn/2221/pf-cel/hp/timp,3perc


Beautiful People (1976) 4'
from Best Wishes U.S.A

Best Wishes USA (l976) 34'
A kaleidoscopic view of past and present America in verbal and musical sketches
Sopr/mez/ten/bs/black and white chor: 2(pic,alt)2(Enghn)2(Eb,bs)1+cbn/ 4331/
   hp/pf-cel-syth/guit-banj/harm/uk/acc/jazzqt/timp,4perc, str

The Earth's a Baked Apple (1969) 8'
for high school chorus and orchestra
SATB 2222/4331, cel, hp, 3 perc, timp, str.

Theater of the Universe (l972) 18'
A choral version of New People
Sopr/mez/ten/bar/bass/SATB: 3(pic)3(Enghn)3(Eb,bs)2+cbn/4331/ cel(pno)2hp/timp,3perc/str

Image of Man (l974) 20'
SATB: 2(pic)22(bscl)1+cbn/4331/cel/elec.pno/timp,3perc/str


Arctic Dreams (l991) 24'
A tone poem about life in the Arctic, with musical depictions of ice floating in the sun,
   the aurora borealis, polar nights, Inuit throat-singing, the spring hunt and drum dancing
6(pic,alt),3,8(bs,Bbcontbs)4(cbn)3(sopr,alt,bar)666,2euph,2t ba, pf-cel/hp/2cb/timp,5perc

Déjà vu (l977)' 18'
Four percussionists playing four separate solos, often in separate tempi,
   while exploring percussion colors in various musical styles
4 solo perc; 6(pic,alt)0,6(Ebcl,bscl,Bbcontbs)2+cbn,Soprsax(alto)/466, 1eu ph,1tba/pf-cel/2hp/2cb

Dream Dancer (2001) Fantasy of a Soul Moving Between Cultures 21'
Alto saxophone and wind orchestra
,3 (picc, alt), 2(Eng hn), 2 (Eb), bs cl, 2+cbn, 4331, cel/pno, hp, 4 perc, timp.

Urban Requiem (l995) 28'
Saxophone quartet; 1(pic)1(fl)1(altfl) 1ob+Enghn.1(Ebcl)1(Bbcl)1(bscl) 2+cbn/ 4331/ synth/ hp/ 2cb/timp, 4perc

Winds of Nagual (l985) 25'
A tone poem for wind ensemble based on the books by Carlos Castaneda about
   his experiences with the Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan
Pic,alt)6+Eb1(bs)1(Ebcontalt)1(Bbcontbs)cbn.sopr-altsax/66 (2 cor)flhn.6,2euph,2tba/2cb/pf-cel/timp,5perc


Nightingale, Inc. (1971) 50'
A Musical Fantasy
The mafia launches its own operatic prima donna as a tax dodge.
Text by the composer
Lyric soprano, high male voice, 3 baritones, bass el.pf/pf/drum set/chimes/vb/sax (fl, cl)

Something's Gonna Happen (l978) 45'
A musical play for approx. 20 children (4 leads) between age 10-13
Text by the composer
Based on an updated version of Jack and the Beanstalk
Flute and piano.

Virgil's Dream (l967) 35'
A Satiric Fantasy for Music Chamber Theater
An insurance company offers a child prodigy a policy insuring his dream of
   success against damage, loss or theft.
Text by the composer
Confused mezzo, naive tenor, hysterical tenor, conservative bass baritone clar/el.pf/cb/1perc


Chamber Music for Percussion Quintet (1954) 5'

Concerto for Timpani (1953) 10'
3tpt, 3tbn, tba, timp/2 perc.

Fantasy Variations (1961) 12'
Perc solo/6perc

Inventions on a Motive (1955) 5'
5 perc

Percussion Music (1953) 5'
4 perc

Three Brothers (1951) 4'

Variations for Four Drums and Viola (1957 17'
Vla, 1 perc

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