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JON DEAK Biography Works List


Colorado Variations (1994) 5 min.
picc./2/2/2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (3), pno.; str.

Condominiums on the Hot Stove (Home on the Range) (1989) 8 min.
Theme and Variations for Small Chamber Orchestra
1/1/0/0; 1/1/1/1; perc. (2); str.

Duo Concertante (2000) 16'
Solo vln., Solo va.; 1/1/1/1; 2/1/0/0; str.

Heidi, A Symphonic Narrative (Part I) (1979) 25 min.
3 (picc.)/2/3 (b. cl.)/3 (cbn.)/t. sax.; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (4), hp.; str.;
The children's classic is told by musical instruments, sound effects and romantic mountain music (solo instruments from the orchestra represent the principal characters - Violin [Heidi], Amplified Bass [Grandfather] and Trombone [Aunt Dete]).
(photographic slides of text optional)
[also available in a version of 8' duration]

The Legend of Spuyten Duyvil (1991) 19 min.
Narrator; 2 (picc.)/2/2 (b. cl.)/2 (cbn.); 2/2/1/0; str.
The conductor, preferably doubling as the narrator, presents an historical legend of old New York.

New York, 1842: A City on Fire (1992) 23 min.
Narrator; 3 (picc.)/2/3 (b. cl.)/3 (cbn.); 2/3/3/1; timp., perc. (4); hp.; str.

The Snow Queen Finale: The Ice Palace (1991) 14 min.
Narrator; viola obbligato, contrabass obbligato; 3 (picc.)/2/3 (b. cl.)/2/cbn.; 4/2/3/1; timp., perc. (3), pno., hp.; str.
The conductor may double as narrator in this retelling of the tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Celebration and Remembrance (1996) 6'
picc./2/2 (eng. hn.)/2 (b. cl.)/2 (cbn.); 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (3), pno, hp.; str.


The Broccoli Beast of Bedford Avenue (1994) 23 min.
Solo trumpet (narrator); child narrator; children's chorus; 2/1/1/2; 2/1/2/0; perc. (3); str.


Quilting Frolic (1992) 5 min.
An arrangement of the 2nd movement of "The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow"


Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra (1991) 22 min.
("Jack and the Beanstalk")
Solo contrabass (amp.); 3 (picc.)/2/3 (b. cl.)/3 (cbn.); 4/2/3/1; timp., perc. (3), hp.; str.

Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra (1991) 28 min.
("The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow")
Solo string quartet; narrator; 1/1/1/1; 2/2/b. trb./0; perc. (2), kybd. synth; str.
Text based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving adapted by the composer, with Scott Garlick.

The Wind in the Willows: Scene 7 (1989) 15 min.
Solo contrabass (amp.); 2 (picc.)/ 2/2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/2/3/1; timp., perc. (3), hp.; str.
Story adapted, in collaboration with Richard Hartshorne, from "The Wind in the Willows," by Kenneth Grahame. The conductor and/or the soloist may double as narrators with orchestra members also speaking a few of the words.


Bremen Town Musicians (1985) 19 min.
Woodwind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn
Score for sale ((O5353)

Bye-Bye! (1987) 10 min.
Flute/narrator and piano/narrator

Dire Expectations (1976) 17-18 min.
A Gothic Melodrama in Five Acts
2 flutes, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass

The Draperies (1979) 10 min.
String quintet (2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass) and photographic slides
Written as a companion piece to "The Fearsome Fate".

Eyeore has a Birthday (1991) 23 min.
Viola, contrabass and piano

Fundevogel: Act 1 (1988) 23 min.
String Quartet: 2 violins, viola and cello
Based on the Grimm's tale, a variation on the Hansel and Gretel story.

Greetings from 1984 (1983) 16 min.
Violin and piano
Three scenes from George Orwell's novel are used to create a tour-de-force for the performers who also narrate and coordinate sound-effects.

Hyde and Jekyll: Chapter I (1983) 15 min.
Chapter II (1984) 14 min.
Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass and photographic slides
A musical narrative written in mock heroic manner, emulating the style of Gothic horror novels.

Iowa (1974) 10 min.
Flute, trombone, contrabass and percussion
A sound-effects scenario which uses the "sprechspiel" (speaking & playing) technique for the first time.

Lad, A Dog: A Trio (1991) 8 min.
Violin, clarinet and piano

Lad, a Dog: a Trio, Part II (1999) 10'
vln.; cl.; pno.

Lady Chatterly's Dream (1985) 14 min.
Violin, viola, cello, contrabass and piano

Quilting Frolic (1992) 5 min.
An arrangement of the 2nd movement of "The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow"
String Quintet: 2 violins, viola, cello and contrabass

Rapunzel (2000) 35'
narr.; ob.; vn., va., vc., pno.

Sinister Tremors (1977) 14 min.
Clarinet, percussion and prerecorded tape
Text from the journal found on a victim of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898

Vasilisa of a Young Girl Meets Baba-Yaga (1994) 15 min.
Flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and piano

The Wager at the Eldorado Saloon From "The Call of the Wild" (1993) 15 min.
Violin, contrabass and piano


The Fearsome Fate (1977; rev., 1980) 10 min.
Solo contrabass (with "sprechspiel"); 5 contrabasses and photographic slides

The Fearsome Fate (1977; rev., 1979) 10 min.
Solo contrabass (with "sprechspiel"); 2 violins, viola, cello and photographic slides

Lucy and the Count (Love Dreams from Transylvania) (1981) 17 min.
Solo contrabass; 2 violins, viola and cello
A three-movement work featuring the solo bassist in a dramatic, virtuoso role

The Ugly Duckling (Part II) (1981) 10 min.
Solo contrabass, soprano voice; 2 violins, viola and cello


Audition (1972) 5 min.
Solo contrabass (may be transcribed by performer for any other instrument)
For Sale (FE235)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1984) 23 min.
Contrabass/narrator (or violoncello/narrator)
Based on an adaptation, by Richard Nartshorne, of the original story by Arthur Conan Doyle.

B. B. Wolf (an Apologia) (1982) 8 min.
Contrabass/narrator (text by Richard Hartshorne)
For Sale B3397

A Flatlander in Colorado (1976) 13 min.
Solo contrabass (doubling on harmonica, melodica and foot percussion)

Moody Melody (1995) 5 min.
Solo contrabass; based on required solo piece for International Society of Bassists 1995 Competition

Readings from Steppenwolf or The Private Life of Harry Haller (1975; rev., 1982) 10 min.
Solo contrabass/narrator
A sound effects satire of the Herman Hesse novel, written in collaboration with Jim Burton

Sad Waltz from Street Music (1977) 10 min.
Solo contrabass doubling on harmonica and foot percussion

Surrealist Studies (1970) 6 min.
Solo contrabass, with optional photographic slides
Five short pieces on specific surrealist paintings.

The Ugly Duckling (Part I) (1980) 9 min.
Contrabass and soprano voice

The Wonderful World of Language (1980) 8 min.
Contrabass/narrator (or any other string instrument)


Metaphor (1980) 10 min.
Solo cello/narrator
Based on a passage from the novel "My Antonia" by Wila Cather.

Metaphor (1991) 10 min.
(transcribed and edited by the composer with Tina Pelikan)
Solo viola/narrator
Based on a passage from the novel "My Antonia" by Wila Cather.

Shiver Me Timbers! (1987) 10 min.
Solo piano/narrator
Based on a chapter of the novel "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Three Traveling Tunes (1975; rev., 1984) 7 ½ min.
Solo trumpet with tape (performer pre-records accompaniment tape; five live trumpets may replace tape)


Daphne Finds True Love (1981) 14 min.
Soprano solo; flute/tenor saxophone, trombone, percussion, violin, cello and contrabass

The Fearsome Fate (1977) 10 min.
(original version)
Soprano solo (with noisemakers); prerecorded tape, organ (or piano), piano, contrabass and photographic slides.

Sin City (1988) 9 min.
Soprano solo or mezzo-soprano or tenor) with piano accompaniment
A love story of a lounge lizard and a sex kitten.

True Intimate Confessions (1977) 15 min.
1. "When My Husband's Away, I Play with the Guy Next Door"
2. "Oh God, Please Take Back Our Little Girl"
3. "30 Days without Sex"
Voice and piano

The Ugly Duckling (Part I) (1980) 9 min.
Soprano solo and contrabass

The Ugly Duckling (Part II) (1981) 10 min.
Soprano solo, contrabass solo; 2 violins, viola and cello
The Andersen Fairy Tale, set lightly but sincerely, in a manner suitable for young people.

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