Guidelines for use of Carl Fischer copyrights:


Photocopying out-of-print music

Judges' Scores


Print Rights


Film, Video, and New Media Use

Performing Rights

licensing and copyright

Copyright is the right to copy. Federal law grants to the copyright owner the exclusive right to copy (copying being defined very broadly to include not just making copies but arranging, recording, performing, etc.) Those who wish to make such uses of copyrighted music must obtain permission from the copyright owner (publisher) or its representative.

This site provides information for some of the more common uses of copyrighted music, recording, photocopying of out-of-print publications, arranging, film or video soundtrack use and performing. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

For sync licenses, film, video, and new media use, arranging, small rights, or if you are a composer, please contact:

Jay Berger
Manager, Licensing & Copyright

For print or mechanical licenses, grand rights, out of print music, judges’ scores, rentals, recordings, or regarding a thesis, please contact:
Subin Lim
Senior Coordinator, Licensing & Copyrignt

If you need permission to copy music for Festivals or Competition, please click HERE.