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Works of: Harris, Roy

Cat. #
Date Composition Instrumentation Dur. in Min. Composer

0380 1949 Kentucky Spring "picc./2/2/ cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; t. sax., timp., perc., hp.; str." 10' Harris, Roy
study score available for sale: SC21
0379 1946 Celebration-Variations on a Theme by Howard Hanson picc. (2)/2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./ 3/cbn./t. sax.; 2/3/3/bar. hn/1; timp., perc., pno.; str. 11' Harris, Roy
0382 1946 Blow the Man Down Solo alto and baritone voice; SATB chorus; picc./1/1/eng. hn./2/b. cl./1/a. sax, t.sax, b. sax; 2/3/3/3/bar. hn./1; timp., pno., hp.; (str. ad lib.) 10' Harris, Roy
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: CM6269
0375   Theme and Variations for Solo Accordian and Orchestra Solo accordian; 1/1/3/1/t. sax; 1/1/2/1; timp., perc., hp; str. 18' Harris, Roy
0417 1946 Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra Solo piano (2); 3 (picc.)/3 (eng. hn.)/2/b. cl./2/cbn./t. sax/; 4/3/3/1; timp., pno., hp.; str. 25' Harris, Roy
0418 1949 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Solo violin; picc./2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; perc., hp.; str. 25' Harris, Roy
0949   Fruit of Gold, The fl. (5) (2 picc.), ob. (3), eng. hn., Eb cl., cl. (5), b. cl. (2), bn. (2), a. sax., t. sax (2), b. sax; hn. (4), cor. (3), trp. (3), trb. (3), bar. hn. (3), t. (2); cb., timp., perc.(3), pno. 12' Harris, Roy
0946 1948 Mass in C TTBB chorus; org. 30' Harris, Roy
0381 1945 Memories of a Child's Sunday "picc/2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc., pno., hp.; str." 11' Harris, Roy
1204 1945 Melody "2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc., pno., hp.; str." 10' Harris, Roy
1205 1946 Radio Piece 2/2/2/2; 1/1/1/0; timp., perc.; str. 8' Harris, Roy
1125 1947 "Quest, The A Concert March - Passacaglia" picc./2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn./t. sax; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc., hp.; str. 15' Harris, Roy
1737 1933 Symphony No. 1 picc./2/2/eng. hn./Eb cl./3/ b. cl./ 3/cbn.; 6/4/3/2; timp., perc.; str. 28' Harris, Roy
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