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Works of: Smit, Leo

Cat. #
Date Composition Instrumentation Dur. in Min. Composer
1177 1974 Three Christmas Tree Carols: After Franz Liszt SATB chorus; fl. (a. fl.), cl., bn.; hn., trp., trb.; vla., cb. 12' Smit, Leo
1170 1973 Copernicus: Narrative and Credo Narrator; SATB chorus; fl. (picc.), cl., bn. (cbn.); hn., trp., trb.; perc.; vla., cb. 25' Smit, Leo
"text: Fred Hoyle (pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O4984)"
1171 1958 Capriccio for String Orchestra String orchestra 15' Smit, Leo
1167 1959 Virginia Sampler (Ballet) 3 (picc.)/2/2/2; 2/2/3/1; perc., pno., hp.; str. 25' Smit, Leo
also two pno. Reduction
1163 1968 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Solo piano; 3 (picc.)/0/0/0; 4/2/2/0; timp.; str. 20' Smit, Leo
1160 1952 Caedmon Solo mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone voices; TTBB chorus; 3 (picc.)/2 (eng. hn.)/2/2; 4/3/3/1; timp., hpschd.; str.   Smit, Leo
text: Anthony Hecht
1161 1962 Academic Graffiti Solo male or female voice; cl. (in Bb and A); vlc.; perc., pno. 9' Smit, Leo
"text: W.H. Auden (pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O5134)"
1162 1955 Symphony No. 1 in E-flat for Orchestra 2/2/2/2; 4/2/2/0; timp., str. 22'30" Smit, Leo
1166 1967 Transient View, A SATB chorus, a capella   Smit, Leo
"text: Katie Loucheim (score available for sale: CM7969)"
1169 1972 Four Alchemy Marches 2 (picc.)/2/2/2; 2/2/2/1; timp.; str. 9' Smit, Leo
1172 1973 Three Choruses from Copernicus SATB chorus, a capella   Smit, Leo
2017 1981 Symphony of Dances And Songs (Symphony No. 3) 3 (picc.)/3 (eng. hn.)/3/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (4), pno., hp.; str. 32' Smit, Leo
1320   Round, from "A Choir Of Starlings" SATB chorus, a capella   Smit, Leo
1539 1975 Mountain Eulogy, A Narrator; 1 (picc.)/1/1/1 (cbn.); 2/2/2/1; timp., perc., hp.; str. 16' Smit, Leo
text: Henrik Ibsen from Peer Gynt
1606 1947 March for a Beloved General, from "Virginia Sampler" picc./1/2/2/2; 2/2/3/0; timp., perc.; str.   Smit, Leo
1724 1978 Magic Water Solo soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, bass-baritone, bass (2) voices; 1 (picc.)/1/1/1; 1/1/0/0; perc., str. 15' Smit, Leo
1730 1978 Girl-Widow's Song, The. From Magic Waters Solo soprano voice; pno.   Smit, Leo
1713 1978 In Woods ob.; hp., perc.   Smit, Leo
also available for sale: FE197
1808 1980 Four Alchemy Marches for Symphonic Band picc., fl. (2), ob. (2), eng. hn., cl. (3) (cl. 3 dbl. b. cl.), bn. (2), cbn.; hn. (4), trp. (3), trb. (3), t.; cb., timp., perc. (3) 9' Smit, Leo
1803 1980 Cock Robin Solo soprano voice; picc. (or fl.); perc. 14' Smit, Leo
1617 1976 At the Corner of the Sky TTBB chorus; boy's chorus (alt. women for boys choir); fl., ob.   Smit, Leo
"text: North American Indians, trans. by Jerome Rothenberg (pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O5086)"
1711 1970 Channel Firing Solo baritone voice; pno.   Smit, Leo
text: Thomas Hardy
1172   Copernicus. Excerpts SATB chorus, a capella 5' Smit, Leo
text: Fred Hoyle
FE207   Trumpeter Swan: Five Songs for a Little Girl Solo voice; pno.   Smit, Leo
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