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All Beginning String Orchestra
(Grade 1, Blue Cover)
  • For first-year string groups
  • Limited parts (often, second violin and viola are the same part,
    cello and bass are the same part)
  • Limited keys, rhythms (only simple eighth note patterns) and
    independence of parts
  • Playable after limited study time
  • First position and natural bowings
  • Piano for rehearsal and reinforcement

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Larry Clark
Aftershock Orchestras who had the great experience of playing Larry Clark’s popular Shockwave can now move on to part two: Aftershock. While a bit more difficult than its predecessor, it maintains the bold, exciting, and aggressive qualities that made Shockwave such a sparkler.
listen  bas52.mp3 score image  608KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS52 Set $40.00
Duration 2:43 BAS52F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS52P Parts $2.75 contact us
Angels on Parade
Traditional French Carol, arranged by Carl Strommen
Angels on Parade For beginning string students, Carl Strommen has created a new arrangement of the popular Christmas carol ”Angels We Have Heard on High” in a march style, as if the angels are marching down the street in a parade. Angels on Parade is easily played by young students, and they will sound full and strong with this expertly scored work. Take a serious look at this for your next holiday concert.
listen  BAS54.mp3 score image  683KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS54 Set $40.00
Duration 2:17 BAS54F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major BAS54P Parts $2.75 contact us
Larry Clark
Antagonist In every great story there is always an antagonist, the character of opposing force who is central to the success of the story. Larry Clark has applied this concept to music in a new string orchestra piece, fascinating in sound and an excellent cross-curricular tie with English classes, musically illustrating the structure of a good story. This piece is aggressive and, at times, purposely antagonizing. Designed with the youngest of players in mind, it works on simple repeated eighth note patterns as the foundation for the melodic material. As is typical in a Larry Clark piece, interesting parts are provided for all instruments, and everyone gets to play the melody.
listen  bas49.mp3 score image  580KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS49 Set $40.00
Duration 2:56 BAS49F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS49P Parts $2.75 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Antiquitas Antiquitas is sure to become a favorite with your students, taking your imagination back in time with its modal qualities and medieval, dance-like character. Making use of contrasting marcato and legato playing, your students will learn to incorporate these techniques to maximize musicality.
listen  bas50.mp3 score image  600KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS50 Set $40.00
Duration 1:48 BAS50F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS50P Parts $2.75 contact us
Aunt Rhodie's Appetite
Arranged by Joseph Compello
Aunt Rhodie's Appetite A delightful complete first concert for your first year string orchestra, built around the story of Aunt Rhodie and the Old Grey Goose. Includes narration for a group of actors that will complete the fun!
listen  bas38.mp3 score image  1.34MB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS38 Set $40.00
Duration 8:14 BAS38F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major / E minor / G Major / D Major BAS38P Parts $2.75 contact us
Aunt Rhodie's Diet
Joseph Compello
Aunt Rhodie's Diet Carl Fischer Music presents the sequel to the already popular Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite. Now Aunt Rhodie has eaten too many hot cross buns and needs to go on a diet! This is a great opportunity to showcase the youngest of string players in a fun-filled concert/music play.
listen  bas44.mp3 score image  1.74MB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS44 Set $40.00
Duration 12:27 BAS44F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major BAS44P Parts $2.75 contact us
Battle Quest
Mike Forbes
Battle Quest Battle Quest has a feeling of a video game or movie soundtrack, with dynamic, forceful themes. However, it is still very playable for beginning string groups. Mike Forbes has penned a piece that will make your groups sound much more musically mature than their experience.
listen  BAS59.mp3 score image  775KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS59 Set $40.00
Duration 1:49 BAS59F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS59P Parts $2.75 contact us
Carol of the Bells
Music by Mikola Leontovich, Words by Peter Wilhousky
Arranged by Larry Clark
Carol of the Bells As one of the easiest arrangements in existence, Larry Clark has taken this infectious holiday classic and scaled it down for the beginning string group, while keeping the integrity of the original composition intact. He also cleverly combines "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" with the carol for added interest.
listen  bas42.mp3 score image  743KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS42 Set $40.00
Duration 2:12 BAS42F Full Score $6.00
Key E Aeolian BAS42P Parts $2.75 contact us
William Billings, arranged by Bill Calhoun

The famous song by William Billings from the American Revolution has been the basis of many settings. In this new arrangement by Bill Calhoun the beginning students get to mix march-like rhythms with a lush and full chorale setting of the song. Perfect to showcase your beginners at any festival.
Level: Grade 1
Duration: 2:12
Key: G Major
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Complete Set
BAS61 - $40.00
Full Score
BAS61F - $6.00
Extra Parts
BAS61P - $2.75
Enchanted Village
Sean O'Loughlin
Enchanted Village Beginning slowly and mysteriously, this strong Sean O'Loughlin composition then turns bold and striking. It will make your beginning group a full sound, even with limited resources.
listen  bas41.mp3 score image  654KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS41 Set $40.00
Duration 2:29 BAS41F Full Score $6.00
Key A Aeolian BAS41P Parts $2.75 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Expressions Simple, effective, and beautiful are three words that perfectly describe this lovely new work for beginning string groups by Bill Calhoun. It’s a great vehicle for working on musicianship with your students. Expressions also teaches the concepts of tension and release in music with well-placed dissonance and resolution sprinkled throughout.
listen  BAS57.mp3 score image  765KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS57 Set $40.00
Duration 2:17 BAS57F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major BAS57P Parts $2.75 contact us
Fingerboard Frolic
Joseph Compello

Fingerboard Frolic
A nice showcase piece for your beginning string orchestra. There are lots of opportunities to get them frolicking around the fingerboard with many repeated eighth note patterns. The piece is tuneful and fun to play.
Level: Grade 1
Duration: 2:12
Key: D Major
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Complete Set
BAS60 - $40.00
Full Score
BAS60F - $6.00
Extra Parts
BAS60P - $2.75
The Lost Tomb
Sean O'Loughlin
The Lost Tomb The Lost Tomb has its origin in the pages of historically-based novels enjoyed by the composer. The music has both an intrigue and a heart-pounding pulse that keeps the player and the listener on the edge of their seat. This original composition also presents some outstanding teaching tools for the developing string student. It starts with a slow, ominous melody in the first violin that builds suspense. This melody is then developed with harmony underneath and varying rhythmic accompaniments. The celli and basses get their opportunity on the melody towards the end, and the opening melody returns to bring the piece full circle. A lovely, dramatic showcase for the young group.
listen  bas48.mp3 score image  573KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS48 Set $40.00
Duration 4:20 BAS48F Full Score $6.00
Key D minor BAS48P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

A beginning string orchestra piece of elephantine porportions! Sean O'Loughlin is able to deliver time and time again exciting music that students love to play. His pieces sound much more difficult and sophisticated than they are technically to play. Your orchestra will shine with the mammoth musical depiction.
Level: Grade 1
Duration: 2:20
Key: E minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
BAS62 - $40.00
Full Score
BAS62F - $6.00
Extra Parts
BAS62P - $2.75
Phantom Echo
Larry Clark
Phantom Echo Phantom Echo is a delightful piece that uses sempre pizzicato and several echo effects to highlight the beginning string group. There are plenty of opportunities for all sections of the ensemble to be featured in this refreshing piece from popular composer Larry Clark.
listen  bas45.mp3 score image  624KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS45 Set $40.00
Duration 2:15 BAS45F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS45P Parts $2.75 contact us
Pierrot's Bon Voyage
Joseph Compello
Pierrot's Bon Voyage Joseph Compello has created a musical journey for string orchestra, featuring Pierrot, the sad clown. This popular French folk song's simple theme and variations, along with narration, will engage even the youngest of players. The narration also allows a brief rest between movements for the orchestra. All instruments will perform the melody at some point in the composition. This piece will make that first concert for the beginners a surefire success.
listen  bas47.mp3 score image  1.42MB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS47 Set $40.00
Duration 7:22 BAS47F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major BAS47P Parts $2.75 contact us
Presenting the Strings
Joseph Compello
Presenting the Strings This unique waltz is a great way to introduce sections of the orchestra to the audience with a piece designed for beginning players. Optional narration text is included, intended to be spoken by a narrator, engaging the audience. What better way to raise arts awareness than by cleverly demonstrating the way an orchestra works?
listen  bas51.mp3 score image  593KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS51 Set $40.00
Duration 1:30 BAS51F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major BAS51P Parts $2.75 contact us
Mike Forbes

Using limited resources of only four notes, composer Mike Forbes has built an impressive composition for the beginning string orchestra. This is a perfect vehicle to showcase your groups at contests and festivals. There could be a cross-curricular tie-in to Science as well.

listen  bas39.mp3 score image  666KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS39 Set $40.00
Duration 2:11 BAS39F Full Score $6.00
Key D Dorian BAS39P Parts $2.75 contact us
Relics of the Past
Sean O'Loughlin
Relics of the Past From popular composer Sean O'Loughlin, Relics of the Past is a serious-sounding piece that hearkens back to the past with its mysterious minor mode. The maturity required to play this piece makes it perfect for contest and festival.
listen  bas53.mp3 score image  609KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS53 Set $40.00
Duration 2:20 BAS53F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS53P Parts $2.75 contact us
Keiko Yamada
Samurai This piece conjures up images of strong warriors readying for battle. Strong open intervals and aggressive pentatonic melodies with a variety of orchestral colors make this a piece worthy of contest/festival performance. Keiko Yamada’s powerful, energetic piece will be thrilling for young orchestra students.
listen  BAS58.mp3 score image  751KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS58 Set $40.00
Duration 2:23 BAS58F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS58P Parts $2.75 contact us
Santa's Noisy Workshop
Larry Clark

Imagine what it sounds like in Santa's workshop while the elves are building all of those toys: noisy! The technical demands of the arrangement are suitable for the beginning orchestra, but the cuteness factor is off-the-charts! The piece has simple optional percussion that can be played by members of the orchestra or brought in from the band.
Level: Grade 1
Duration: 3:07
Key: D Major
listenSee the score
Complete Set
BAS63 - $40.00
Full Score
BAS63F - $6.00
Extra Parts
BAS63P - $2.75
Larry Clark

Larry Clark delivers yet again with an energetic and aggressive piece that your students will want to play again and again. The sound is bold, brash and confident, and that is exactly how your groups will feel when they perform this piece.

listen  bas40.mp3 score image  705KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS40 Set $40.00
Duration 2:14 BAS40F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS40P Parts $2.75 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Soundscape Simple, effective, and elegant, Bill Calhoun’s Soundscape allows string players to work on tone and long bowings with this beautiful piece. Fresh harmonic movement, along with beautiful melodic lines, make this piece a perfect vehicle for teaching musical concepts to your beginning string group.
listen  BAS56.mp3 score image  673KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS56 Set $40.00
Duration 1:49 BAS56F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major BAS56P Parts $2.75 contact us
Storm Chaser
Kevin Mixon
Storm Chaser Off in the distance you hear the storm begin, the lightning strike, the thunder roar and then Storm Chaser takes off to dramatically depict a terrible storm! Educator and composer Kevin Mixon gives us a daring and aggressive new piece that includes the sounds of finger snapping as raindrops and thunder. The melody is angular and strong, which the students will love and play brilliantly in a contest or festival setting.
listen  BAS55.mp3 score image  829KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS55 Set $40.00
Duration 2:23 BAS55F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor BAS55P Parts $2.75 contact us
Keiko Yamada

“Tsumasaki” is the Japanese word for “tiptoe,” and you will hear a musical depiction of exactly that in this wonderful new work from Keiko Yamada. It has the sound of a Japanese folk song with a pentatonic base and we just know your students will have a blast while playing it. Another winner from Ms. Yamada!

listen  bas46.mp3 score image  621KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS46 Set $40.00
Duration 2:17 BAS46F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major BAS46P Parts $2.75 contact us
Zou-san (Little Elephant)
Japanese Folk Song, Arranged by Keiko Yamada

This is a delightful setting of a Japanese children's song by popular composer Keiko Yamada. Keiko does it again with flowing lines and atmospheric harmonies. This is a perfect piece with which to introduce a new culture to your ensemble.

listen  bas43.mp3 score image  777KB  

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS43 Set $40.00
Duration 3:17 BAS43F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major BAS43P Parts $2.75 contact us
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