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Young String Orchestra

(Grade 2 to 2.5 — Red Cover)
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  • Playable by second and third year ensembles
  • Occasionally extending to third position
  • Keys carefully considered for appropriate difficulty
  • Addition of separate second violin and viola parts
         (also a viola T.C. included)
  • An increase in independence of parts over beginning levels
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    Ancient Flower
    Yukiko Nishimura

    Ancient Flower
    While its melodies are distinctly Eastern, Ancient Flower’s harmonies are, for the most part, in a Western style. A long, sensitive, and mysterious melody line will take you to another world. Its inner melodies are fun to play, and you can hear them dance around the main melody as the piece develops.
    listen  YAS120.mp3 score image  816KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS120 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:40 YAS120F Full Score $6.50
    Key E Dorian YAS120P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Blue Skies and Bright Stars
    Matt Turner

    Blue Skies and Bright Stars
    Cast in a familiar pop ballad format, this feel-good piece will have your students and audiences wanting more. Matt Turner likes to emphasize popular style and improvisation in his pieces and his educational philosophy dictates that his pieces always give opportunities for improvisational solos. A charming piece for any concert setting as a break from classical music in the program.
    listen  YAS117.mp3 score image  839KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS117 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS117F Full Score $6.50
    Key C Major YAS117P Parts $3.00 contact us
    A Guide to the Collegiate Audition Process

    Compiled and Edited by Larry Clark and Daniel Schmidt

    This essential series provides high school students, with or without a private teacher, with a comprehensive collection of materials that will satisfy the needs of most college/university music auditions.

    Each book includes the most frequently requested audition requirements.

    Protocol will aid students by exposing them to the expectations of the audition process, assisting their preparation for this process, and creating a comfort level that allows students to present themselves in the best light possible. These books are indispensable guides for every student planning to audition for a collegiate music program.

    BF55 — $19.95
    BF56 — $19.95
    BF57— $19.95
    BF58 — $19.95
    Larry Clark

    A capriccio is a freely composed instrumental piece. It probably will remind you of the word capricious, which means “given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.” The piece is tuneful and light, but with a nice shift to the relative minor before returning to the light-hearted theme for a dramatic conclusion.
    listen  YAS118.mp3 score image  682KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS118 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:10 YAS118F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS118P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Celtic Carols
    Deborah Baker Monday

    Celtic Carols
    From the very first measure of this arrangement you will be hooked on the spirit of Celtic music. The term Celtic has come to refer to folk music handed down from Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Deborah Baker Monday’s unique setting contains several carols for the holiday season that will thrill your audiences. Includes the tunes “Springtime is Returning” and “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home.”
    listen  YAS121.mp3 score image  850KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS121 Set $50.00
    Duration 4:59 YAS121F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major, E minor YAS121P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Chicken Foot Transplant
    Matt Turner

    Chicken Foot Transplant
    Put on your dancing shoes! This high energy piece and its infectious groove made famous by Bo Diddley offers a smorgasbord of blues, country fiddling, and funk. A sample solo is provided to help teach string players some basic improvisation. Composer Matt Turner is committed to providing string groups with alternative style pieces that are both educational and a blast to play.
    listen  YAS116.mp3 score image  967KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS116 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:44 YAS116F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Dorian YAS116P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Comet Race
    Doris Gazda

    Comet Race
    Comet Race paints a sonic picture of a comet and its tail racing across the sky on a dark night. Master string educator and composer Doris Gazda’s Comet Race will challenge your young students and delight your audience. This piece is a real gem and a welcome addition to the repertoire.
    listen  YAS123.mp3 score image  782KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS123 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:49 YAS123F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS123P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Compatible Duets for Strings
    31 Duets That Can Be Played by Any Combination of String Instruments

    Composed or arranged by Larry Clark
    Transcribed and edited by Doris Gazda

    •  A great way to learn how to play in a chamber-music setting
    •  Nearly limitless possibilities for instrument combinations
    •  31 duets in a variety of styles
    •  Perfect for use in a school setting with students who are especially eager to play music with their friends
    •  Flexibility makes these duets a must-have for any string player.

    BF77 — $12.99
    BF78 — $12.99
    BF79 — $12.99
    BF80 — $12.99
    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
    Anthony J. Showalter, arranged by Carl Strommen

    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
    This hymn tune has been used in movies and television, most notably in the soundtrack of the film True Grit. Carl Strommen brings us a lush and reverent treatment of the Anthony Showalter hymn that will encourage the musical growth of your ensemble. Stunningly beautiful!
    listen  YAS124.mp3 score image  975KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS124 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS124F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS124P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Moonlight over Madrid
    Alan Lee Silva

    Moonlight over Madrid
    Written with a Spanish folk song flavor in ¾ time, Moonlight Over Madrid is a lush, romantic piece that is played in an expressive, legato style. This is a definite creative departure for composer Alan Silva, but what remains intact is his fresh, melodic and flowing writing style.
    listen  YAS122.mp3 score image  834KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS122 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:56 YAS122F Full Score $6.50
    Key D Major YAS122P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Mystic Fawn
    Keiko Yamada

    Mystic Fawn
    This piece’s title conjures up images of a beautiful young fawn, illuminated by early morning sunlight in a fog-filled meadow. Composer Keiko Yamada has a gift for writing heartfelt music with blossoming harmonic perspective. This piece is a different approach from her Japanese musical roots, but the piece still has all of the beauty that her pieces have become known for. A gorgeous addition to the repertoire and an excellent piece to teach musicality and phrasing.
    listen  YAS125.mp3 score image  801KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS125 Set $50.00
    Duration   YAS125F Full Score $6.50
    Key G Major YAS125P Parts $3.00 contact us
    The Red Gully
    George Sweet

    The Red Gully
    The Red Gully is inspired by a large gully in one of the many woodland areas of Blackstock, South Carolina. Composer George Sweet explores one of his favorite places in this lovely new piece, containing whimsical melodies and a fresh harmonic perspective.
    listen  YAS119.mp3 score image  855KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS119 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:37 YAS119F Full Score $6.50
    Key A Mixolydian YAS119P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Compatible Trios for Strings
    32 Trios That Can Be Played by Any Combination of String Instruments

    Arranged or composed by Larry Clark
    Transcribed and edited by Doris Gazda

    •  32 trios in a variety of styles from classical to folk music to original pieces
    •  Fun to play with any combination of three string instruments.
    •  Flexibility of these trios makes them a must-have for any string player.

    BF83 — $12.99
    BF84 — $12.99
    BF85 — $12.99
    BF86 — $12.99
    Sarabande with Variations
    George Frideric Handel, arranged by Bill Calhoun

    Sarabande with Variations
    Sarabande with Variations by George Frideric Handel is from his Keyboard Suite in D minor, HWV 437. Originally for harpsichord, this arrangement was transposed to the key of E minor and adapted for string orchestra. Arranger Bill Calhoun has beautifully realized this archetypal piece for young string groups. It will serve well to teach students about this important composer and style. Simply lovely!
    listen  YAS115.mp3 score image  754KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS115 Set $50.00
    Duration 3:41 YAS115F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS115P Parts $3.00 contact us
    Tango Mariana
    Joseph Compello

    Tango Mariana
    Tango Mariana is written in the standard tango style, the rhythmic essence of which is the accent on the upbeat of four. This work features bold melodies and soaring counterlines, as well as creative interplay between the different sections of the orchestra. It’s a perfect piece to change up the pace at any concert.
    listen  YAS114.mp3 score image  814KB where to buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS114 Set $50.00
    Duration 2:19 YAS114F Full Score $6.50
    Key E minor YAS114P Parts $3.00 contact us
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