Legato in Middle School?
ConnectionsOne of the biggest deficiencies in today’s middle level bands is the ability for students to produce a smooth legato with connections between notes. This series of books for all band instruments presents a logical sequence in a variety of keys to improve the students’ legato playing aspect of band performance. Written by two of the most popular composers of band music today!

• Daily warm-ups included to build strength and flexibility for the
     brass instruments, technical facility in the woodwinds,
     and rudiments in the percussion.
• Drills that emphasize key understanding and chord progression
     movement from whole notes to half notes to quarter notes
• Tone, balance, blend and intonation of the ensemble

JB54 Conductor’s Full Score See a page (JPG) $31.99
JB55 Flute See a page (JPG) $6.95
JB56 Oboe $5.95
JB57 Clarinet 1 in Bb $5.95
JB58 Clarinet 2 in Bb $6.95
JB59 Bass Clarinet in Bb $5.95
JB60 Alto Saxophone in Eb $5.95
JB61 Tenor Saxophone in Bb $5.95
JB62 Baritone Saxophone in Eb $5.95
JB63 Trumpet 1 in Bb $5.95
JB64 Trumpet 2 in Bb $6.95
JB65 Horn in F $6.99
JB66 Trombone $6.95
JB67 Baritone BC/Bassoon $5.95
JB68 Baritone TC in Bb $5.95
JB69 Tuba $5.95
JB70 Mallet Percussion $5.95
JB71 Timpani $5.95
JB72 Percussion $5.95
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