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Alleluia, Cantate Two-Part Ruth Elaine Schram BL695
Always Go With a Song SAB Gary E. Parks BL787
Amanti Costanti SATB Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart BL720
America Three-Part Mixed Thesaurus Musicus BL675
An American Medley TTB Arranged by Rae Moses BL710
Angels, Spread Your Loving Wings 3-Part Mixed Ruth Elaine Schram BL746
Antiphonal Kyrie Two-Part Susan Thrift BL654
Antiphonal Kyrie Three-Part Mixed Susan Thrift BL782
Are You With Me, Men? TB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL739
The Arrow and the Song Three-Part Mixed Lon Beery BL634
Arroz con leche Unison Lynn Shaw Bailey BL644
As Fair As Morn SSA John Wilbye BL597
Away in a Manger SSA Alexander Hume, arr. Ruth Elaine Schram BL736
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Banuwa, Sing Noel! Three-Part Mixed Liberian Folk Song BL718
Battle Above the Clouds TB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL574
The Battle of Kings Mountain T(T)B Vicki Tucker Courtney BL815
Be Joyful Two-Part Jean-Baptiste Lully BL614
Bel Festino Three-Part Mixed Adriano Banchieri BL577
Bella Musica Two-Part Sunny Link BL652
The Blue Bells of Scotland Three-Part Mixed Old Scottish Air BL636
Brand New Song Two-Part D. Farrell Smith BL593
Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella SSA Traditional French Carol,
     arranged by Dave & Jean Perry
The Bull Frog Two-Part American Folk Song BL599
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"C" is for Christmas Two-Part Darrell Parrish BL725
Calypso Gloria TB Donald Moore BL817
Cangoma 3-Part Mixed Lon Beery & Elisa Dekaney BL831
Cantate Domino SSA Vicki Tucker Courtney BL806
A Caribbean Gloria Three-Part Mixed Gary E. Parks BL681
Carol of the Bells Unison M. Leontovich,
     arranged by Steve Kupferschmid
Carol of the Russian Children Two-Part Russian Folk Song BL659
Carry Me Home SATB Glenda E. Franklin BL835
Celebrate Hanukkah Tonight! Two-part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL797
Celebrate Hanukkah Tonight! 3-Part Mixed Vicki Tucker Courtney BL828
Child of Tomorrow SATB Mark Patterson BL721
A Christmas Canon Two-part Donald Moore BL802
A Christmas Gift Three-Part Mixed Vicki Tucker Courtney BL717
Christmas Is Coming Three-Part Mixed Traditional English Carol BL680
Christmas Is Just Love SSA Ruth Elaine Schram BL772
Christmas Joys Two-part Dave & Jean Perry BL803
Cold December's Winds Three-Part Mixed Traditional Catalonian Carol BL679
Colors of Christmas Two-Part Earlene Rentz BL660
Come and Be With Me SSA Herb Frombach,
     arranged by Vicki Tucker Courtney
Come, Join the Holiday Season! SATB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL687
Corky the Porky Reindeer Two-Part Stephen L. Lawrence BL590
Courage Three-Part Mixed Sandra Howard BL716
Cranberry Creek 3-Part Mixed Ruth Elaine Schram & John Parker BL783
'Cross the Wide Missouri Two-Part Traditional Folk Songs BL613
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Da Pacem Domine TTB Melchior Franck, arranged by Lon Beery BL779
The Dawn's Awake! T(T)B Laura Farnell BL819
Deck the Hall, Fa-la-la-la 3-Part Mixed Becki Slagle Mayo and Lynn Shaw Bailey BL832
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel Two-part Glenda E. Franklin BL798
Ding Dong Merrily on High SATB Arranged by Mark Patterson BL791
Dona Nobis Pacem Unison Ludwig van Beethoven BL580
Doraji (Bellflowers) Two-part David Teas BL800
Down By the Riverside Three-Part Mixed Traditional Spiritual BL676
Down Home Gals TTB American Folk Songs &
     Jamaican Folk Song
Drum Rum Tum SATB David Eddleman BL753
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Early One Morning TB English Folk Song, arr. Glenda E. Franklin BL738
The Erie Canal Unison/Two-part Ruth Elaine Schram BL801
Exsultate SATB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL752
Exsultate SSA Vicki Tucker Courtney BL735
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Fais Do Do SSA Susan Brumfield BL814
Falling Snow Two-Part Janet Gardner BL698
Fanfare for Peace Two-Part Dave & Jean Perry BL609
Farewell, My Own True Love 3-Part Mixed Based on an American Folk Song,
     arranged by Tim Winebrenner
A Festive Gloria SSA Patti Drennan BL769
A Festive Welcome Unison Medieval Song BL601
The Fiddle Two-Part Lon Beery BL694
Fiddlers Three Two-Part Sunny Link BL592
Fire and Ice 3-Part Mixed David Lantz III BL825
Firefly Unison/Two-part Glenda E. Franklin BL793
Flight of the Grackles Two-Part Janet Gardner BL576
A Full Sheet and a Flowing Sea TTB Traditional BL674
Fum, Fum, Fum! SATB Traditional Catalonian Carol BL641
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The Gallant Knight TBB Mark Patterson BL776
Glasgow Hoot TB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL669
Gloria! SSA Rae Moses BL702
Gloria TB Mark Patterson BL707
Gloria! Two-Part D. Farrell Smith BL588
Gloria TTB Tim Winebrenner BL742
Gloria Patri 3-Part Mixed Vicki Tucker Courtney BL785
Glory, Glory, Halleluia! Two-Part Traditional Spiritual, arranged by Catherine DeLanoy BL731
Go Down Moses Two-part Traditional Spiritual,
     arranged by Vicki Tucker Courtney
Go Tell It On the Mountain SATB American Spiritual BL586
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen TBB Traditional English Carol,
     arranged by Vicki Tucker Courtney
Goin' Up SSA Glenda E. Franklin BL622
Good King Wenceslas TB Traditional BL672
The Gospel Train Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL615
Great Men of Long Ago Three-Part Mixed Spirituals BL639
The Greatest Time of the Year TB Tim Winebrenner BL818
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Hail, Judea, Happy Land Two-Part Georg Friedrich Handel BL566
Hallelujah, Amen SATB George F. Handel BL722
The Hanukkah Jewel Two-Part David Eddleman BL648
Hava Halelujah Three-Part Mixed Israeli Folksong BL578
The Heart of Christmas Two-Part Sonja & Berta Poorman BL582
He's Gone Away Unison American Folk Song BL585
Here We Come A-Caroling SSA Becki Slagle Mayo BL807
Hey, Ho Fiddle-Eye O SSA American Folk Song BL666
Hey! Ho! Nobody Home! SAB Russell Robinson BL830
Histíry! Two-Part Carl J. Nygard BL611
Hi-up for Barbary TB Dave & Jean Perry BL627
Hold On! Three-Part Mixed African-American Spiritual BL713
The Holiday Wreath Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL573
The Holly and the Ivy Unison Traditional BL661
Home to Oyster Bay Unison Thomas Elias Sugar BL602
Hope Sings On SSA Mark Patterson BL811
How Can I Keep From Singing Unison Larua Farnell BL650
How Can I Keep from Singing? Two-part Greg Gilpin BL765
How Can I Keep From Singing SSA Greg Gilpin BL704
How Can I Keep from Singing? SATB Greg Gilpin BL789
How I Love the Holidays Two-part Ruth Elaine Schram & John Parker BL762
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I Believe Two-Part Glenda E. Franklin BL732
I Know an Old Woman SSA Alan Mills, arranged by Debra Morton BL768
I Know Where I'm Going SSA Scottish Folk Song BL569
I Want To Be Ready SAB Traditional African-American Spiritual,
     arranged by Glenda Franklin
I Want Two Wings SSA African-American Spiritual BL583
I Want Two Wings Three-Part Mixed African-American Spiritual BL584
I Will Sing SSA Glenda E. Franklin BL664
I'd Like to Be a Lighthouse TB Glenda E. Franklin BL670
I'm Gonna Pick My Banjo TTB American Folksong, arr. Lon Beery BL561
I'm Happy That Christmas Is Here Unison Darrell Parrish BL759
If I Had Three Wishes Unison Thomas Elias Sugar BL646
In Stiller Nacht (In Silent Night) SSA Johannes Brahms BL668
In Stiller Nacht (In Silent Night) Three-Part Mixed Johannes Brahms BL572
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Jazz Talkin' SAB Russell Robinson BL749
Jazz Warm-ups! SAB Russell Robinson BL748
Joshua's Battle TTB Traditional Spiritual,
   arranged by Greg Gilpin
The Journey Three-Part Mixed Carl Strommen BL715
Jubilate Deo Two-Part D. Farrell Smith BL657
Jubilate Deo Three-Part Mixed Dave & Jean Perry BL632
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Keep Your Lamps
     Trimmed and Burning
Two-Part African-American Spiritual,
     arr. Glenda E. Franklin
Kings' Processional TTB Debra Morton BL820
Kyrie Eleison Two-Part Sunny Link BL656
Kyrie Eleison Three-Part Mixed Sonja Poorman BL714
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The Lad from Aberdeen Two-Part Lynn Shaw Bailey BL610
The Lamb and the Tiger Two-part Cynthia Gray BL764
Lascia, ch'io pianga Two-Part Georg Friedrich Handel BL568
The Last Voyage Unison Glenda E. Franklin BL605
Let Beauty Awake! SSA Laura Farnell BL595
Let Everyone Shout and Sing Two-Part Sonja & Berta Poorman BL612
Let There Be Song Three-Part Mixed Dave & Jean Perry BL587
Letís Get Ready for Christmas Two-Part Earlene Rentz BL618
Life Has Loveliness Unison Mark Patterson BL571
Lift the Sails in the Morning TB Traditional Sea Shanty BL706
Like a Bird on the Wing SATB Steve Kupferschmid BL790
Lil' Liza Jane TB Jimmy Baas & Randy James BL816
Little Bird Two-part Traditional American Folk Song,
     arranged by Vicki Tucker Courtney
Loch Lomond TB Russell Robinson BL822
The Lonely Sea Three-Part Mixed Vicki Tucker Courtney BL743
Long May She Reign Three-Part Mixed Henry Purcell BL678
A Long Way from Home Three-Part Mixed BL638
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Marchin' With the Saints Two-Part Greg Gilpin BL647
Mary Had a Baby, Go Tell It! SSA Traditional Spiritual BL667
May Our Music Never Die Two-Part Laura Farnell BL730
The Mermaid Three-Part Mixed Giovanni Gastoldi BL712
Morning Glory Unison Sandra Howard BL575
Music, Like a Radiant Light Unison/Two-Part Mark Patterson BL692
Music We Bring
     (from Pastorale Comique)
3-Part Mixed Jean-Baptiste Lully,
     ed. and arr. Patrick M. Liebergen
Music We Bring
     (from Pastorale Comique)
SSA Jean-Baptiste Lully,
     ed. and arr. Patrick M. Liebergen
My Bonnie Anne Marie T(T)B Vicki Tucker Courtney BL630
My Land TTB American Folk Song BL600
My Love Has Gone Away TB Vicki Tucker Courtney BL708
My Singing Bird Two-part Sheila Donahue BL795
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Never Far from Home Unison Mark Patterson BL645
A New Irish Blessing SATB Sonja & Berta Poorman BL643
Night Winds Two-Part Laura Farnell BL658
Now My Heart SSA Jaques Arcadelt, edited & arranged
     by Patrick M. Liebergen
Now Ready the Hall Three-Part Mixed Vicki Tucker Courtney BL567
Now We Are Met SATB Based on a Catch by Samuel Webbe,
     arranged by Catherine Delanoy
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O Bella Fusa SSA Orlando Di Lasso BL623
O Captain TB Mark Patterson BL629
O Rushing Wind Unison Mark Patterson BL758
O Sing, We Joyfully Sing! Three-Part Mixed Christoph Willibald von Gluck BL570
O Vos Omnes 3-Part Mixed Tomas Luis de Victoria,
     arr. Russell Robinson
O Vos Omnes SSA Tomas Luis de Victoria,
     arr. Russell Robinson
Old Paint TB Cowboy Songs BL671
On Wings of Make Believe Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL693
Oseh Shalom 3-Part Mixed Traditional Hebrew Song,
     arranged by Russell Robinson
Our Song of Peace SSA Laura Farnell BL621
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Passing By TTB Lon Beery BL741
Peace Be With You Unison Steve Kupferschmid BL724
Peace Celebration from Alceste Three-Part Mixed Christoph Willibald von Gluck BL637
Petit Enfant (Tiny Babe) Two-part Mixed Ruth Elaine Schram BL823
Polly Wolly Doodle TB Russell Robinson BL775
Polly Wolly Doodle Two-part Russell Robinson BL796
A Psalm of Life Unison Lynn Shaw Bailey BL606
A Psalm of Life SATB Lynn Shaw Bailey BL685
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Ride the Gospel Train SATB Glenda E. Franklin BL591
The Rio Grande TB Gary E. Parks BL625
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow 3-Part Mixed Steve Kupferschmid BL827
Rock Island Line TB Traditional BL626
Rock-a My Soul Three-Part Mixed Traditional Spiritual BL579
Rockwood River 3-Part Mixed Mark Cabaniss, arr. Ruth Elaine Schram BL745
Rockwood River Unison/Two-Part Mark Cabaniss, arr. Ruth Elaine Schram BL754
Rondelay-Oh SSA Jeremiah Savile BL663
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Sanctus Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL697
Sanctus Three-Part Mixed Sandra Howard BL677
Scandinavian Yuletide Two-Part Swedish & Danish Carols BL617
A Seafarer's Life T(T)B Sea Shanty, arr. Gary E. Parks BL756
Season of Wonder, Season of Light Unison David Neches BL649
She Is Evening T(T)B Vicki Tucker Courtney BL777
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain Two-Part American Folk Song BL691
Shepherds! Sing Noel! TB Traditional French Carols BL711
Shine On SSA Lynn Shaw Bailey BL619
Shine Your Light Two-part Janet Gardner BL792
The Silence and the Song SSA Mark Patterson BL770
The Silence and the Song SATB Mark Patterson BL581
Sing, For the World Needs a Song Two-Part Darrell Parrish BL690
Sing Joy to the World SSA Arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram BL705
Sing Noel! Two-Part Sonja & Berta Poorman BL616
Sing Praise to God! Two-Part Susan Thrift BL608
Sing We Holiday Joy! SATB Patrick M. Liebergen BL683
Sing We Now That He Is Born SATB Traditional French Carols BL723
Sisi Ni Afrika (We Are Africa) SATB hristian "Ceej Oliver BL834
Skye Boat Song SATB Traditional Scottish Song BL642
The Snow Lay on the Ground SATB Greg Gilpin BL833
Snowflake Carol Unison Traditional Songs BL604
     (Hey There, Mister Snowman)
Two-part Lynn Shaw Bailey and Becki Slagle Mayo BL805
Soldier, Maiden, and a Flower Unison/Two-part Tim Winebrenner BL804
Somebody Got Lost T(T)B African-American Spiritual BL628
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Unison/Two-Part Traditional Spiritual BL689
The Song I Keep in My Heart Unison Sandra Howard BL603
Song of the Dove SSA Steve Kupferschmid BL809
Song of the River SATB Mark Patterson BL750
Song of the Sparrow Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL655
The Song That Nature Sings SSA Ruth Elaine Schram BL700
Songs by the River Two-part Mixed Gary E. Parks BL824
Speak Gently Two-Part Janet Gardner BL727
Spring Song SSA Janet Gardner BL771
Stars and Moonbeams Two-part Denice Rippentrop BL767
Strike It Up, Neighbor Three-Part Mixed Thomas Weelkes BL589
Swallows Travel To and Fro Two-Part Janet Gardner BL651
Swing Down the Chariot SATB Glenda E. Franklin BL719
The Symphony of Night Unison/Two-part Mark Patterson BL799
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Tarantella Unison Sandra Howard BL688
There Is Sweet Music Here SATB Greg Gilpin BL684
There Is Sweet Music Here SSA Greg GIlpin BL810
Things That Never Die SSA Mark Patterson BL665
Three A Cappella Carols for Treble Voices SSA Neena Taylor BL808
Three A Cappella Folk Songs
   from Around the World
SSA Puerto Rican, German & French Folk Songs, arranged by Tim Winebrenner BL774
Three Latin Songs T(T)B Laura Farnell BL740
Triumphant Amore SATB Christoph Willibald Gluck,
     arr. Patrick M. Liebergen
Two German Carols SAB Tim Winebrenner BL829
Two German Carols Two-Part Tim Winebrenner BL733
Two Latin Settings SSA Mark Patterson BL620
Two Nativity Carols S(S)A Gary E. Parks BL737
Two Spanish Folksongs Unison Latin American Folk Songs BL607
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Ubi Caritas SSA Greg Gilpin BL703
Ubi Caritas Three-Part Mixed Greg Gilpin BL631
Ubi Caritas Two-part Greg GIlpin BL794
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The Vagabond TTB Mark Patterson BL821
Vaya De Fiestas
   from Le Bourgeois gentilhomme
Three-Part Mixed Jean-Baptiste Lully BL635
Veni Jesu Three-Part Mixed Luigi Cherubini BL633
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Wade in the Water SATB Traditional BL682
We Still Sing About Love Two-part Glenn Calcote BL760
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 3-Part Mixed 16th-Century English Carol,
     arr. Catherine DeLanoy
We Wish You a Merry Christmas SSA 16th Century English Carol BL701
The West-Country Lover TTB Laura Farnell BL709
What Child Is This? TB Laura Farnell BL594
What Child is This? SAT(B) Traditional BL686
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby? Two-Part Traditional Spiritual BL696
When I Was One-and-Twenty TB Glenda E. Franklin BL598
When Peace Fills the Earth SATB Russell Robinson BL640
When the Chariot Takes Me Home Two-Part Glenda E. Franklin BL653
Whup! Jamboree TB Sea Shanty, arr. Gary E. Parks BL596
Will You Teach Me? Two-Part Phil Raddin BL729
The Wind Unison Glenda Franklin BL757
Wind Through the Olive Trees
   with "The First Noel"
Two-Part Traditional English Carol BL662
A Winter Walk SSA Vicki Tucker Courtney BL624
The World is Waiting Unison/Two-Part Vicki Tucker Courtney BL726
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Yuletide Memories Two-Part Traditional BL699
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