A Year In The Catskills

For Woodwind Quintet

Item Number: 164-00279M
Duration: 0:21:30


Quick Overview

When given the opportunity to commission a new work, the members of the Blair Woodwind Quintet chose Schickele, because of his multi-faceted catalog of works and especially his previous writing for wind instruments. Interestingly, Schickele felt somewhat challenged in composing for winds, more so than in previous ensemble works, such as for strings. In A Year in the Catskills, he set about exploring the blending of these five very different sounds, scoring almost-solo passages for each, while tapping into the joy of the ensemble.

A Year In The Catskills

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned for the Blair Woodwind Quintet, Vanderbilt University


I. Spring: FantasyV. FinaleIV. Winter: LamentIII. Fall: VariationsII. Summer: Imitations