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  • Dear Choral Directors,

    We are pleased to present the 2014 Carl Fischer Choral Catalog featuring some of the best known names in choral literature such as Ramsey, Tucker Courtney, Meader, Trotta, Juneau, Eddleman, and Robinson. This year Carl Fischer Choral is pleased to welcome Z. Randall Stroope, Philip Silvey, Rick Bjella, Victor Johnson, and Drew Collins to its catalog. Each piece has FREE Part-by-Part resources that provide part-dominant recordings of each voice, accompaniment and performance MP3 recordings, and PDF scores. The perfect resource for choosing and learning repertoire.
    —Denise Eaton

  • FREE Part-by-Part Resources


    • • full-length performance MP3 tracks
    • • accompaniment MP3 tracks
    • • voice part-dominant practice MP3 tracks
    • • on-screen PDFs of sample pages





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What others are saying about our Part-by-Part resources

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Part-by-Part section of your site. It is such a help to have part recordings, demo recordings and accompaniments available for my middle school choirs … I wish other publishers had this kind of foresight and willingness to help out music educators with this kind of service. From the bottom of my heart, thank you again!
— Jody Pendleton, Lubbock-Cooper Middle School Lubbock, TX


Now choir members can practice on their own and come to rehearsal already knowing their parts! Especially for choirs with limited rehearsal time, this is an awesome learning tool!
— Steve Kupferschmid, School Choral Editor for J.W. Pepper


Gee, I wish I’d known you offered free mp3’s, I’d have chosen all my school choir repertoire from your catalog. With your vocal track, part 1, part 2, and accompaniment track I saved 6+ hours of my time (and voice), plus the average $30 going price that other publishers charge for their ‘sound trax.’
— Linda Chambers, Eisenhower Elementary, Boulder, CO



Download the complete 2014 Choral Catalog (PDF - 8.6MB)



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    Part-by-Part FAQ:

    Q: Are these actual voices or just MIDI files?
    A: These are professional voice recordings. You get the benefit of not only pitches and rhythms, but text, line, dynamics, and more. These are great for ensembles of any level.

    Q: How can I use these?
    A: Download them and post on your own website, burn your own rehearsal CD, link your students to the site and let them download the files to their iPods, MP3 players, phones, laptops, etc.

    The use of these resources on websites is limited to non-commercial businesses/organizations. If you wish to use them beyond this description, please contact our Licensing and Copyright department.

    Q: Really, how much is it? Is there a subscription fee? Do I have to pay per song?
    A: All Part-by-Part MP3s are free.

    Q: How do I know if Part-by-Part files exist for the piece we are working on?
    A: Just look for the Part-by-Part LOGO on the front of the octavo. Every work published this year is covered!

    Q: Will you be creating Part-by-Part files for some of your older works?
    A: We hope so! For now, all chorals published from 2008 and onward have the Part-by-Part resource available to you.