Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

Elie Siegmeister

Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
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The Flute concerto came into being in a curious way. Over the years, I have written many works on commission from various groups and artists, but this time it was different. Early in 1959, a classmate of my daughter's the young flutist Neil Zaslav, who lived near us, came to the house and played for me. I was so taken with his virtuosity and so unrestrained in my enthusiasm that he said, "Mr. Siegmeister, would it be too bold to ask you to write something for me?" It was a charming request; I was busy with other compositions, however, and put it out of my mind. But some time later, the thought of the young musician came back, and with it, a long lyrical melody that could be scored only for the flute. The music began to spin out and before I could pause to ask myself why I was writing this piece, I was halfway through the first movement. Then came an interruption from Hollywood, where he went to score They Caine to Cordura. After which:...I returned home to continue to work on my Concerto (I've always relished the rapid switch from something theatrical, "out there," to the highly personal, inner music of an instrumental piece). The three movements unrolled in due course and the orchestration was finished on February 7, 1960. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented the young musician from performing the work. Nothing, however, prevented Julius Baker (to whom the work is dedicated) from presenting the world premiere concert performance at Town Hall, N.Y. on February 12, 1965 with the New York Chamber Orchestra.

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Additional Information

Composition Date 1960
Duration 00:21:00
Orchestration Solo flute; 0 1 2 1 - 2 1 1 0; Timp. Perc. Str.
Premiere February 12, 1965. Town Hall, N.Y. Julius Baker, Flute, New York Chamber Orchestra