Love in Two Countries

Two one-act comic operas to be performed together as "Love in Two Countries" or separately ("That Pig of a Molette" and "A Question of Faith").

Thomas Z. Shepard

Text: Libretto by Sheldon Harnick.
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Quick Overview

Poor Molette: successful businessman and good husband, he is at the ?dangerous age,? unaware that he desperately craves romantic adventure. That is why he clumsily attempts to kiss the beautiful young Henriette, whose cordiality he mistakes for an invitation to romance. Poor Molette: forever branded ?that pig of a Molette,? he faces ruin, scandal, prison and his wife?s fury. To the rescue comes his suave cousin Rivet, who persuades Henriette to drop the charges ? and brazenly seduces her in the process. Now it is years later: Henriette, more desirable than ever, gives Rivet his comeuppance in a surprise ending which is pure de Maupassant, and very, very French!

Mr. and Mrs. Leskov implore the saintly miracle worker (and madman) Ivan Koreisha to bless their eldest daughter?s union with a child: it seems that her inability to bear children has discouraged suitors from courting her two younger sisters. Alas, the addled holy man gets things twisted and it is not the married Kapitolina who finds herself pregnant but her unmarried sister, Katerina. Mr. Leskov is ready to kill Koreisha but his levelheaded son-in-law, Larion, senses that Katerina?s pregnancy is the result of human nature, not divine intervention. He soon learns that his assistant, Boris, is the father, whereupon Mr. Leskov goes after Boris! Shouts, threats, tears and imprecations precede the happy ending in which Boris wins his adored Katerina and Kapitolina learns that she, too, is with child ? all tumultuously emotional and all very, very Russian.

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Duration Full evening when performed together