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Narong Prangcharoen

Performing Ensemble: Orchestra
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Quick Overview

The Thai word ?Tri-Sattawat? can be translated as ?three century?. It was commissioned by Annapolis Symphony to celebrate City of Annapolis on its three centuries. The main material of this piece derived from Sathukarn music. Sathukarn is the group of three works, Sathukarn, Tra Yapakkok, and Tra Jomsri, which are in the Na Phat category of Thai traditional music. The Na Phat repertoire is considered to be the highest musical and spiritual value in all of Thai traditional music. There is a believe that Sathukarn is a song given to the mankind by Iswara, the Hindu name for the supreme personal God, which has the function of inviting various angels and gods to come down from heaven and give the mankind a blessing. Tri-Sattawat used the idea of the Sathukarn to invite the angels and gods to give a blessing in the celebration ceremony of City of Annapolis as well as protecting the city from bad spirit.

The piece starts with a Bassoon solo and then duet to portray the manner of Thai traditional music which usually begins with Pi-Nai, Thai traditional double-reed instrument. The piece starts with the slow music and moves forward to the fast music as in the structure of Thai traditional music. Although there is not a direct quotation from the traditional music in this piece, it still attempts to imitate the essence and the spirit of the traditional music. The piece also contains some reference to the war of independence with the theme from brass section as well as the fanfare like in the high note on the trumpets. Both musical references are blending to create the main core of the piece. On this auspicious celebration of the City of Annapolis 300 years, Tri-Sattawat was presented as a gift from Thailand to the City of Annapolis. The piece represents the companionship of the two countries and the truly sincere friendship of people of Thailand.

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Tri-Sattawat - Full Score - Study
Tri-Sattawat - Full Score - Large

Additional Information

Commission Commissioned by Annapolis Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the City of Annapolis' Tricentennial
Composition Date 2007
Duration 00:07:00
Orchestration 2(2nd dbl. Picc.) 2 2 2 - 4 2 2 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.

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