Double-Bass Notebook

Ideas, Tips and Pointers for the Complete Professional

Orin O'Brien (composer), Orin O'Brien (author)


  • Double Bass


Highly-esteemed pedagogue and virtuoso Orin O'Brien offers a lifetime of insight in her acclaimed Double-Bass Notebook: Ideas, Tips and Pointers for the Complete Professional. This volume draws together musical examples and intuitive texts which O'Brien has integrated as an essential part of her teaching studio. Works spanning from Zimmermann and Simandl, to articles from contemporary colleagues, form a strong and definitive compendium. Practical and professional advice is given on topics such as practicing, auditioning, and repertoire.
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Foreword by Donald Palma
About Orin O’Brien
1. Introduction and Acknowledgements
2. ARF: Automatic Response File
3. Before You Play
4. Daily Practice Schedule Recommended
5. Four-Year Plan (For Conservatory and Private Study)
6. Recommended Study Material for Reading and Listening
7. Daily Warm-Up Finger Exercises (L.H.)
8. Frederick Zimmermann’s A Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for the Double Bass Explained
9. Shifting Practice
10. Scale and Arpeggio Suggestions
11. Frederick Zimmermann’s “Editor’s Note”
12. Intonation Etude in D Major by T.A. Findeisen
13. Explanation of Hooked Bowings
14. Re-taking of Bow (Bow Retrieval) Etude by T.A. Findeisen
15. F. Simandl: Etude No. 13 from Gradus ad Parnassum
16. Articulation Terms
17. Rotation System of Practice (For Learning Difficult Passages)
18. Professional Behavior and Auditions
19. Basic Principles of Orchestral Playing
20. Repertoire Most Often Requested at Double Bass Auditions
21. Comparison Chart of Three Basic Styles of Music (Baroque, Classical and Romantic)
22. Becoming a Team Player by Jeanne Baxtresser
23. Audition Form Used at Professional Auditions
24. Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, Op. 125: Movement 4: Recitative (Score Articulations and Bowings)
25. Ginastera’s Variaciones concertantes: Double Bass Solo by Orin O’Brien
26. Analytical Practicing by Barry Green
27. The Prague School (Courtesy of the Bass Club of Chicago)
28. Chamber Music for the Double Bass (Essential Repertoire)
29. Photos of Correct Left-Hand Position and Correct German and French Bow Grip
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