My First Schroeder

An Introduction to Carl and Alwin Schroeder's Etudes

Hugo Schlemueller (composer), William Squire (composer), Amy Rosen (arranger), Amy Rosen (editor)


  • Cello
Methods and Studies
An introduction to the essential elements of the famous Schroeder studies and etudes presented in a logical manner and in a format for developing students to use. This book will improve the technical facility and musicianship of the younger cellist the way the Schroeder studies and etudes have for over a century. My First Schroeder for the Developing Cello Student is designed to work both in an individual and group setting and is an invaluable tool to take the young cellist to the next level of playing.
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Cello Fingering Chart
The Rudiments of Music, Necessary for Learning the Violincello
Values of the Notes and Rests
Key of D Major
Key of G Major
Key of C Major
Key of F Major
Key of Bb Major
Key of Eb Major
Key of A Major
Key of D Major
A Song
Russian Song
At Twilight
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