David Maslanka: Top 10 Most Performed Works (2017-2018)

In August of 2017, the music world lost one of its most cherished American composers: David Maslanka. The 73-year-old maverick (choosing to make a home for his family in the mountains of Montana) was well known for his works for band, but also garnered high esteem in many chamber music circles. The quantity and diversity of Maslanka’s portfolio, which includes over 150 works, is representative of a man that tenaciously pursued his art.
Since Maslanka’s passing, musicians around the world have paid tribute to the life and work of the composer by programming many of his pieces. In the last year there have been over 200 performances of more than 25 different works in 11 countries. This wave of performances has been a humbling reminder to us at Carl Fischer Music of just how much Maslanka meant to the music commuinty.
Here is a list of the top 10 most performed works from the last year, alongside the names of the ensembles that performed them.

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Martin Bresnick: Handwork for Two Pianos

Bresnick’s expanded modalities canvassed a 12-tone language that was never austere, never arrogant. Artful use of sostenuto pedal (III) created watercolours of layered overtones, ringing out into the silences like white space in a painting. Reminiscent of Messiaen’s organ music, Bresnick’s work evoked spaces of churches – sotto voce utterances surfaced and disappeared again, like conversations heard from the back of pews.

–Judith Crispin, CityNews (May 23, 2018)