Songs of Youth

An Exploration of Modes for Young Singers

David Montoya (composer), Andlund (lyricist), McGinley (lyricist), Miller (lyricist), et al.


  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Piano
Songs of Youth 2. When All the World is Full of Snow
Songs of Youth 1. Lady Bug
Songs of Youth 3. The Major
Songs of Youth 4. I Heard a Bird Sing
Songs of Youth 6. The Universe
Songs of Youth 5. Daylight Savings Time


These short choral gems are a fantastic way to introduce and teach the church modes to choirs of all skill levels. From Ladybug to The Universe, Montoya's clever accompaniment clearly accentuates the mood of each unique movement. Directors need not feel compelled to perform all 6 in one concert, as they can be grouped to suit the needs of the choir. Have fun!
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Ensemble: Unison and Two-Part Chorus
Duration: 7:00
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Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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1. Lady Bug (Mixolydian)
2. When All the World Is Full of Snow (Dorian)
3. The Major (Ionian/ Major)
4. I Heard a Bird Sing (Phrygian)
5. Daylight Saving Time (Lydian)
6. The Universe (Aeolian/Minor)
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