Fadhilli William Mdawida (composer), Russell Robinson (arranger)


  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Bass
  • Percussion
Studio Recording
Malaika is a popular Kenyan love song by Fadhilli William Mdawida about a husband-to-be wanting to marry Angel (Malaika), but afraid to ask because he has no money. Having traveled to East Africa four times and heard wonderful authentic music when there, Russell Robinson first heard Malaika performed by the University of Florida “Africa Choir,” founded in 2009 by Kenyan director and doctoral student Dr. Duncan Miano Wambugu. After receiving permission from Faraji Mdawida, the son of the original composer, Fadhilli William Mdawida, Robinson has arranged this true-to-style arrangement for SATB choirs and percussion. When performing this delightful work, make sure your choir sings with joy (Furuha) on their faces!
SKU: CM9650
Ensemble: Mixed Chorus
Duration: 3:04
Key: G major, A major
Tempo: With Kenyan Furuha (Happiness)! (q = 110)
Language: Swahili, Swahili
Text Source: Kenyan/Swahili Folk Song
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
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Accompanied: A cappella
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