From Concepts To Concerts

Building Competence In The Choral Classroom

Earlene Rentz (composer)
Methods and Studies
Carl Fischer Music is thrilled to announce From Concepts to Concerts from Dr. Earlene Rentz, a supplementary text for the choral rehearsal which provides exercises that teach fundamental concepts to choral singers. Dr. Rentz has drawn from her years of experience as a choral director and clinician to create these exercises, which are arranged progressively in difficulty, allowing all grade levels to benefit from the collection. Choral teachers can identify musical problems within their groups and fix them before learning new repertoire, allowing for more efficient rehearsals. Plus, each exercise covers concepts within the context of an actual octavo. Some basic concepts covered include: rhythm, pitch, tempo, phrasing, diction, style, and meter. Carl Fischer has also helpfully provided classroom reproduction permission for ALL exercises. Choral directors will be grateful for this indispensable teaching tool! For all levels.
Ensemble: Mixed Chorus
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Foreword by Andre J. Thomas
About Earlene Rentz
Section I. Pitches and Intervals
Half Steps
Whole Steps
Half Steps and Whole Steps
Interval: Minor Second (m2)
Interval: Major Second (M2)
Interval: Minor Third (m3)
Interval: Major Third (M3)
Interval: Perfect Fourth (P4)
Interval: Perfect Fifth (P5)
Interval: Minor Sixth (m6)
Interval: Major Sixth (M6)
Interval: Minor Seventh (m7)
Interval: Major Seventh (M7) and Perfect Octave (8va)
Intervals in Repertoire No. 1
Intervals in Repertoire No. 2
Finding Pitches No. 1
Finding Pitches No. 2
Finding Pitches No. 3
Finding Pitches No. 4
Finding Pitches No. 5
Section II. Tempo and Meter
Tempo in Repertoire
Tempo Change No. 1
Tempo Change No. 2
2/4 Meter No. 1
2/4 Meter No. 2
Singning in 2/4
3/4 Meter No. 1
3/4 Meter No. 2
Singing in 3/4
4/4 Meter No. 1
4/4 Meter No. 2
Singing in 4/4
6/8 Meter
Singing in 6/8
2/2 Meter
Singing in 2/2
Syncopation No. 1
Syncopation No. 2
Mixed Meter
Section III. Symbols and Structure
Dynamics No. 1
Dynamics No. 2
Symbols and Styles No. 1
Symbols and Styles No. 2
Road Maps No. 1
Road Maps No. 2
Stem Directions No. 1
Stem Directions No. 2
Stem Directions No. 3
Section IV. Text and Phrasin
Vowel Unity No. 1
Vowel Unity No. 2
Vowel Unity No. 3
Diphthongs in Repertoire
Final Consonants No. 1
Final Consonants No. 2
Middle Consonants No. 1
Middle Consonants No. 2
Consonants GALORE!
The Consonant "S"
Singing Consonants in Repertoire No. 1
Singning Consonants in Repertoire No. 2
The Breath No. 1
The Breath No. 2
Singing Softly No. 1
Singing Softly No. 2
Singing Softly No. 3
Shaping Phrases No. 1 (Dynamics)
Shaping Phrases No. 2 (Syllabic Inflection)
Shaping Phrases No. 3 (Endings)
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