InSight Singing

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Reading Music

Schott (lyricist), Juneau (lyricist), Eaton (lyricist)


  • Solo Voices


Imagine your students becoming independent sight-readers! This book provides a systematic process for improving the following: sight-singing skills, integration of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles in reading music, and overall musicianship. The learning strategies which accompany the melodies presented in this text incorporate all senses through multisensory learning. These ideas give direction to the learner and the teacher in developing the necessary musical skills and confidence to sight-sing in a manner which includes musical accuracy while encouraging good vocal technique. Using this type of consistent, thoughtful organization of concepts, students can learn to be secure in their abilities as music readers, as well as becoming “insightful singers.”
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Insight Singing
Meter Signatures
Reading Melody
About This Book
Becoming an Insightful Music Reader
Correlating the Keyboard and Grand Staff
Challenge Melodies
Appendix A: Reading Rhythm, Meter Signatures
Appendix B: McHose / Eastman / Traditional Counting Systems
Appendix C: The Interval Song: Ascending and Descending
Appendix D: Scale Ladder, Curwen Hand Signs
Appendix E: Keyboard, Grand Staff
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