Henry Brant

  • Henry Brant is America’s foremost composer of acoustic spatial music. The planned positioning of performers throughout the hall, as well as on stage, is an essential factor in his composing scheme and a point of departure for a radically expanded range and intensity of musical expression. Brant’s mastery of spatial composing technique enables him to write textures of unprecedented polyphonic and/or polystylistic complexity, while providing maximum resonance in the hall and increased clarity of musical detail for the listener. Brant’s principal works since 1950 are all spatial. His catalogue now comprises over 100 such works, each for a different instrumentation and requiring a different spatial deployment in the hall. In the mid 1950s Brant felt that “single-style music…could no longer evoke the new stresses, layered insanities, and multi-directional assaults of contemporary life on the spirit” In keeping with Brant’s belief that music can be as complex and contradictory as everyday life, his larger works often employ multiple, contrasting performing forces, as in Meteor Farm (1982) for symphony orchestra, large jazz band, two choruses, West African drum ensemble and chorus, South Indian soloists, large Gamelan ensemble, percussion orchestra and two Western-style solo sopranos.

    Brant’s spatial experiments have convinced him that space exerts specific influences on harmony, polyphony, texture and timbre. He regards space as music’s “fourth dimension” (after pitch, time and timbre). Brant continues to experiment with new combinations of acoustic timbres, even creating entire works for instrumental family groups of a single timbre: Orbits for 80 trombones, Ghosts & Gargoyles for 9 flutes, and others for multiple trumpets, flutes and guitars. This predilection for ensembles of a single tone quality dates from Angels and Devils (1932). Brant does not use electronic materials or permit amplification in his music.

    A member of the American Academy of Arts & Letters, Brant was awarded the 2002 Pulitzer Prize in Music for Ice Field (2001). He has received two Guggenheim Fellowships and was the first American composer to win the Prix Italia. Among other honors are Ford Foundation and Fromm Foundation grants, Koussevitsky and National Endowment for the Arts awards, and the American Music Center’s Letter of Distinction. Brant’s work has found municipal recognition in an official Henry Brant Week in Boston (1982), in a series of ten all-Brant concerts at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam (1984), and in New York City’s Certificate of Appreciation (1992). The Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel has acquired the complete archive of Brant’s original manuscripts (1998). In conjunction with Brant’s 85th birthday concert, Wesleyan University conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts (1998).

    Born in Montreal of American parents in 1913, Henry Brant began composing at the age of eight. After moving to New York in 1929, he composed and conducted for radio, films, ballet, and jazz groups. Starting in the late 40s, he taught at Columbia University, Juilliard, and, for 24 years, Bennington College. In 1981, he settled in Santa Barbara, California, where he died at home, on April 26, 2008, at the age of 94.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    19896 An Adventure
    5:00 3 3 3 2 – 2 3 2 0; Timp. Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    19904 Ballad (The Half Songs)
    6:00 2 1 2 2 – 2 2 1 0; Perc. Pno. Str.
    19922 Decision
    7:00 3 2 2 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Str.
    19923 Dedication in Memory of a Great Man
    7:00 2 2 2 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Str.
    19928 Downtown Suite
    6:00 1 1 2 1 – 2 2 1 0; Timp. Perc. Pno. Str.
    Or Fl.(dbl. Picc.) Cl. Pno. 3Vln. Vla. Vcl. Cb.
    20000 Symphony in B-flat
    (The Nineteen Thirties)
    21:00 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Str.
    20001 Symphony No. 2
    (Promised Land)
    21:00 2 2 2 2 – 4 2 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Str.
    20007 Variations on a Canadian Theme
    12:00 3 3 3 2 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Hp. Str.
    SC49 Whoopee In D
    20013 Whoopee in D major: (Overture for a Fine Orchestra)
    5:00 1 1 2 1 – 2 2 1 0; Perc. Pno. Str.
    19901 Antiphony I
    12:00 Optional men/women chorus (or high/low); 3 3 3 0 – 4(or 5) 3 3 0; Timp. Perc. Str.
    19902 Antiphony I
    Chamber Version
    12:00 1 1 1 0 – 1 1 1 0; Timp.(or chimes), Glsp. Str.: 1 1 1 1 1; opt. solo voices (SB, SA or TB)-5 Groups (3 Conductors)
    O5028 Antiphony One
    19919 Curriculum ll: Spatial Tone Poem
    15:00 1 2 1 2 – 1 1 1 0; Timp. Pno. Hp. Str.
    O5445 Desert Forests
    19924 Desert Forests
    12:00 3 3 4 3 – 5 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno.(opt.) Cel. Hp. Str.
    SC50 Ice Field
    Symphony Orchestra
    19950 Ice Field
    (Spatial narratives for large and small orchestral groups)
    21:00 3 picc.(3)/3/3/3; 4-6/3/3/1; Timp. perc.(4), pnos.(2), org.(improv.), hp.(2); str.
    O5351 On The Nature Of Things
    Violin, Glockenspiel, ContraBass, Cello, Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Flute, Horn, Oboe, Viola
    19977 On the Nature of Things (After Lucretius)
    14:00 3 1 2 2 – 1 0 0 0; Glsp., Hp. Str.(unison vln., vla., vcl.) (optional added parts: Fl. Bsn. Pno. Cb.)
    19983 Plowshares and Swords
    15:00 9 orchestra groups in 74 individual parts 3(dbl. Picc.) 3 3 3 – 4 3(3rd dbl.Flugel.) 3(3 dbl.Euph.) 1; Timp./Bs.Dr.(3), 3Perc.(incl. Drum set, 3 steeldrums); 2Pno. Str.(
    19984 Prisons of the Mind
    23:00 Orchestra I: 1 3 1 3 – 0 0 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.; Orchestra II: 2 0 4 0 – 0 0 0 1; Timp. 2Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.; Brass I: 4Hn. 2Tpt.; Brass II: 4Hn. 2Tpt.
    2 Steel drum bands (7 drums each); Conc. Band I: Fl.(8) (Picc.)
    20004 Trinity of Spheres
    11:00 3 orchestra groups (3 conductors) 3picc./3/3/3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. pno.(4 hands), 2Hp. str.
    Solo Instrument with Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra
    W2659 Concerto for Alto Sax and Orchestra
    Piano Reduction by Elizabeth Ames – Foreword by Dr. Noah Getz
    Alto Saxophone in Eb, Piano
    O5319 Concerto for Alto Saxophone Solo Or Trumpet Solo
    Chamber Ensemble
    19913 Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
    12:00 Solo Cl.; 2 1 2 2 – 2 2 1 0; Timp. Perc. Pno. Str.
    19914 Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra
    20:00 Solo Eb Alto Sax; 2 2 2 2 – 0 3 2 0; Perc. Pno. Str.
    19930 Fantasy and Caprice
    (Concerto for Violin and Orchestra)
    15:00 Solo Vln.; 3 3 3 2 – 2 3 2 0; Timp. Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    19990 Saraband
    2:00 Solo violin (or viola); str.
    20005 Two Choral Preludes
    9:00 String Orchestra
    20006 Two Lyric Interludes
    4:30 String Orchestra
    19960 Labyrinth
    13:00 Solo soprano (2), alto (2) voices; str. orch.
    19965 Millennium I
    6:00 tpt.(8); perc.(3)
    19992 Signs and Alarms
    9:00 picc., cl.(2); tpt., hn.(2), tbn., tba.; timp. perc.
    FE198 Signs and Alarms-Full S
    full score
    19998 Street Music
    (3 Places in Montreal)
    8:00 cl.(2), a.sax., t.sax.(2) (b.cl.), b.sax.; tpt.(2), tbn.(2), tba.; perc.
    20012 Whoopee in D major
    4:00 picc., fl., ob.(2), cl.(2), bsn., cbsn.; hn.(2)
    Solo Instrument with Band/Wind Ensemble
    19911 Concerto for Alto Sax or Trumpet with Nine Instruments
    22:00 Solo alto saxophone (or trumpet); fl., cl.(4), a.cl.(or b.cl.), b.cl.; tba.; perc.
    19912 Concerto for Clarinet and Dance (Jazz) Orchestra
    12:00 Solo clarinet; a.sax.(2), t.sax.(2), b.sax.(b.cl.) (all saxes, dbl. cl.); tpt.(4), tbn.(2); cb., drum set, pno., gtr.; vibr.
    19997 Statesmen in Jazz: Three Portraits
    6:00 Solo clarinet; a.sax.(2), t.sax.(2), b.sax.(all saxes dbl. cl.); hn., tpt.(4), tbn.(2); gtr., pno., cb., drum set, perc.
    20008 Violin Concerto with Lights
    20:00 Solo vln.; fl.(picc.), cl.(b.cl.); tpt., tbn.; Perc. pno., hp.; vla., vcl., cb.; 5 musicians who operate lights
    19905 Barricades
    10:00 Solo voice; picc., ob., eng.hn., cl., bsn.; tbn.; xyl., pno.; vln., vla., vcl., cb.. Options: 1. eng.hn. Tacet; 2. tpt. Replaces voice;3. s.sax. Replaces ob., and eng. Hn remains tacet. Optional inst.: vln. II;b.cl. with extension (separate player)
    19909 Chanticleer
    10:00 Solo clarinet; chimes, pno.; sop. vln., vln, vla., ten. vcl.
    19942 Ghost Nets
    25:00 Solo contrabass; horn obbligato; fl., cl.; str. quartet; ob., bsn.; str. quartet (2 cond.)
    19943 Ghosts and Gargoyles
    20:00 solo flute with flute octet and jazz drummer
    19957 Joquin
    5:00 Solo Picc.; E.H. Bsn. A.Sax. Hn. Vcl. Cb.
    19937 Four Skeleton Pieces
    9:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, bass voices; picc., fl., cl.; tpt., tbn.; perc.(6), pno.(4hands)
    19991 The Scientific Creation of the World
    10:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone voices; picc.(2), cl.; tpt., tbn.; perc.(4), pno., hp., accordion (2)
    With Soloist
    19926 Divinity
    8:00 solo hpschd.; tpt.(2), hn., tbn.(2)
    19932 Feuerwerk
    (Words over Fireworks)
    6:00 Solo female speaker; picc., Eb cl., bsn.; Timp. chimes, hpschd., pno.; vln., vla.
    19971 Newsflash
    3:00 for narrator and jazz drummer
    CY1456 Piri
    full score, Flute, glockenspeil, Piano, harp
    2 Instruments
    CY1342 Ballad
    Violin, Piano
    CY1388 Duo
    vlc., pno.
    CY1458 Partita
    Flute and Piano (set)
    CY1940 Two Rush Hours In Manhattan
    Violin, Piano
    3 Instruments
    12496 Ice Age
    8′ Cl. Glock. Pno.
    144-40105 Ice Age
    For Clarinet, Glockenspiel, and Piano
    114-41237 Ice Age (Revised Score&Parts)
    CY1338 Imaginary Ballet
    full score, picc., vlc., pno.
    CY1426 Music for A Five and Dime
    full score, pno., perc. (kitchen hardware); or Eb cl.; perc., pno.; or vln.; perc., pno.
    CY1933 Strength Through Joy In Dresden: Introduction and Coda To A Theater Piece
    Oboe, alto saxophone in Eb, Piano
    4 Instruments
    CY1401 Conversations In An Unknown Tongue
    full score, vln., vla., ten. vln., vlc.
    19936 Four Mountains in the Amstel
    20:00 SATB choruses (4); tpt.(4), tbn.(4); perc.(4)
    19939 From Bach’s Menagerie
    12:00 Saxophone quartet (s.sax., a.sax. t.sax. b.sax.)
    19940 Funeral Music for the Mass Dead
    6:00 2Tpt. 2Tbn.(1947; revised 1984)
    CY1352 Galaxy I
    full score, cl., hn., vibr., chimes
    CY1490 Handorgan Music
    1933 Version
    2 Pianos 4 Hands
    MXE26 Handorgan Music
    1984 Version
    2 Pianos, 4 hands, xylophone, glockenspiel, drum set
    19987 A Requiem in Summer
    8:00 fl., ob., cl., bsn.; vln., vla.(2), vcl. (1938 version)
    CY1362 Variations On A Theme By Robert Schumann
    full score, trumpet, timpani, 2 Piano
    CY2267 Four Score
    full score, vln.( or mezzo-Vln.), vla., ten. vlc.., vlc., mezzo-Vln. (Obligato)
    5-9 Instruments
    CY1341 All Souls Carnival
    full score, fl. (picc.), vln., vlc., accordian, pno.
    19897 American Commencement
    5:00 tpt.(2), tbn., bar.hn., tba.; perc.(2)
    19941 Galaxy ll
    5:00 picc., cl.; hn.(2), tpt., tbn.; glsp., timp.
    19947 Hieroglyphics II
    11:00 Solo Vln.; hp., cel., Timp. Chimes
    19959 Kitchen Music
    5:00 tin can cello, tin can bass; tuned bottles, tunes water glasses, (glsp.)
    CY1434 The Marx Brothers
    Three Faithful Portraits
    Full Score, Picc., Fl., Ob., Pno., Hp., Vla., Vlc., (optional accordian replaces ob.)
    CY1467 A Requiem In Summer
    full score, ob., cl., bsn., hn.
    19999 Stresses
    5:30 Tpt. Perc. Pno. Cel.. Str.(
    19979 Origins (Symphony for Percussion)
    22:00 Perc.(18 player, 70 instr.) (opt. Tbn. Tu.)
    19927 Dormant Craters
    30:00 Perc. orch. of 16 players; 40 instruments including: gamelan set, handbells (3 chromatic octaves), steel drum choir
    19921 December Madrigal
    4:00 SSAA chorus, a cappella
    19981 Peace Music for U.N. Day
    1:00 SATB chorus, a cappella
    362-03285 The Three-Way Canon Blues
    For Either Women, Men, Or Mixed Voices
    1:10 Mixed Chorus
    CY1348 Four Choral Preludes
    2 Pianos 4 Hands
    CY1934 Toccata On “Wachet Auf”
    2 Pianos 4 Hands
    CY2075 The Big Haul
    CY1402 Confusion In The Salon
    CY1391 Country Tunes In Jazz
    O5447 Four Traumatics
    CY1427 Mobiles 1
    For Solo Flute
    CY1466 Oases
    solo Cello
    CY3398 Two Conclusions
    19900 Antiphonal Responses
    (Triple Concerto for 3 Bassoons)
    18:00 3 solo bassoons; 2 2 2 0 – 4 2 2 1; Timp. Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    19908 Ceremony
    12:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, bass voices; solo violin, cello, oboe; fl.(2), cl.(2), bsn.(2); tpt.(2), tbn.(2); timp., perc.(3), pno.(4 hands)
    19944 The Glass Pyramid
    18:00 Solo Eb Cl., Solo Hn., Solo Chimes; E.H. Bsn. Cbsn. 2Pno. Str.(
    19954 Inside Track
    16:00 Solo coloratura soprano voice; 2 light projection keyboards (opt.); 1 1 1 1, A.Sax.(dbl. B.Sax) – 1 1 1 0; Perc.; 2Vln. Vla. 2Vcl. Cb.
    19961 Litany of Tides: Spatial Antiphonies
    25:00 Solo Vln.; Solo Soprano (4 voices); 3 3 3 3 – 5 3 3 2; Timp. Perc. 2Pno. Mand. Hp. Str.(6 groups plus stage) (2 conductors)
    19972 Nomads: Triple Concerto
    18:00 Solo baritone (or bass) voice; Babone (tbn. with bsn. bocal reed) or sax.; steel drums; picc.(3)/2-3/2-3/2-3; 4/4/3/1; Timp. perc.(3-4); str.
    19974 Odyssey Why Not?
    22:00 Solo flute; 1 2 2 2 – 2 2 2 0; Timp. Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    19976 On the Nature of Things (After Lucretius)
    14:00 Solo flute, oboe, horn; Trio: fl., cl., bsn.(if no bsn. the trio may consist of glsp. plus unison of fl. and cl. [as many as possible] 3 fl.; or 3 a. fl.; or 3 tenor recorders); Quintet: tpt.(2), hn.(2), tbn.; tba.; perc.
    19948 Homage to Ives
    20:00 Solo baritone voice; 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 2Perc. Hp.(improv. Pno. obbligato) Str.
    19963 Mergers
    18:00 Solo mezzo-soprano, baritone voices; 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1, Bar.Hn.; Timp.4 Perc. Pno. Org. 2Hp. Str.(5 conductors)
    19975 The Old Italians Dying
    18:00 Narrator; 3 3 3 3 – 5 3 3 1; Timp. Perc. Pno. Hp. Str. (2 cond.)
    19986 Rainforest
    50:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone voices; 1 1 1 1 – 1 1 1 0; Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.(
    20010 Voyage Four
    25:00 Solo soprano voice; 3 3 1 3, Alto Sax – 4 3 3 1; Timp. Ch., Xyl., Glsp., Mand., Pno., Hpschd., Org.(2 players), Hp. Str. (3 cond.)
    Larger Ensembles (>40 players)
    19895 500: Hidden Hemisphere
    1:00:00 3 concert bands; steel drum band
    19898 American Debate
    4:00 Large School Band in two separated groups
    19917 Crystal Antiphonies
    25:00 Orch.: 3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 0; Timp. 2Perc. Pno. Str. Band: picc.(6), cl.(12), alto. Sax.(2), ten. Sax.(2); hn.(4), tpt.(6), flugelhn.(7), tbn.(6), bar.hn.(2), ten. tba.(2), bs. tba.(4);timp., perc.(5), handbells (3 chromatic octaves), pno., ce., hp.
    19931 Festive Eighty
    16:00 concert band in 5 groups
    19952 Immortal Combat
    12:00 Large Concert Band in 2 separated groups: I: picc.(6+), cl.(16); tpt.(7), timp., perc.(3); II: hn.(8), tbn.(6), bar.hn. or euph.(4), tba.(5); perc.(4) (2 conductors)
    19958 Kingdom Come
    22:00 Solo women’s voice; organ obbligato; 6 3 6 3, 2Alto.Sax., Ten.Sax., B.Sax. – 8 6 6 3, Bar.Hn.; Timp. 12Perc. Org, 2Hp. Str.
    19967 Millennium ll
    12:00 Solo soprano voice (opt.); opt. sax: alto(2), ten.(2), bar.(2); tpt.(10), hn.(8), tbn.(10), t.(2); timp., perc.
    19994 Sixty/Seventy
    1:10 picc.(2), cl.(2); hn.(2), tpt.(2), tbn.(2), bar.hn.(2), tba.(2); timp., perc.(4)
    Smaller Ensembles (<25 players)
    19894 4 Doctors
    1:00 4 B-flat Tpt. In 4 corners of hall w/chimes on stage (add’l versions: 4 equal Saxes, 4 Tbn., w/Timp.)
    19949 Horizontals Extending
    8:00 picc., fl., Eb cl., cl. bsn.(2), a.sax., t.sax.(or a.sax.); hn., tpt.(2), tbn. tba.; timp., perc., drum set
    19956 Jericho
    2:00 tpt.(16 in four groups); jazz drummer
    19966 Millennium IV
    14:00 tpt.(2), hn., tbn., tba.; (11′)
    or tpt.(2), hn., tbn., bar.hn. (8′)
    19968 Millennium lll: Anniversary Procession
    5:00 2Tpt. 4Tbn. 6Perc.
    19982 A Plan of the Air
    21:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone-bass voices; picc.(2), fl.(9), cl.(8), a.cl., b.cl., cb.cl., a.sax.(opt.), t.sax.(opt.); hn.(7), tpt.(4), tbn.(4), tba.(5); perc.(12), org.(2 conductors)
    20003 Tremors – Spatial Declamations for 4 Voices and 16 Instrumentalists
    12:00 Solo voices: Soprano (coloratura range), mezzo soprano, tenor, bass; picc., cl.(2), bs.sax., cbs.sax.; hn.(2), picc.tpt., tpt., ten.tbn., bs.tbn., tba.(2); timp., bs.steel-drums(2), chimes
    19955 Invisible Rivers
    22:00 Solo coloratura soprano; Eb cl.(b.cl.); Perc. Pno. vln., vla., vcl., cb.
    O5340 The Marx Brothers
    Chamber Ensemble
    19988 Revenge Before Breakfast
    9:00 3 duos: picc (guiro)-cl (maracas), vln (Chinese block)-vlc (cowbell), xyl/glsp (susp cym.); accord (or hp)
    19907 The Cain Within
    3:00 Solo male declaiming voice (amp.); tbn.(2); perc.(6), pno.
    19915 Conclave
    12:00 Solo mezzo-soprano, baritone voice; picc., fl.(2), ob.(2), (eng.hn.), cl.(2) (b.cl.), bsn.(2), (cbsn); pno., hp., timp., glsp.
    19918 Curriculum l: Poem for Spatial Chamber Music
    15:00 Solo baritone voice; b. fl., b.cl.; Timp. Perc. Pno. vla., vcl., cb.
    19925 Dialogue In The Jungle
    12:00 Solo tenor (or solo tenor and solo soprano); fl.(picc.), ob., cl., b. sax; hn.(2), tpt.(2), tbn., tba.(opt.: tbn. 2 replaces b.sax.)
    19929 Encephalograms ll
    7:00 Solo soprano voice; picc., ob., cl., perc., pno., hp., org.(opt.)
    19933 The Fire Garden
    12:00 Solo tenor or soprano voice; unison voices (opt.); fl.; Timp. perc.(4), pno., hp.(opt.)
    19945 Glossary (Computer Jargon)
    30:00 Mezzo-Soprano; fl.(picc.), cl.(Eb cl. and Bass Cl. w/ extension), sop. sax.(bar. sax.),; org., hp., mand., pno.; perc.(2); vln., vla., vcl., cb.
    19970 Mythical Beasts
    12:00 Solo mezzo-soprano voice; 1 1 1 1 – 2 1 1 0 (or 1 1 1 1); Perc. Pno. 2Vln. Vla. vcl. Cb
    19980 Pathways to Security
    23:00 Solo baritone voice; fl.(picc.), cl.(b.cl.); Timp. perc. pno. accordion (or org. or melodica) (opt. hp.); vln., vla., vcl., cb.
    With Soloist(s)
    CY2116 An Era Any Time Of Year
    Set contains: 2 Baritone voice + kybd, 4 percussion and Piano
    CY1757 Cerberus
    For Piccolo and Double Bass
    4:00 piccolo, ContraBass
    CY3347 Destination Unknown
    solo Bass Flute, harp
    FE76 Divinity-Brass Quintet
    19938 The Fourth Season
    7:00 Solo mezzo-soprano voice; fl., ob., ten. sax.(opt.); perc.; vln.
    CY1335 Headhunt
    playing score, solo trombone, Bass clarinet, Bassoon, timpani, chimes, contraBass (5 required for performance)
    CY1340 Hieroglyphics I
    full score, solo Viola, hp., cel., timp., chimes
    CY3416 Hieroglyphics Ii
    full score, solo Violin, hp., cel., timp., chimes
    CY1942 Lombard Street
    full score, org., perc. (4)
    19969 Mobiles II
    5:00 Solo flute (a. fl.); vibr., pno., hp., org.(accordion); vln., vcl.
    19985 Prophets
    18:00 Four Jewish Cantors and one Shofar
    CY1465 Quombex
    After Margaret Stark’s Sculpture ‘Bird With Passenger’
    4:00 Viola D’amore, 2 music boxes, optional pipe (NOT electronic) Organ
    CY1438 Underworld
    Black Whales
    a. sax (or b. sax), Organ
    5 Instruments
    CY1943 Crossing The Bridge Before You Come To It
    Performance Set:, 3 playing scores, harp part
    19916 Crossing the Bridge Before You Come to It
    10:00 fl.(alto fl.), pno.(or any 1: glsp., hpschd.,hp., org.); vln., vcl.
    FE81 Prevailing Winds-Woodwi
    19935 Flight over a Global Map
    40:00 tpt.(50); perc.(3); pno.
    19951 If You Don’t Like Comets, Get Out of the Solar System
    5:00 Two groups of fire truck sirens (minimum 5 per group). (More than 10 may be used)
    19962 Mass in Gregorian Chant
    for Multiple Flutes
    25:00 5Picc., Fl.(40 or more)
    19978 Orbits
    21:00 Solo coloratura voice; tbn.(80 different parts); org.
    19989 Rosewood
    15:00 Gtr.(50 or more)
    19893 (6) Grand Pianos Bash (6) Plus Friends
    5:00 picc.(3) (blow sirens); tpt., tbn.; perc.(3), pno.(6)
    19953 In Praise of Learning
    5:00 Solo soprano voices (16); women’s chorus; perc.(17)
    20002 Trajectory
    20:00 Solo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone voices; solo flutes (2); cl.; tpt., tbn.; perc.(10), 2 pnos., (hpschd.), hp., accordion (2); vln., vla., vcl., cb.
    20009 Vita de Sancto Hieronymo
    19:00 Solo soprano (2), alto (2), tenor (2), baritone (2); pno.(or cl.; tba.); perc. (women’s chorus and men’s chorus may replace solo voices)
    21166 Agnus Dei II
    (from “Missa Papae Marcelli”)(arr.)
    3:00 Flute ensemble
    21167 Ave Regina Coelorum
    (Motet for High Voices)(arr.)
    3:00 Flute quartet or ensemble
    524-08481 Bach Goes To Town
    Clarinet Quartet
    CY1354 Four French Baroque Pieces
    Percussion Ensemble
    19899 American Weather (Antiphonal Motet)
    5:00 Solo soprano (2), alto (2), tenor (2), bass (2) voices; SATB chorus; tpt., tbn., glsp., chimes
    19910 The Children’s Hour
    18:00 Solo soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, high baritone, low baritone voices; SATB chorus; tpt.(2), tbn.(2); jazz drumset, Perc. org.
    19946 Grand Universal Circus
    1:10:00 SATB chorus; fl.(4); tpt.(2), tbn.(2); perc.(4), hp.(2), pno., hand organs (or accordion) (2); org.
    19993 Sing, O Heavens
    11:00 Solo Soprano, Alto, tenor, baritone; SATB chorus; tpt., tbn.; perc.(2), pno., timp.
    19996 Solomon’s Garden
    16:00 Solo soprano (2), mezzo-soprano, counter tenor, baritone (2) voices; SATB chorus; fl.; perc.(2), pno., hp., handbells (24 – assigned to chorus)
    20014 Wind, Water, Clouds, and Fire
    20:00 Solo jazz tpt.(open), solo improv. Xyl., solo improv org.; Chorus 1 (14 unis S) w/fl obbligato; Chorus 2 (20 unis S) w/ob obbligato; Chorus 3 (20 unis S) w/sop. Sax. obbligato;Chorus 4 (60+ unis children) + 2 unis cl. w/picc.tpt. Obbligato;tpt. Quartet
    19903 Autumn Hurricanes
    1:00:00 Solo soprano, 2 baritone voices; SATB chorus; wind ensemble; jazz group; str. group; perc. group; pno.(2), org.(2 players) (5 cond.)
    19906 Bran(d)t an de Amstel
    3:00:00 fl.(100) 4 Jazz Drumsets; (4 boatloads of 25 flutists, 1 jazz drummer and one cond.) 3 SATB choruses, 4 street organs, 4 church carillons, 3 concert bands (10 cond.)
    19920 December
    Dramatic Cantata with Dialogues
    20:00 Solo soprano, tenor voices; male and female speakers; SATB chorus; fl., ob.(2), cl.(2); hn.(4), tpt.(4), tbn.(4); timp., perc.(3), pipe organ
    19934 Fire in Cities
    6:00 Chorus I: men/women; Chorus II: SATB; fl.(2), ob.(2), cl.(2), a.sax.(2); tpt.(2), tbn.(2); timp.(2), perc.(6), pno.(4), org.; unison str.
    19964 Meteor Farm: A Spatial Concerto of Ceremonies
    1:00:00 solo soprano (2); Lg. Chorus (w/2 alto sax., ten. Sax.), Sm. Chorus (w/2 picc./fl.); Orch: 3 2 3 2 – 4 0 0 0; Str.; Wall Brass: 3Tpt., 3Tbn., Perc. I: timp, xyl., mar.(2 players), steel-drums (2), pno. Perc. II: timp., glsp., vibr., chimes, steel-drum
    19973 Northern Lights over the Twin Cities
    1:36:00 Solo coloratura, soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone and bass voices; 2 SATB choruses (lg., sm.); picc.(5)/3/13/b.cl./2/cbn./s.sax., a.sax.(2), t.sax.(2), b.sax.; 4/4/4/bar.hn.(3)/3; timp.(2), perc. pno.(5), bagpipes; str.
    19995 Skull & Bones
    1:00:00 Solo coloratura, soprano, tenor, baritone, and bass voices; SATB chorus; Orchestra: 3 2 2 2- 4 3 3 1; 15Perc. Pno.(4 hands) Org. Str.; flute choir (20+);Jazz ensemble: 2Sop.Sax., 2A.Sax. 2Ten.Sax. 1B.Sax. 6Tpt. 2Tbn. 2Perc.
    20011 Western Springs
    38:00 SATB chorus (2); Orchestra I and II: 2 2 2 2 – 2 2 2 1; Timp. perc.(2), pno.; str.; Jazz combos I and II: s.sax., a.sax., t.sax. b.sax.; tpt., tbn.; perc.(4), (4 cond.)
    CY1390 Four Leaves
    full score, vln. (2), vla., vlc. (2)
    21279 Four Leaves
    for Piano(arr.)
    8:00 String Orchestra
    19585 Aus tiefer Noth Schrei’ ich zu dir
    8:00 picc.(2), fl.(3), a. fl., ob., eng.hn., bsn.(3); hn.(4), tpt.; cb.(optional parts for cl., b.cl.)
    19598 Kyrie, Gott Heiliger Geist, BWV 671
    6:00 4 0 4 2 – 0 3 3 1, 2Bar.; Timp. Pno. Str.
    CY1608 Quartet In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 131
    full score, woodWind quartet
    CY1486 Quartet No. 1 In C Minor, Op. 51
    full score, fl., ob., cl., bsn., f. hn.
    21275 String Quartet In D minor (posthumous) Scherzo and Finale
    2 2 2 2 – 2 2 3 0; Timp. Str.
    TXT6 Textures and Timbres
    An Orchestrator’s Handbook

  • Henry Brant: Ice Field HENRY BRANT: ICE FIELD
    SFS Media; May 17, 2019
    Performer(s): San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor, Cameron Carpenter, organ, Edwin Outwater, supporting conductor
    Work(s): Ice Field

  • American Commencement
    for Two Widely Separated Groups of Brass and Percussion
    American Weather
    Antiphonal Motet for Two Widely Seperated Choral Ensembles
    Bran(d)t aan de Amstel
    for Multiple Choruses and Wind Bands
    Concerto for Clarinet and Dance Orchestra
    Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra
    Dramatic Cantata with Dialogues
    Dormant Craters
    Spatial Events for 16 Percussionists
    Downtown Suite
    for Chamber Orchestra
    Festive Eighty
    for Concert Band
    Flight Over a Global Map
    for 100 Trumpets, 3 Percussion, and Piano
    Flight Over a Global Map (part 2)
    for 100 Trumpets, 3 Percussion, and Piano
    Four Skeleton Pieces
    from the Oratorio “Skull and Bones”
    Ghosts and Gargoyles
    Spatial Soliloquies for Solo Flute with Flute Octet and Jazz Drummer
    Horizontals Extending
    for Two Widely Separated Instrumental Groups
    Ice Field
    Spatial Narratives for Large and Small Orchestral Groups
    Immortal Combat
    for Band, Divided into Two Widely Separated Groups
    Millennium II
    Spatial Assembly for Separated Brass and Percussion Ensembles and High Voice
    Odyssey – Why Not?
    for Solo Flute, Obligato Flute, with 35 Instruments in 5 Seperated Groups
    On the Nature of Things (After Lucretius)
    for Chamber Orchestra
    On the Nature of Things (After Lucretius)
    for Wind Ensemble
    for 80 Trombones and Organ
    Plowshares and Swords
    Spatial Announcements for 74 Solo Musicians
    for Wind Ensemble
    Western Springs
    for Two Orchestras, Two Choruses, 2 Jazz Combos, and 4 Conductors
    Whoopee in D Major
    Version for Winds
    Wind, Water, Clouds, and Fire
    for 3 Women’s Choruses, Children’s Chorus, and Ensemble