Jon Deak

  • Jon Deak was born in Hammond, Indiana, on April 27, 1943. He was educated at Oberlin College, the Juilliard School of Music, the University of Illinois, and, as a Fulbright Scholar, at the Conservatorio de Santa Cecilia, in Rome. He is currently enjoying his second year as Composer-in-Residence with Colorado Symphony under the Meet the Composer Residencies Program, which includes the Colorado Children’s Chorale and Denver Public Schools. He is also Associate Principal Bassist and Creative Education Associate of the New York Philharmonic, as well as Resident Composer of the Apple Hill Chamber Players (New Hampshire) and the Grand Teton Music Festival (Wyoming). His training includes work in the visual arts, and he was active in the “performance art” movement in New York’s Soho district.

    His compositions have been performed at music festivals worldwide and by such institutions as the New York Philharmonic, National, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Seattle, New Jersey, Atlanta and Colorado Symphonies, Rochester Philharmonic and major chamber groups around the country.

    Recent commissions include a string quartet concerto for the Manchester Quartet performed by both the National and New Jersey Symphonies and a work for the 150th anniversary of the New York Philharmonic. His Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra (“Jack and the Beanstalk”) was nominated for the 1990 Pulitzer Prize by the National Symphony.

    Jon Deak has become particularly noted for his successes in bringing new music to young people. His interest in children is such that he now teaches a composition class in the public school that his own children attend in New York City. An avid wilderness mountaineer, he has led climbing expeditions into the Canadian Rockies, Alaska and the Himalayas. He was Chairman of the New York Philharmonic Artistic Advisory Committee, which helped select Kurt Masur as the Philharmonic’s Music Director. He also participated in Leonard Bernstein’s historic Freiheitskonzert (freedom concert), in what was then East Berlin on Christmas Day, 1989, an event which he regards as one of the musical highlights of his life.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    Orchestra / Chamber Orchestra
    20195 Celebration and Remembrance 20195 6:00 3(Picc.) 2(dbl. E.H.) 2(dbl.B.Cl.) 2(dbl.Cbsn.) – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    20196 Colorado Variations: A Fanfare 20196 5:00 3(Picc.) 2 3(B.Cl.) 3(Cbsn.) – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno. Str.
    20199 Condominiums on the Hot Stove!
    (Home on the Range)
    20199 8:00 1 1 0 0 – 1 1 1 1; 2Perc. Str.
    20203 Duo Concertante 20203 16:00 Solo Vln., Solo Vla.; 1 1 1 1 – 2 1 0 0; Str.
    20209 Heidi: A Symphonic Narrative (Part I) 20209 25:00 3(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(dbl.B.Cl.) 3(dbl.Cbsn.), Ten.Sax. – 4 3 3 1; Timp. 4Perc. Hp. Str.; photographic slides of text (opt.)
    20212 The Legend of Spuyten Duyvil 20212 19:00 Narrator; 2(dbl. Picc.) 2 2(dbl.B.Cl.) 2(dbl.Cbsn.) – 2 2 1 0; Str.(Conductor preferably doubling as the narrator)
    20214 New York, 1842: A City on Fire 20214 23:00 Narrator; 3(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(dbl.B.Cl.) 3(dbl.Cbsn.) – 2 3 3 1; Timp. 4Perc. Hp. Str.
    20218 The Quilting Frolic 20218 5:00 Narrator; Str.
    20220 The Roaring Mountain 20220 30:00 Narrators (3); 3(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(dbl.B.Cl.) 3(dbl.Cbsn.) – 4 2 3 1; Timp. Perc. Hp. Synth. Str.
    20221 The Secret Life of Musicians 20221 25:00 mimes (2); cl.,bn.; hn.; vn.(2), va., vc., cb.(doub. perc.)
    O5354 Snow Queen O5354 Orchestra
    20222 The Snow Queen 20222 14:00 Narrator; viola obbligato, contrabass obbligato; 3(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(dbl.B.Cl.) 3(Cbsn.) – 4 2 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Pno. Hp. Str.
    Chorus and Orchestra
    20193 The Broccoli Beast of Bedford Avenue 20193 23:00 Solo trumpet (narrator); child narrator; children’s chorus; 2 1 1 2 – 2 1 2 0; 3Perc. Str.
    Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
    CY2337 Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra
    (Jack and The Beanstalk)
    CY2337 Contrabass
    20198 The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
    Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra
    20198 28:00 Solo String Quartet; Narrator; 1 1 1 1 – 2 2 1(=B.Tbn.) 0; 2Perc. Kybd.synth., Str.
    20225 The Wind in the Willows: Scene 7 20225 15:00 Solo contrabass (amp.); 2(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(B.Cl.) 3(B.Cl.) 3(Cbsn.) – 4 2 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Hp. Str.
    Chamber Music
    O5353 The Bremen Town Musicians O5353 Woodwind Quintet
    CY2301P The Bremen Town Musicians CY2301P
    20194 Bye-Bye 20194 10:00 fl.(narrator); pno.(narrator)
    CY2302 Bye-Bye!
    For Flute and Piano
    CY2302 10:00 fl. (narrator), pno. (narrator)
    20201 Dire Expectations 20201 18:00 fl.(2),, bsn., cbsn.; vln.(2), vla., vcl., cb.
    20202 The Draperies 20202 10:00 2Vln. Vla. Vcl. Cb.; photographic slides
    CY2306 Eeyore Has A Birthday CY2306 23:00 Viola, ContaBass, Piano
    20204 Fanfare for Annie O 20204 15:00 Narrator (opt.); hn.(3), tpt.(3), tbn., tba.(2); perc.(2)
    CY2313 Fundevogel CY2313 full score, String quartet
    CY2310 Greetings From 1984 CY2310 Vln. (narrator), pno. (narrator)
    MXE33 Homage to Bruckner MXE33 Mixed Ensemble
    20210 Hyde and Jekyll: Chapter 1 20210 15:00 fl., ob., cl., bsn.; hn.; perc.(2); vln.(2), vla., vcl., cb.; photographic slides
    20211 Hyde and Jekyll: Chapter 2 20211 14:00 fl., ob., cl., bsn., hn.; perc.(2); vln.(2), vla., vcl., cb.; photographic slides
    CY2314 Iowa CY2314 full score, fl., trb., cb., perc.
    CY2317 Lady Chatterly’s Dream
    For Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass
    CY2317 Piano Quintet
    20217 The Quilting Frolic 20217 5:00 Narrator; 2Vln. Vla. Vcl. Cb.
    CY3131 Rapunzel
    For Narrator, Oboe, String Trio and Piano
    CY3131 performance set, full score (for Piano), full score (for narrator), Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello
    20219 Rapunzel 20219 35:00 narr.; ob.; vln., vla., vcl., pno.
    CY2316 A Trio: A Dog, A Lad Part I CY2316 full score, vln., cl., pno.
    CY3459F A Lad, A Dog, A Trio: Part 2 CY3459F Playing Score: Violin, clarinet, Piano
    CY2295 Wager At The Eldorado Saloon CY2295 Violin, contraBass or violonCello, Piano
    Contrabass with Chamber Ensemble
    20206 The Fearsome Fate 20206 10:00 Solo contrabass (with sprechtspiele); cb.(5); photographic slides.
    20205 The Fearsome Fate 20205 10:00 Solo contrabass (with sprechtspiele); vln.(2), vla., vcl.; photographic slides
    FE233 Lucy and The Count FE233 score and parts
    20224 The Ugly Duckling: Part II 20224 10:00 Solo soprano voice (narrator); solo contrabass; vln.(2), vla., vcl.
    Solo Contrabass
    CY2298 The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
    The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    CY2298 ContraBass
    FE234X Adventures Of Sherlock FE234X
    FE325 Audition FE325 Contrabass Unaccompanied
    B3397 B B Wolf-Solo Bassist With Narrator B3397 ContraBass
    20197 Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra (“Jack and the Beanstalk”)
    (short and long version)
    20197 12:, 22:00 Solo contrabass (amp.); 3(dbl. Picc.) 2 3(dbl.B.Cl.) 3(dbl.Cbsn.) – 4 2 3 1; Timp. 3Perc. Hp. Str.
    CY2309 A Flatlander In Colorado CY2309 solo ContaBass (with harmonica, melodica & fool percussion) – Playing Score
    20208 A Flatlander in Colorado 20208 13:00 Solo contrabass (dbl. harmonica, melodica and foot perc.)
    20213 Lucy and the Count. Love Dreams from Transylvania 20213 17:00 Solo contrabass; vln.(2), vla., vcl.
    CY3230 Moody Melody CY3230 solo contraBass
    CY2322 Readings From Steppenwolf
    For Solo Basist/ Narrator (One Person)
    CY2322 solo contraBass (narrator)
    CY2308 Sad Waltz CY2308 solo contraBass (doubling on harmonica and foot percussion)
    FE232 Surrealist Studies FE232 solo ContraBass
    20223 Surrealist Studies 20223 6:00 Solo contrabass; photographic slides (opt.)
    FE228 Ugly Duckling
    Part 2
    CY2297 The Wonderful World Of Language
    For Contrabass/Narrator (Or Any String Instrument)
    CY2297 solo contraBass (narrator) (or any other String instrument)
    Solo Instrumental
    FE221 Bye Bye
    Flute Solo
    O5409 Masters Of Our Day O5409 Piano
    CY2339 Metaphor CY2339 solo Cello (narrator)
    FE236 Shiver Me Timbers FE236
    Vocal Music
    20200 Daphne Finds True Love 20200 14:00 Solo soprano voice; fl.(t.sax.); tbn., perc.; vln., vcl., cb.
    20207 The Fearsome Fate
    (Original version)
    20207 10:00 Solo soprano voice (with noisemakers); org.(or pno.), pno.; cb.; photographic slides, pre-recorded tape
    20215 Owl In Love 20215 30:00 Solo soprano voice; fl.; vln.(2), vla., vcl., cb.
    20216 The Passion of Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) 20216 49:00 Solo baritone voice (narrator); 1(dbl. Picc.) 0 1(dbl.B.Cl.) 0 – 1 0 0 0; Perc. Hp. Str.(
    CY2324 Sin City CY2324 solo high voice, pno.
    CY2329 True Intimate Confessions CY2329 solo high voice, pno.
    FE227 Ugly Duckling
    Part 1

  • Celebration and Remembrance
    for Orchestra
    Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra “Jack and the Beanstalk”
    A Symphonic Narrative (Part I)
    The Broccoli Beast of Bedford Avenue
    for Narrator, Chorus, and Orchestra
    The Passion of Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)
    for Baritone and Orchestra
    The Quilting Frolic
    for Narrator and String Orchestra