Robert E. Foster

  • Robert E. Foster has an extensive background as a music educator, conductor, adjudicator, and as a composer and arranger. He has served as a successful band director at the junior high school, high school, and university levels, and he has conducted and/or adjudicated throughout the United States and Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan and Singapore.

    He is Professor of Music in the School of Music at the University of Kansas, where he has been on the faculty since 1971. He is past president of the American Bandmasters Association, the National Band Association, the Southwest Division of College Band Directors National Association, and of the Big Twelve Conference Band Directors Association. He is the conductor of the award winning Lawrence City Band. In 2006, he was inducted into the National Band Association Hall of Fame of Distinguished Conductors. In 2010, he was inducted into the Kansas Music Educators Hall of Fame.

    Foster is the President and CEO of the John Philip Sousa Foundation, and has been actively involved in the promotion and performances of the music of John Philip Sousa. He worked with the Instrumentalist magazine as guest editor to produce their Sousa Sesquicentennial issue in November, 2004. He has edited new critical editions of Sousa’s music, as well as of the music of Henry Fillmore. His impersonation of John Philip Sousa in Sousa Concerts has been a huge success, selling out concert halls in several different states. In July, 2006 he served as conductor of the National Band Association National Community Band in Las Vegas, again serving as Mr. Sousa in a gala concert called Sousa on the Strip.

    Mr. Foster brings a wealth of experience, background, and knowledge about traditional marches, and the concerts that were performed by Mr. Sousa and his great band, and by the legendary band leader, Henry Fillmore.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    Band Arrangements
    CB142 136th U.S.A. Field Artillery CB142 2:22 Concert Band
    CB149 The Black Mask
    CB149 2:22 Concert Band
    CB125 The Circus Bee CB125 Concert Band
    CB120 The Crosley March(arr.) CB120 Concert Band
    CB124 The Footlifter CB124 Concert Band
    CB128 Golden Friendships CB128 Concert Band
    CB139 Golden Plume
    CB139 2:33 Concert Band
    CB127 His Excellency CB127 Concert Band
    CB118 His Honor
    CB118 Concert Band
    CFD6 His Honor CFD6 Concert Band
    O5504 An Introduction To Arban’s Conservatory Method for Trumpet O5504 Trumpet
    CB132 King Karl King CB132 Concert Band
    CB146 The Klaxon
    CB146 2:14 Concert Band
    CB119 Light Cavalry
    CB119 Concert Band
    CB143 Lightning Fingers CB143 4:04 Concert Band
    CB131 Man Of The Hour CB131 Concert Band
    CB136 Men Of Ohio
    CB136 Concert Band
    CB130 Miami CB130 Concert Band
    CB123 Morning, Noon and Night In Vienna
    CB123 Concert Band
    O5506 My First Arban O5506 Horn in F
    O5505 My First Arban O5505 Trombone
    O5507 My First Arban O5507 Tuba
    CB121 Noble Men CB121 Concert Band
    CB133 North-South College All Stars CB133 Concert Band
    CB126 The Orange Bowl(arr.) CB126 Concert Band
    CB148 Our Own Red, White and Blue
    March and One Step(arr.)
    CB148 1:48 Concert Band
    CB147 Rolling Thunder
    CB147 1:26 Concert Band
    CB122 Shoutin’ Liza Trombone CB122 Concert Band
    CFD12 Stars and Stripes for Christmas CFD12 Band
    SPS18 Stars and Stripes for Christmas(arr.) SPS18 Concert Band
    CB144 Teddy Trombone
    A Brother to Miss Trombone
    CB144 2:42 Concert Band
    CB137 Troopers Tribunal
    CB137 Concert Band
    CB145 The U.S. of A. Armed Forces
    Review March
    CB145 2:55 Concert Band
    CB138 The Victorious First
    CB138 2:40 Concert Band
    CFD4 Vigor CFD4 Concert Band
    CB129 (We’re) Men Of Florida CB129 Concert Band
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