Steve Kupferschmid

  • Steve Kupferschmid began his music career as a trombonist, then worked for many years as a choral editor for a leading music publisher. In recent years he has been a choral catalog editor for a major educational sheet music dealer. In his spare time he enjoys writing arrangements for young and developing choirs.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL761 1:43 Unison Chorus
    Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL844 1:50 Two-part Chorus
    BL965 Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL965 :1:50 Men’s Chorus
    BL953 Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL953 :1:50 SSA
    Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL928 :1:50 SAB
    BL984 Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL984 :1:50 SATB
    BL1025 Carol of the Bells(arr.) BL1025 Unison Chorus
    Communion Kum Ba Yah CM8928 SATB
    Cooroo Cooroo CM8983 Women’s Chorus
    Cooroo Cooroo CM9386 2:25 SSA
    Deep Peace CM9225 2:25 SATB
    Deo Gloria! CM9178 2:35 SATB
    Do You See The Star? BL540 3-part mixed, opt. baritone
    The Interval Song
    BL887 :2:04 Unison Chorus
    Goodbye, My Friend CM9182 4:10 SATB
    BL943 Hymn to the Earth and the Sky BL943 :2:33 Unison Chorus
    I Heard The Bells(arr.) CM9139 SATB
    If You Sing An Allelu CM8982 SA, Keyboard
    BL938 iJingle Jingle(arr.) BL938 :2:09 Unison Chorus
    Joy and Woe are Woven Fine BL896 :2:33 Unison Chorus
    Kyrie CM9175 3:45 SATB
    Like a Bird on the Wing BL790 2:36 SATB
    Peace Be With You BL724 Unison Chorus
    Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow(arr.) BL827 2:24 Three-part Chorus
    See the Newborn Baby CM9263 SATB
    BL1029 Simple Gifts(arr.) BL1029 Three-part Chorus
    Snowflake Carol
    “Still, Still, Still” & “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”(arr.)
    BL604 2:55 Unison, optional 2-pt, accomapnied
    Song of the Dove(arr.) BL809 2:26 SSA
    To Hear The Angels Sweetly Sing CM9069 Two-part Chorus
    The Winds Of Winter Blow CM9070 Unison Chorus
    The Winds Of Winter Blow CM9071 SSA
    The Winds Of Winter Blow CM9072 SAB