Gary E. Parks

  • Gary Parks is a musician and a teacher of music. He retired from Beaumont ISD (Texas) in 2006 after 36 years of teaching both choral and instrumental music at all levels. He has held numerous musical jobs: percussion instructor at Lamar University, principal timpanist for the Symphony of Southeast Texas, music director for successive area churches. He presently serves as the director of choirs at Trinity United Methodist Church in Beaumont, Texas.

    Gary is now devoting time and energy to his passion: writing and arranging music. His choral, concert band and percussion works are published with several music publishing companies. Gary received his Bachelor of Science in Music Theory and Composition from Lamar University, and his Masters in Music Education from McNeese State University.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
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    Drummer and The Cook. The BL433 TB, accompanied
    A Full Sheet and A Flowing Sea(arr.) BL674 TTB, accompanied, with optional baritone
    Rio Grande, The BL625 2:07 TB, accompanied
    What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?(arr.) CM9158 1:47 TB (Optional Baritone) Voices with Keyboard
    Whup! Jamboree(arr.) BL596 TB, accompanied, opt sus cym, tenor drum
    Candle–S Glow BL449 2-Part
    Golden Leaves(arr.) CM9197 SSA
    Johnny Has Gone for A Soldier
    A Civil War Ballad(arr.)
    CM9100 SSA
    Manger Carols BL345 2-part
    Songs by the River(arr.) BL824 2:14 Two-part Chorus
    Two Nativity Carols
    Silent Night partnered with Away in an Manager(arr.)
    BL737 3:43 SSA
    Will The Morning Come? CM9106 SSA
    Yuletide Memories
    With “Auld Lang Syne”(arr.)
    BL699 1:55 Two-part Chorus
    SAB/3-Pt Mixed
    The Bells Of Christmas
    Christmas Anthem for Two Equal Treble Or Mixed Voices, Pian
    A Caribbean Gloria BL681 Three-part Chorus
    Lift The Sails In The Morning
    Adapted From “Blow Ye Winds In The Morning”(arr.)
    BL706 2:16 Tenor, Bass, Keyboard
    Noel! Sing Noel!
    Nigerian Folk Song(arr.)
    CM9291 2:27 SAB
    A Sailor’s Life(arr.) CM9204 1:50 Tenor, Bass 1, Bass 2
    A Seafarer’s Life(arr.) BL756 Tenor 1, Keyboard, Optional Tenor 2, Bass
    To A Maiden, Meek and Mild
    Christmas Anthem for Two Equal Treble Or Mixed Voices, Pian
    What A Mornin’!(arr.) CM9211 2:49 Three-part Chorus
    Always Go With a Song BL787 2:21 SATB
    Newborn King CM9353 2:02 SATB