Gregory B. Rudgers

  • Gregory B. Rudgers graduated from the Ithaca College School of Music and holds a graduate degree from Elmira College and a certificate of Advanced Study from Northwestern University in Evanstan, Illinois. His entire professional life has been devoted to teaching and music; he taught in the public schools for many years, and is currently teaching on the adjunct faculty of Ithaca College. Mr. Rudgers has published over 25 articles for national magazines. His life as a composer has produced music for band, orchestra, and solos and chamber ensembles with over thirty compositions published over the last ten years.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    CPS87 Chanson for Christmas
    Based On Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella
    CPS87 Concert Band
    CPS131 Crown and Scepter CPS131 4:15 Concert Band
    CPS164 Flight CPS164 4:36 Concert Band
    CPS79 From This Valley CPS79 Concert Band
    SPS38 Gilgamesh SPS38 Concert Band
    YPS68 Niagara YPS68 Concert Band
    SPS40 Night Fantasy SPS40 Concert Band
    FPS64 Robot Madness FPS64 Concert Band
    CPS75 Spirits Bright CPS75 Concert Band
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