David Farrell Smith

  • David Smith is Director of Choirs for Hilldale Schools in Muskogee, OK. He has a B.A. in Music Education from Northeastern State University and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Mr. Smith’s music has been performed in many places all over the world and continues to be an active composer. He is also currently Associate Pastor and Minister of Worship for Immanuel Baptist Church in Muskogee. He has performed under the baton of such notables as Lloyd Pfautsch, R. Evan Copely, and Daniel Pinkham. Mr. Smith is married to Shelley, also a composer, and has two children, Derek, age 19 and Zachary, age 7.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
    BL850 Arre Borriquito
    Spanish Christmas Carol
    BL850 2:09 Two-part Chorus
    BL593 Brand New Song BL593 Two-part Chorus
    CM9159 Cry Havoc!
    The Battle – No. 2 From ‘A War Song Trilogy’
    CM9159 1:40 TBB Voices with Keyboard
    CM9351 Dies Irae
    Day of Wrath
    CM9351 1:57 SAB
    CM9095 Exultate Justi In Domino CM9095 Two-part Chorus
    CM9153 Far Away My Love Has Gone
    The Departure – No. 1 From ‘A War Song Trilogy’(arr.)
    CM9153 2:30 SSA
    BL588 Gloria! BL588 Two-part Chorus
    CM9249 Go, Lovely Rose CM9249 Tenor, Keyboard, Bass 1, Bass 2
    CM9201 Halle, Hallelujah CM9201 SSA
    CM9447 Halle, Hallelujah CM9447 :1:45 Three-part Chorus
    CM9194 If Through The Sea Of Night CM9194 SA
    CM9559 Jambo Kila Bwana Asifwe CM9559 SATB
    BL657 Jubilate Deo BL657 Two-part Chorus
    CM9404 Music When Soft Voices Die CM9404 2:28 SAB
    CM9252 Pie Jesu CM9252 SAB
    CM9146 Requiem Aeternam CM9146 3:15 SA
    BL930 Sing! Shout! BL930 :1:54 SAB
    BL1001 Soon Ah Will Be Done(arr.) BL1001 SA
    CM9331 These Things Shall Never Die CM9331 3:27 SA
    CM9174 The Voyage
    The Return Of The Valiant – No. 3 From ‘A War Song Trilogy’
    CM9174 1:40 SATB
    BL889 Winter Lullaby BL889 :3:12 Two-part Chorus
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