The Guitar Grimoire

The Fingerpicking Book

Adam Kadmon (author)


  • Guitar


Adam Kadmon's phenomenal knowledge of guitar technique and popular harmony for the guitar informs every book in his highly successful Guitar Grimoire Series. Now he has created a special book, just for fingerpicking guitarists. Starting with basic fingerpicking chord patterns and expanding to major and minor scales and bass ostinato variations, Kadmon uses thousands of fingerboard diagrams, charts and musical examples (conventional staff and tablature) to guide and instruct the player on the best way to master the techniques of the finger-picking guitar and enhance their playing facility. Practical applications are suggested to make use of the material in the creation of original songs and compositions. The Fingerpicking Book is an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in this particular style of guitar playing.
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Understanding the Notes
Middle C and Guitar Notation
Rhythm and Time Signatures
Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6
Pattern 7
Pattern 8
Fingerpicking the Scales
Patterns in F Major (ascending, descending, both and alternating)
Three Note Coils in F Major
Four Note Coils in F Major
Single String Exercises in F Major
Two String Exercises in F Major
Scale Tone Thirds in F Major
Keys F-sharp to E
Practicing the Pentatonics
Patterns in F Major Pentatonic (ascending, descending, both and alternating)
Three Note Coils in F Minor Pentatonic
Four Note Coils in F Minor Pentatonic
Two String Pentatonic Exercises
Keys F-sharp to E
Open D with Ostinato Bass
Learning the Upbeats
Mixing the Down and Upbeats
Introducing New Notes on the Third String
Introducing Sixteenth Notes
Mixing the Eighths and the Sixteenths
Using the Second String with Ostinato Bass
Using the First String with Ostinato Bass
Mixing the Strings
Playing Other Chords While in Drop D Tuning
D Major Scale Over Open D Ostinato Bass
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