The Guitar Grimoire

A Notated Intervallic Study of Scales

Adam Kadmon (composer)


  • Guitar


A Notated Intervallic Study of Scales is designed to build on the knowledge contained in The Guitar Grimoire Scales & Modes by encouraging players to expand their ability to read music. By explaining the notation system itself (how scales from simple Major and Minor to such exotic scales as Hungarian Minor and Neapolitan Major are constructed), author Adam Kadmon has opened the door to a world of useful information.The charts and graphs in this book will help even the most inexperienced performer to gain mastery over the basic elements of music. The author has used the same lucid and comprehensive approach that has made all the books in the Grimoire series the talk of the music world to help guitarists become musically literate.
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-2897-3
The Building Blocks of Music
Scales and Modes
Modes and Relative Scales
Understanding the Notes
Notated Fretboard Chart
Harmonic Minor
Harmonic Major
Hungarian Minor
Hungarian Major
Neapolitan Minor
Neapolitan Minor
Enigmatic Minor
Composite II
Ionian b5
Locrian Natural-7
Major Pentatonic
Staff and Ledger Lines
Interval in all Keys
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