The Guitar Grimoire

Chord Encyclopedia

Adam Kadmon (author)


  • Guitar


This is the guitar book guitarists have needed for a long time. Kadmon created an encyclopedic compendium that contains thousands of chords, diagrams, and charts organized in the most logical manner ever employed in a chord book. All chords from basic three note structures to elaborate tonal construction are presented.The sequence from simple to complex is designed to help the player understand the pattern and logic behind chord formations, as well as offering the structure and fingering of all standard chords on the guitar, and will become the basic reference tool for guitar players, no matter what their orientation.
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
UPC: 7-98408-03054-4
ISBN: 978-0-8258-3054-9
The Building Blocks
Chords & Chord Naming
Voicing Chords
Movable Chords
Understanding the Notes
Notated Fretboard Chart
3&4 Note Chords
5 Note Chords
6 Note Chords
7 Note Chords
Numeric Analysis of Chords
Chord Equivalents
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