Rock Licks

Jay Roberts (composer), Jay Roberts (lyricist)


  • Guitar
Methods and Studies; Book with CD or DVD
Jay Roberts guides the reader through techniques and licks to help give aspiring guitar players the sound they need to rock! In this book and CD package the player will find the secrets to playing licks in the style of their favorite players. Rock Licks features licks in the style of Jimmy Page, Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, and fourteen other greats of rock guitar. The accompanying CD will improve the listener’s ear and help him/her understand the phrasing and feel needed to get that authentic sound.• Techniques including power chords, scales, hammer-ons, pulloffs, bends plus just about all the rock guitar tricks you can think of
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Finger Exercises
Power Chords
Rhythm Playing
Licks in A Minor
Solo and Play-Along #1
Licks in E Minor
Solo and Play-along #2
Licks in G Minor
Solo and Play-Along #3
Licks in D Minor
Solo and Play-along #4
Classic Rock Licks
Classic Licks with Variations
Boogie in E
Pentatonic Scale Patterns Chart/Conclusion
Note from the Author
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