Gabriel Faure Album

for Solo Harp

Carl Swanson (composer)


  • Harp


The years between 1900 and 1925 in Paris were some of the most fruitful in the history of harp repertoire. Debussy’s “Danses sacree et profane” and his “Sonate pour flute, alto, et harpe,” Caplet’s “Masque of the Red Death” and his “Two Divertissements,” Gabriel Pierne’s “Concertstucke’ and “Impromptu caprice,” and Ravel’s “Introduction et Allegro” were among the many important compositions written during this period. Many harpists would give pride of place in this list, however, to Gabriel Faure’s “Impromptu” and “Une chatelaine en sa tour…” now published here in one volume for the first time. These are both essentials for every serious student of the harp.
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