Six Years Ago, Monday

for Violin, Marimba and Pre-Recorded Audio

Paul Lansky (composer)


  • Violin
  • Marimba
  • Tape
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Six Years Ago, Monday was commissioned by the Lila-Wallace-Reader’s Digest Commissioning Program for Marimolin (Nancy Zeltsman, marimba, Sharan Leventhal, violin) in 1996. Zeltsman and Leventhal have, since 1985, encouraged composers to write for their own instruments and have premiered more than 35 new works, both classical and jazz. In Lansky's piece, the violin and marimba work with a pre-recorded computer tape (or CD). For advanced performers. Dur.: 16'20"
Duration: 16:20
Dedication: for Marimolin
Commission Notice: commissioned by the Lila-Wallace-Reader's Digest Commissioning Program for Marimolin
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