My Life On The Plains

Lee Hyla (composer)
Clarinet in B, Bass Clarinet in B, Violin, Viola...
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"I wanted to push everybody a bit into areas where they might not ordinarily live. That approach of taking individual members of the group and trying to turn my sense of them into formal ideas that would work as a coherent piece of music was what I started [to do]. It would have turned out to be a very different piece if it had been a different ensemble.'' (Hyla, in an interview with David Weininger, The Boston Globe) My Life on the Plains (a nod to General Custer here) begins with a solo passage on the cello, adding instruments one by one and building from there. Three movements for advanced performers. Dur.: c. 25'
Duration: 25:00
Dedication: for the Firebird Ensemble
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Product Type: Set of Parts
Page count: 264
UPC: 7-98408-08637-4
ISBN: 978-0-8258-8637-9
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