Method for Trombone

New Edition

Jean-Baptiste Arban (composer), Raph (editor), Randall (editor), Mantia (editor)


  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Euphonium


Carl Fischer is proud to present a new edition of the method of choice for generations of trombone and baritone players. Arban's Method for Trombone contains the same tried and true comprehensive system of study that Arban developed over a century ago, and this completely re-engraved edition has been painstakingly edited by prominent trombone performer and teacher Alan Raph, adding some of his own insights with respect to how the trombone and baritone are taught today. The Arban Method for Trombone is the definitive must-have for all trombone players. With this masterful new edition and all of its extra resources, the Arban will remain the driving force in Brass education for generations to come.

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About Jean Baptiste Arban
About Simone Mantia
About Charles L. Randall
About Alan Raph
Introductory Remarks
Notes and Listings for the Accompaniment CD
Instructive Comments
Special Baritone Horn Techniques and Considerations
Overtones, Slide Placement and F Attachment
Diagram of the Trombone
Diagram of the Baritone and Valve Trombone
Correct Positions for Holding the Slide Trombone and Baritone
I. First Studies
First Studies
Studies in Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Notes
6/8 Meter
II. Studies for the Slur
III. Direction for Study of the Scales
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Chromatic Scales
Chromatic Triplets and Scale Fragments
IV. Ornaments
Preparatory Exercises for the Gruppetto
The Gruppetto (Turn)
The Double Appoggiatura
Short Etudes
The Grace Note
The Portamento
The Trill
The Mordent
V. More Advanced Studies
Octaves and Tenths
Studies for Sixteenth Notes
Major and Minor Arpeggios
Dominant Seventh Arpeggios
Diminished Seventh Arpeggios
VI. Double and Triple Tonguing
Double Tonguing
Triple Tonguing
The Slur in Double Tonguing
Fanfare Tonguing
VII. Solos
VIII. 14 Characteristic Studies
IX. 12 Fantaisies and Airs with Variations
X. Harmonious Blacksmith Variations
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