The Art Of Expressive Playing for Winds and Percussion

Jerry Nowak & Henry Nowak

Teacher's Manual
Teacher's Book
Performing Ensemble: Concert Band
Instrumentation: Winds, Percussion
Item Number: JB51
Number of Pages: 96
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


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While there are no absolute rules concerning expressive playing and phrasing, this innovative series clearly lays out basic concepts that help players become good musicians. The series focuses on the natural relationship between meter, rhythm, contour, tonality, style and historical period, and guides the player to a greater understanding of factors that can improve performance. This one of a kind text, written for teachers, woodwind, brass and percussion players, will help stimulate and cultivate more musical playing by individual musicians and by ensembles as a whole.

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  • The Art Of Expressive Playing for Winds and Percussion
  • The Art Of Expressive Playing for Winds and Percussion

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Audio Cd Tracks
Acknowlegments and Introduction
Imagery and Expressive Phrasing
The Mechanics of Expressive Playing and Application
Music Notation and Expressive Phrasing
Focus on the Performance Goal
How to Use the text
Recorded Examples
On Line Supplementary Examples
Supporting Breathing and Ensemble Tuning
Meter and Expressive Phrasing
Applying Phrasing Groupings to Technical Exercises
Phrasing Within or over a subdivided Pulse
Tones of Short Duration
Expressive Dynamics
Melodic Phrasing
Ensemble Balance and Expressive Phrasing
Phrasing Common Accompniment Patterns