Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet

Louis A Saint-Jacome

Edited by Claude Gordon
Performing Ensemble: Trumpet Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Solo Trumpet
Item Number: O457SB
Number of Pages: 384
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Print Status: In Print


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  • Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet

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Editor Gordon, Claude


Preface by Claude Gordon
Saint-Jacome Biography
List of the Principle Words used in Music
Diagrams of the Cornet and Trumpet
Rudiments of Music
Instructions and Directions
2nd Lesson
3rd Lesson
Easy Duets-Nos. 1-6
4th Lesson
Easy Duets-Nos 7-12
5th Lesson
Duos Concertants-Nos. 13-15
6th Lesson
Duos Concertants-Nos. 16-19
7th Lesson
8th Lesson
Duos Concertants-Nos. 20-22
9th Lesson
10th Lesson
11th Lesson
Duos Concertants-Nos. 23-25
12th Lesson
Lesson to Practise the Sound on the Perfect Chord
Tables of the Major and Minor Scales with Sharps
"Celebrated Cornet Duets, Book 2 by Saint-Jacome- Revised by Edwin Franko Goldman"
Exercise on Intervals with Accompaniment
Duets on the Division of Time. Common Time and Alla Breve
Exercises on Notes slurred by means of the lips
18 Preludes by Collinet
Double and Triple Tonguing
"Trills, Shakes, Gruppetto, Portamento"
Series of 25 Execises-Nos. 1-8
25 Studies on the Scales
Series of 25 Exercises-Nos. 9 & 10
Exercises on the Gruppetto
Series of 25 Exercises-Nos. 11 & 12
22 Exercises on the Scales and Intervals
Series of 25 Exercises-Nos. 13-18
7 Studies on Velocity (Major and Minor)
26 Studies on Velocity (On the Scale)
20 Studies on Velocity (Triplets)
12 Studies on Velocity (Double and Triple Tonguing)
Series of 25 Exercises-No. 19
Chords (Major and Minor)
10 Diversions on Perfect Chords and 7ths
Series of 25 Exercises-Nos. 20-25
12 Grand Artistic Studies by Saint-Jacome- Revised by Edwin Franko Goldman
Chromatic Scale for the Cornet (or any 3 valve brass instrument in treble clef)
Tables of Comparison between the Trumpet and Cornet
"Celebrated Cornet Duets, Book 3 by Saint-Jacome- Revised by Edwin Franko Goldman"
"12 Characteristic Studies by Saint-Jacome, Op. 28"
36 Celebrated Studies for Cornet by Bousquet- Revised by Edwin Franko Goldman